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Full text of "Fry's Baltimore directory, for the year 1812: : containing the names, occupations, residences, &c. of the inhabitants within the city and precincts, alphabetically arranged: with a correct list of streets, lanes, and alleys ... To which is added ... a callendar for 1812, &c. &c. &c"

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George Washington Flowers 
Memorial Collection 











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//^/-^^ Baltimore Direct07^y^ 


1812 : 


The Names, Occupations, Residences, ka, of the 

inhabitants, within the City and Precincts, 

alphabetically arranged : 


A correct list of Streets, Lanes, and Alleys : 


A list of OfRcei-8 in the general government of the United States... .Government 
of the state of Mar) land....Officers of the Corporation. ..Custom-house duties 
....Banks,... Insm-ancn ofiices.... Turnpike roads, &.O. &c. &c. 


The late Census of the United States: ditto of the City and Precincts of Balti- 
more; a sun.mary ami compa.-ative view of the exports, tonna^ &c 
in the years 1797 and 1811; nn.nbev of Inhabitants aid hS 
m 1787 nop, 1799, and 1811; with the latct ^egulatioa. 
for holdmg: the several Courts; that o*the meet- 
ings of Free and Accepted Masons- a 
Cullendar for 1812, &c, Ike. &c. ' 

Printed hy B. W. Sower, & co. for the Puhlisher 







THE compiler of the Baltimore Di 
rectory for 1812, announces to his pa- 
trons and the public that said ivork is 
now ready for delivery, and feels himself 
authorized to recommend it as more cor- 
rect, and containing more useful informa- 
tion, than any other Directory before 
published in this city. 


Baltimore, JariT. 1, 1812. 

C^ N. B. Names not to be found in this Directory 
are in that for 1810. 




. P. 

Western Precincts 



Federal Hill. 






Fell's Point. 

Ex. or Ext. Extended. 

Additional List of Streets and Mleifs, 

their situation, &c. &c. 

ADDISON-ST. runs E. and W. from Hi^h to Jones-st. (O. T.) 

BIDDLE-ST. runs E. and W. from the Falls to near the Seminary, W. P. 

BOLTON-ST. runs from Richmond do. to the Falls. 

CATHERINE-ST. W, P. runs parallel with the Relstervtown road, on the S. \V. 
side thereof. 

CHATSWORTH-ST. W. P. runs N. and S. and is W. of Pearl-st. 

HAMILTON-ST. runs E. and W. from the Falls to N. Howard-st. between Cen- 
tre and Fi-ankliii-sts. 

HARFORD-ST. formerly called " Goupli's Road," Or Bridge-st. extended, runs 
E. and W. from Samuel Long's into the country. 

IN'LOES-ALLEY, runs E. and W. between North &nd MulbeiTy-st«. 

LEE-ST. runs E. and W. from the basin to N. Eutaw-st. between Barre and 

PINE-ST. nms N. and S. to the W. of Pearl-st. W. P. 

1' ARK-LANE, runs E. and M\ between Baltimore and Fayettc-sts. W. P. 

PLEASANT-ST. nms E. and W. from Holliday to N. Charles-st. 

MADISON-ST. runs E. and W. from the York-road to an intersection with N. 
Howard-st. in the W, P. 

RICHMOND-ST. runs nearly E. and W. and crosses Howard-st. between the 
lands of the Alms-house and George Grundy, esq. W. P. 

VI.VE-ST. runs E. and W. between Fayette and Lexington streets, "W. P. 





ABELL, John S, esq. dwel. 11, Pratt-st. office near do. 

Abbott, Thomas, grocer. Bridge- st. extended, O. T. 

Abraham, captain Woodward, 74, Market-st. F. P. 

Abrams, Jacob, senr. King George-st. O. T. 

Ackworth, Ely, ship-carpenter, 69, AUisanna-st. F. P. 
^ Adams, John and Wm. merchants, 239, Baltimore-st. 

Adams, • John, grocer, corner of North-st. and Waggon- 
( alley. 

I Adamson, John, 8, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

J Adrean and Cooper, merchant taylors, 1, South-st. 

• Aisquith, Edward, esq. office, 8, Harrison-st. dwelling, 

I Pitt-st. O. T. 

Albright, Philip, currier^ 58, Cumberland-row. 

Alcock, Mr. 24, W. Bank-st. F. P. 

Alden, captain Benjamin, 26, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Alexander, Thomas, grocer, 23, Lexington-st. 

AUegre, J. B. A. merchant, 43, Water-st. 

Allen, John, miller, Bath-st. 

Allen, Samuel, painter and glazier, 59, Pratt-st. near 

Allen, Hugh, Copper-smith, 42, S. Calvert-st. 

Allen, Thomas J. merchant, 12, Bowley's-wharf, dwei. 
22, Hanover-st. 

Allen, captain Clother, 127, Wolfe-st. F. P. - 

Allen, Mrs. 26, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

A 2 

( 6 ) 

Allen, Robert D. bricklayer, Straight-lane, O. T 
Allison, Mrs. dwelling, 123, Baltimore-st. 
Altfather, Henry, brewer, 44, Waggon-alley. 
American, and Commercial Daily Advertiser, 4, Har 

Amey, Philip, tin-plate worker, Baltimore-st. extended, 

W. P. 
Anderson, John, grocer, 41, Green-st. O. T. 
Andrews, George, tobacconist, 43, Green-st. O. T. 
Appleby, Thomas, cordwainer, German-st. 
Appleby, Mrs. boarding-house, 76, Baltimore-st. 
Appleton &. CO. dry-good merchants, 16, S. Calvert-st. 
Appleton, N. W. dwelling, 60, N. Charles-st 
Ardery, John, cartman, Forrest-st. F. Hill. 
Armat, Christopher, dry-good store, 11 1, 
Armitage, Joseph, cooper. Public-alley. 
Armitage, James, Sharp near Lee-st, 
Armitage, Benjamin, dwelling, N. Paca-st. near New- 
market, \V. P. 
Armitage, John, cooper, Howard-st. extended. 
Armitage, John, cooper, Dutch- alley. 
Armour, Samuel, tailor, 12, Lexington-st. 
Armstrong, Walter, labourer, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Armstrong, James & Son, corner of Water-st. and St. 

Armstrong, James, cordwainer, 58, Gough-st. F. P. 
Armstrong & Harper, shoe-store, 96, Baltimore-street, 

dwelling, Lemmon-st. 
Armstrong, Joshua, constable, Paca, between Mulberry 

and Franklin-sts. W. P. # 

Armstrong, T. G. shoe and comb store, 94, Baltimore 

Armstrong, John, Painter, E. Bank-st. F. P. 
Armstrong, James, jr. merchant, 24, Cheapside. 
Arnest, John, M. D. 18, N. Frederick-st. 
Arnold, Benjamin, ropemaker. Smith near Dulany-sl. 

F. P. 
Arnold, M. silk-dyer and scourer, 12, S. Charles-st. 
Arthur, Mrs. 72, N. Charles-st. 
Arthur, John, wheelright, High fronting North-st. O. T. 

( 7' ) 

Ash, John, carpenter, Dulany, corner of Eden-st. F. P 

Ashman, Wm. grocer, Lexington-st. near New-market, 
W. P. 

Askew, Mrs. boarding-house, 7, Second-st. 

Athey, Walter F. bricklayer, N. Paca-st. extend. W. P 

Atkinson, William, carpenter, 49^ Albermarl-st. O. T. 

Attelsberger, Peter, cooper, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Audoun, Lewis, carp. E. Wilk, near Market-st. F. P. 

Auld, James, merchant tailor, dwelling, Holliday-st. 

Auld, captain William, 50, E. AUisanna-st. F. P. 

Austin, Benjamin, cordwainer, Holliday-st. O .T. 

Avisse, Charles, 39, N. Howard-st. has constantly for 
sale a general assortment of the following articles: — 
Elegant paper hanging and borders. Playing cards, 
viz. Eagle, Merryandrew, Highlander, French play- 
ing-cards, made in Philadelphia, of a superior quality, 
ditto, made in Bruzelles — by the gross, doz. or single 
pack. As usual, a general assortment of gentlemen's 
pocket-buuks, cloth and tooth-brushes, of the best 
quality: ladies travelling thread-cases, commissioned 
and non-commissioned officers? epaulets, gentlemen's 
best beaver gloves, French and English watches 
gold and silk watch-chains; gold, silver, and gilt 
watch-keys, gold ear and finger-rings, do. breast-pins, 
silver, steel, and shell framed spectacles ; ivory, shell 
mock, and horn combs: genuine Windsor and palm 
soap; best warranted razors and strops, razor hones 
pocket penknives and scissors, thumb and spring lan- 
cets, silver cases for pencils, do. tooth pickers, steel 
and silver bodkins, do. tweesers, silk and cotton sus- 
penders, best Spanish cigars, superior blacking cakes, 
and a number of other articles which he will dispose 
of at the most reduced prices. 

N. B. Watches and jewellery repaired at the above 

Baartscheer, William, rigger, 109, Bond-st. F. P. 

Bacconais, Lewis, dwelling, 11, S. Charles-st. 

Bacque, Mrs. confectioner, 30, N. Frederick-st. 

Bailey, Thomas, es^. office, 7, Second-st. dwel. Great- 
York-st. O. T. 

( 8 ) 

Bailey, John, trunk and harness maker, 86, Harrison-st. 

Baily, George & James, Druggists, 254, Baltimore-st. 

Bain, Hope, teaclier, Mulberry-alley. 

Bain, James, teacher, 19, N. Howard-st. 

Baker, Benjamin, joiner, 83, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Baker, Geo. S. dry-good store, 14-3, Baitimore-st. dwel. 
12, N. Charles-st. 

Baker, Henry, biscuit-baker, Concord-st. 

Baker, Jolm, dwelling. Park-lane, W. P. 

Ball &. Heald, jewellers and silversmiths, 60, Baltimore- 

Ballard & Waters, merchants, 12, County -wharf. 

Balderston, Fily, merchant, 61, Smith's-wharf, dwelling, 
21, Front-st.' O. T. 

Balderston, Hugh & John, wire manufacturers, Hano- 

Balderston, Jonathan, dwelling, 64, Lombard-st. 

Balderston, Hugh, dwelling near ditto. 

Baldwin, Abraham, cordwainer, 13, F. Lancaster-street, 
F. P. 

Baltimore College, Mulberry-street, nearly opposite th© 

Baltzell & Bantz, dry-good store, 4, N. Howard-st. 

Baltzell, Lewis, merchant, dwelling, 72, N. Liberty- st. 

Baltzell, Thomas & Charles, dry-good store, 201, Bal- 

Baltzell, Jacob & William, dry-good store, 205, Balti- 

Baltzell, Wm. dwelling, German-lane, near St. Peter's. 

Bangs, John, cord\vainer, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Bantz, Gideon, merchant, dwelling, N. Liberty-st. 

Barcraft, Jonas, 5, Saratoga-st. 

Bargeld, John, carpenter, Kimmel's-alle3^ 

Barker, James, Hatter, 64, South-st. 

Barklay, Thomas, broker, Lovely-lane. 

Barkley, J. &, S. watchmakers and jewellers, 46, Balti- 

Barkman, Andrew, tailor, 24, Fayette-st. 

Barkman, John, double block-tin, and sheet-iron manu- 
fticturer, 1, N, Calvert-st. near Market-st. has com- 

C 9 ) 

menced the above business, in all its various branches, 
and from his general knowledge and experience in 
the above line, hopes to merit the patronage of his 
friends and the public in general: he has also on 
hand a general assortment of common kitchen furni- 
ture, &c. and all orders thankfully received, and ex- 
ecuted with neatness and despatch. 

Barling, Sarah, Queen near Granby-st. O. T. 

Barnes, captain James, 11, Ann-st. F. P. 

Barnes, Samuel, Printer, dwelling. N. Frederick-st. 

Barnet, John, shipjoiner, 17, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Barney, John, merchant, dwelling, Green-st, W. P. 

Barney, Wm. B. merchant, dwelling, 62, Lexington-st. 

Barroll, James, me reliant, 1, Pratt-st. Bowley's-wharf 

Barrett, John M. cabinetmaker, dwel. 52, Harrison-st. 

Barrett &. Ringgold, cabinetmakers, 6, Great York-st. 
O. T. 

Barriere, captain Joseph, 76, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Barron, John, jr. Lumber-yard, De Rochebrune's-wharf, 
dwelling, 17, Pit-st. F. P. 

Bartholomee, Julius, cabinetmaker, 103, N. Howard-st. 

Barwick, John, currier, dwelling, 93, Sharp-st. 

Basset, Mrs. Milk-alley, near Glendy's church, O. T. 

Bateman, Benjamin, accomptant, Dulany-st. 

Bateman, Artemas, tailor, 3, Bank-st. 

Batturs & Cox, dry-good store, 121, Baltimore-gt. dwel. 
East near Lemmon-st- 

Bausman, John &, Son, curriers, 18, S. Liberty-st. 

Baxley, George, inspector of flour, Franklin near Eu 

Beach, William, mariner, 9, Saratoga-st. 

Beard, Alexander, grocer, 14, Market- space. 

Beasley, rev. Dr. Frederick, Great York-st. O. T. 

Beatty, Guy, liquor store, 63, S. Fredevick-st. 

Beatty, William, cordwainer, 33, S. Cliarles-st. 

Beatty, James, flour-merchant, corner of Pratt and 

Beck, John G. constable, Chamberlain's-alley. 

Beck, Godfrey, furrier, ditto. 

( 10 ) 

Becker, Simon, merchant, dwelling, N. Charles-street, 
near Cono\vago-st. 

Becker, rev. Christian L. D. D. second-st. next to the 

Behoo, John J. oil and paint store, 7, M' Elder ry's-whf. 

Bell, John &. Thomas, portrait and miniature painters, 
corner of Fleet and Carolina-sts. F. P. 

Bell, John P. cordwainer. Union near French-st. O. T 

Bell, John B. bookbinder, 30, S. Charles-st. 

Bennet, Samuel, carter, Chamberlain's-alley. 

Bennet, Matthew, esq. 20, Fell-st. F. P. 

Benson, Richard, gentleman, Harrison-st. 

Benson, Robert, woollen-draper, men's mercer, and 
tailor, 92, Baltimore-st, opposite South-st. keeps a 
constant supply of fashionable cloths, cassimeres, 
vest-shapes, and every description of gentlemen's 
wear, which he will make or sell. Orders from the 
country tha,nkfully received, and executed in the 
neatest and most fashionable manner, and at the 
shortest notice. 

Benteen, Charles, distiller of cordials, N. Calvert-st. 

Berger, John, dwelling, head of Hanover-st. F, H. 

Berger, Michael drayman- 108, Green-st. O. T. 

Berghaus, H. C. drum and box manufacturer, 1 1 , New- 

Berry, Benjamin, brickmaker, 57, corner of Sharpe 
and Lee-sts. 

Berry, John, house carpenter, German-st. W. P. 

,Berry, Thomas D. grocer, comer of S. Howard and 

Berteau & Hanney, merchant tailors, 37, South-st. 

Berteau, Peter, dwelling, 29, East-st. 

Bergman, Conrad, sexton of the German Reformed 
Church, corner of Paca-st. and Whiskey-alley. 

Besse, captain Claudius, 5, Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Betz, George W. inn-keeper, 27, Market-space. 

Bevan, Richard, grocer, 87, Hanover-st. 

Biddison, Thomas, cooper. Liberty-alley, O. T. 

Bier, Jacob, esq. cashier of the Marine Bank. 

( 11 ) 

Bigerton^ Wm. stone-cutter, yard S. Frederick-st. 

Billingsley, Samuel, cordwainer, Bath-st. 

Billups, Robert, Conway, near Sliarpe-st. 

Biison, John, plasterer, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Bingham, Robert, carpenter, 14, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Bibcoe, James, hardware store, 15, S. Calvert-st. 

Bixly, Daniel, grocer, 34, North- st. O. T. 

Black, Samuel, whip, cane, and spectacle manufactu- 
rer, 212, Baltimore-st. 

Black, Edward, mariner, E. Lancaster-st. near the wa- 
ter, F. P. 

Black &. Dritt, merchants, corner of N. Howard and 

Black, Owen, paver, 4, York-st. F. H. 

Blackburn, Edward, hatter, 55, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Blades, George, ship-carpenter, Fountain-st. F. P. 

Blair &. Dall, dry-good merchants, 9, S. Calvert-st. 

Blair, Wm. merchant, dwelling, 97, Sharpe-st. 

Blair, James, dwelling, 95, Hanover-st. 

Bland, Theodorick, esq. attorney at law, 4, Chatham- 
st. dwelling, 24, Saratoga-st. 

Bodensick, Henry, carter, S Howard-st. 

Boggus, Robert, boot-maker, 222 1-2, Baltimore-st. 

Boggs, A. L. dry-good store, 6, Market-space. 

Bohn, Charles, merchant, N. E. corner of Baltimore 
and Howard-st. 

Boice, Prettyman, carpenter, 11, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Bokee, Wm. plumber, dwelling, Tripolets-alley. 

Bolgiano, Francis W. biscuit-baker, 69, S. Frederick-st. 

Bolte. John, ship-broker, office opposite custom-house, 
S. Gay-st. dwelling North, near Green-st. O. T. 

Bolten, captain, H. 68, Market-st. F. P. 

Bond, Richard, dwelling, 7, Fayette-st. 

Bond, Benjamia, carpenter, Biddle-st. W. P. 

( 12 ) 

Bond, John C. 74, High st. O. T. 

Bonfield, Cassandra, 20, Shakespear-st F. P. 

Bonn, Philip, block and pump-maker, Pratt-st. head of 
Spear's wharf, dwelling Commerce st. ext. 

Bonner, Hugh, copper-smith, 49, South-st. 

Booker, Lambert, carpenter, Mulberrj-st. 

Booth, Wm. junr. carpenter, 42, Green- st. O. T. 

Boreei, Lewis, mariner, 23, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Bordley, Matthias, dwelling, Sharpe-st. 

Bordron, Daniel, ship-carp. 10, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Bosley, Daniel, bacon store, 18, Market-space. 

Boughan, Augustine, commission-merchant, 101, Bow- 
ley's wharf, dwelling 47, Pratt st. 

Bouis, John, tin-plate, planished-ware, and sheet-iron 
manufactory, 22, N. Gay-st. sign of the golden lamp. 
Respectfully informs his friends and the public, that 
he carries on the above business in all its various 
branches, and hopes by his strict attention to business, 
to merit the continuance of their favours. He has on 
hand, a variety of patent lamps, ovens, and steam 
kettles, with a general assortment of double-block 
tin, and common kitcken furniture. N. B. Fancy 
sashes may be had at the shortest notice — All orders 
thankfully received and executed with neatness and 

Bour jolly, Charles, clothier, 24, S. Calvert-st. 

Bourjolly, Henry, &- co. druggists, 30, Baitimore-st. 

Bowen, Pitt, saddler, &c. 54, K. Howard-st. 

Bowen, Richard, inn-keeper. King George-st. near the 
Circus, O. T. 

Bowen, Mrs. Eliz. J'oung ladies seminary, Dutch-alley. 

Bower, Jacob, butcher, Forrest-st. near Penitentiary. 

Bowers, John, (of Martin) grocer, 48, North-st. O. T. 

Boyce, Theodore N. S. livery-stable, Lombard, near the 
corner of S. Liberty-st. dwelling 30, S. Howard-st. 

Boyd, Peter, soap and candle manufacturer, 61, S. Fre- 

Boyle, Wm. drayman, Franklin-st. W. P. 

Boyle, captain Tliomas, 94, Granby-st. O. T. 

Boyle, George, tanner, dwelling Liberty-alley, O. T 

( 13 ) 

Brady, James, drayman, Petticoat-alley, P. P. 
Branson, Baltis, blacksmith, corner of Camden and 

S. Charles-st. dwelling, Peace-alley. 
Brasscup, John, tailor, N. Calvert-st. ext. 
Brawner, Daniel, turner, 35, N. Gay-st. 
Bray, Joseph M. liquor store, 5, Fish-market. 
Bre'ady, Jason, tobacco and snuff manufactory. Market- 

St. F. P. 
Brenan, John F. gentleman, 32, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Brevitt, Joseph, M. D 94, High-st. O. T. 
Brewer, Nicholas, merchant-tailor, 27, Fell-st. F. P. 
Brendel, Frederick, dwelHng, Green-st. W. P. 
Briggs, Richard, carter, Chamberlain's-alley. 
Briscoe, Alexander, boot-maker, 3, South-st. 
Britton, John, cooper, 97, Saratoga-st. 
Brock, Frederick, merchant, dwelling, Green-st. W. P. 
Bromwell, VVm. jr. &. co. fan makers, 17, M'Elderry's 

Brooks, Mrs. widow, Tripolet's-alley. 
Broomfield, Edward, nailor, 36, Petticoat- alley, F. P. 
Brosius, Michael, distiller, N. Calvert-st. ext. 
Biotherton. Thomas, grocer, Dulany st. 
Brown, Amos, dwelling, St. Tammany-st. 
Brown & Taylor, merchants, 18, S Calvert-st. 
Brown & Hollins, merchants, 20, O^Donn ell's- wharf. 
Brown, captain John, 30, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Brown, Josiah, 12, Ann-st. do. 

Brown & Wilson, County-wharf, do. 

Brown, Wm. merchant, dwelling, Granby, near Duke- 

st. O. T. 
Brown, Catherine, (widow of James) 113, High-st. O. T. 
Brown, David, potter, dwelling, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Brown, Gustavus A. carter, Harford-st. do. 
Brown, George I. merchant, dwelling, N. Gay-st. 
Brown, Jacob, junr. inn-keeper, 52, Light-st. 
Brown, Jacob S. carpenter, Paca, near Mulberry-st. 

W. P. 
Brown, Joseph, merchant-tailor, dwel. Pearl-st. W. P. 
Brown, John, dwelling, 50, Pratt st. 
Brown, Alexander, merchant, dwelling, Chatham-st. 


( 14 ) 

Browne, Frances, mantua-maker, 30, Fayette-st. 

Brown, Edward, labourer, Centre-st. 

Brown, John, ship-carpenter, foot of F. H. 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah, principal of " Baltimore Female 
Academy," East, near the corner of Lemmon-st. 

Browning, Per. G. constable, 70, Sharpe-st, 

Browning, Ritson, house-carpenter, do. do. 

Browning, Jeremiah, junr. dry-good store 61, N. How- 

Bruff & White, merchants, County-wharf. 

Bruif, Wm. broker, S. Gay-st. dwel. Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Brunet, John Francis, clothier, 74, Cumberland-row. 

Brune & Dannemann, merchants, 63, South-st. 

Brunelot, B. professor of dancing, 3, Commerce-st. 

Bruner k, Hoifman, sugar-refiners, corner of S. How- 
ard and Pratt-sts. 

Bryan, David, paver, Pitt-st. near the run, O. T. 

Bryan, Charles, Primrose-alley. 

Bryson, ^Natlian G. Green, near Bridge-st. O. T. 

Brvson, James, grocer, corner of North and Union-sts. 

b. T. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Carolina, Mulberry-st. 
Buchanan, Lloyd, gentleman, 4, Lexington-st. 
Buchanan, Thomas, attorney at law, St. Paul's-lane. 
Buck & Hedrick, sail makers, 79, Smith's wharf 
Buck &L Sutherlin, tailors, 64, Cumberland-row. 
Buck, John, butcher, Carolina, near Gough-st. F. P. 
Buck, Samuel, do. next doo^r of do. do. 

Buckmiller, John, labourer, corner of Howard and 

Buckingham, Levy, carpenter, Mulberry-alley. 
Buddy, Peter, 41, Market-st. F. P. 
Bull, Mrs. widow, N. Frederick-st. 
Bull, Aquila, carpenter, 1, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Bull, Jarrett, U. S. ganger for the port of Baltimore. 

23, N. Howard-st. 
Bulet, Wm. dwelling, 268, Baltimore-st. 
Bulet, John, professor of dancing, do. do. 
Burgoyne, Ann, 22, Lexington-st. 
Burke, Wm. grocer, 4, Pratt-st. 

( 15 ) 

Burk, Nathan, tailor, Pearl, near Fayette-st. W. P. 

Burk, John, tailor, Forrest-st. O. T. 

Burnett, Charles, tavern and oyster house, 72, Bond-st. 
F. P. 

Burneston, Isaac, president Athaenian Society, dwel. 
80, Baltimore-st. 

Burns, Timothy, mill-stone manufact. Mulberry-alley. 

Burns, Edward H. mill-wright, 10>, J'rench-st. O. T. 

Burns, Samuel, sail maker, 1, M'lilderry's wharf. 

Burnup, John, pump maker, Sharpest; 

Burt, Andrew, iirst teller U. Bank, dwel. N. Liberty-st. 

Busch, George, letter carrier and inn-keeper, Gray's 
gardens. W. P. 

Butler, Samuel, dwelling, 8, Commerce-st. 

Butler, captain, 27, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Butler, Joseph, pilot, 123, Wolfe-st. do. 

Butler, James, pile-driver, Potter-st. O. T. 

Butler, Sarah, Lovely-lane, near S. Calvert-st. 

Byer, Frederick, carpenter, Saratoga-st, corner Straw- 

Byrne, P. junr. bookseller, 135, Baltimore-st. 

Byrne, Terence, teacher, 35, Market-st. F. P. 

Cable, Jacob, boot-maker, 48, South-st. 

Cabrera, John, Spanish cigar manufacturer, Eden-st. 
F. P. 

Caillavet, B. surgeon dentist, 17, Second-st. 

Caldwell, John, cordwainer, W. Lancaster-st. near the 
water, F. P. 

Caldwell, Thomas, flour merchant, 3. Spear's wharf. 

Callender &- Heald, tobacco manufacturers, 40, Market- 

Callender, James, book-binder, dwel. Mulberry, near 

N. Charles-st. 
^'-Tipbell, John, inn-keeper, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. 
Camp^gll^ George, wholesale dry -good store, 2^3, Bal- 

Campbell, - ^^ j^ merchant, dwelling N. Eutaw-st. 
near Fayettt.,^ 

Campbell &Ritci.. j^erchants, 161, Baltimore-st. 
Campbell, James, n. ,^^ ^^^^^ ^^_ 

( 16 J 

Qampsall, Mickal, livery-stable, back of the U. Bank 

of Maryland, in Wilks-alley, near Charles-st. and 

dwelling, Vulcan-alley. 
Canne, A. gentleman, W. Fleet, near Bond-st. F. P. 
Cannon, Wm. cooper, New-lane, W. P. 
Cannon, Wm. merchant, 14, Cheapside, dwel. Union- 

st. O. T. 
Cappeau, Joseph, dry-good store, 73, Baltimore-st. 
Capito, Peter, fisherman, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Carey, John E. merchant, dwelling corner of Sharp© 

and Lombard-sts. 
Carman, Mrs. 116, Ann-st.' F. P. 

Carnoghan, George, grocer, 7, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Carr, Joseph, music store, 36, Baltimore-st. dwelling, 

20, Great York-st. O. T. 
Carrick, M. & A. miUiners, 2, S. Calvert-st. 
Carrington, J. 64, Granby, corner of Giueen-st. O. T. 
Carroll & Wolif, whitesmiths, N. Charles-st. dwelling, 

18, Conowago-st. 
Carroll, Most Reverend Archbishop John, Saratoga-st. 

next door to St. Peter's church. 
Carroll, Edward, breeches-maker, &.c. 3, Baltimore-st. 
Carroll, Charles, gentleman, Sharpe-st, 
Carry, Joseph, boarding-house, 13, George-st. F. P. 
Cartee, Benjamin, dealer in American manufactured 

goods, 151 1-2, Baltimore-st. 
Caskaden, Robert, accountant, Lavely's or Orange- 
Cassedy, Daniel, Green-st. O. T. 
Casserd, Gilbert &, Lewis, coopers, M'Clure's wharf. 
Caspary, Jacob, hair-dresser, 65, IS. Howard-st. 
Cathrell, Wm. oak-cooper, shop 1, Philpot, dwelling, 

3, same st. F. P. 
Cator, John, grocer, 106, Dugan's wharf. 
Catts &- Dawson, merchant-tailors, 19, S. Cal;-";^*"^*- 
Cavanaugh, Peter, inn-keeper, W. Wilk-p* *'• "• 
Cecill, Wm. labourer, Aisquith-st. O. Z^' . 

Chalmers, Wm. rope store, 63, Prr^"**' "^^^ i^mith's- 

wharf. v r^ ^ ^ 

Chambers, Campbell, dwellir' Kmg-George-st. O. T. 

( 17 ) 

Champlin, Mrs. 12, Philpot-st F. P. 
Chandler, George, carpenter, York-st_ 1 . tl. 
Chano, John, inn-keeper, Market-st. I. F. 
Chappel, J. sign and ornamental painter, 20b, iJaiii 

more-st. ,» , . 

Charrier, James, gun-maker, 50, Market-space 
Chase, Mrs. (widow of the late hon. Samuel), corner 

of N. Eutaw and Lexington-sts. W. P. 
Chase, Samuel, esq. N. E. corner of Frederick and 

Second-sts. , 
Chastellier, Benjamin, broker, Commerce-st. 
Chatard, Peter, M. D. 21, Saratoga-st. 
Chapman, Joseph & Amos, cheese-mongers, la„ Mar^ 

ket-space. i- rk 'P 

Chapman, Nathaniel, Forrest, near Bndge-st. U. 1. 

Chapman, Jonathan, & co. Fell-st. F. P. 

Chapman, G. 45, Philpot-st. do. 

Christy, Robert, tailor, N. Liberty-st. 

Chenoweth, Richard B. patent plough-maker, dwel- 
ling, 47, Front-st. O. T. 

Chenoweth, Thomas, carpenter, Whiskey-alley. 

Chesney, Thomas E. liquor store, Warden-st. near 

Chew, Joseph, cordwainer, North-st. O. 1. 

Chubb, Samuel, dry-good store, corner of St. Patricks- 
row and Pratt-st. 

Church, Sarah, grocer, 55, Harrison-st. 

Church, Sheppard, cordwainer, Saratoga, near Paca-st. 

W P 

Churchill, Simeon, oil and paint store, 76, Cumberland. 

row. 4. T? T) 

Clackner, Frederick, mariner, 91, Ann-st. f. r. 
Clagett, Elie, flour-merchant, 272, Baltimore-st. 
Clap, Enoch, merchant, Bowley's-wharf 
Clark, Samuel, cordwainer. Union, corner of JNorth-st. 

O. T. 

Clark, captain Alexander, 141, Bond-st. F. P. 

Clark, Stephen, & co. book-binders and stationei'5, 

114, Baltimore-st. ^^ 

Clark, Juno, (col. woman) L. B. H. Vulcan.-*^^' 


( 18 ) 

Clark, Joseph, jun. auctioneer, auction-room, II, Mar- 
ket-space, dwelling, 1, Baltimore-st. 

Clark, Barnet, clothier, lower end of Public-alley. 

Clark &, Wallis, fancy chair-makers, 17, S. Gay-st. 

Clark, George, merchant, dwelling, 56, N. Charles-st. 

Clarkson, 21, Fayette-st. 

Clare, captain Alexander, 99, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Classon, John, porter-cellar, 7, Bond-st. do. 

Clautice, Joseph, wheelwright, 151, High-st. dwelling, 
1 , Addison-st. O. T. 

Clefford, Sylvester, publican, Light-st. 

Clendinen, Wm. H. M. D. 22, Ann-st. F. P. 

Clemson, Joseph, grocer, Franklin, near Green-st. 
W. P. 

Clerke, James H. boot and shoe-maker, 34, George-st. 
F. P. , , S 

Clingman, John, & co. hatters, 57, St. Patrick's-row. 
Clopper, Edward, 19, S. Howard-st. 
Clopper, Mrs. Sarah, North, near Green-st. O. T. 
Coale, Edward J. bookseller and stationer, 176, Balti- 
more-st. dwelling, 2, Lexington-st. 
Cock, Matthew, ship-carpenter, 22, Ann-st. F. P. 
Cocke, James, M. D. Lombard, near Hanover-st. 
Cohee, John, carpenter, Pearl-st. (meadow). 
Cohen, J. I. merchant, 22, Water-st. near Market-space, 
Cole, captain Thomas, merchant, 46, Pitt-st. F. P. 
Cole, John, dwelling, N. Calvert-st. ext. 
Cole, Thomas, ship carpenter, 8, Wolfe-st. F. P. * 
Cole, Samuel, dwelling, 35, Green-st. O. T. 
Cole, Selah, tin-plate worker. Low, near Union-st. 

O. T. 
Coleman, Alexander, weaver, N. Howard-st. ext. 
CoUard, captain Peter, 121, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Collier, llichard, cordwainer, 33, High-st. O. T. 
Collins, Wm. baker, 86, Carolina, near Gough-st. F. P. 
Collins, captain Stephen, lower end of Fleet-st. F. P. 
Collins, Greenberry, labourer, Happy-alley. do. 

Collins, George, carpenter, 29, N. Liberty-st. 

Cort-,ig^ Wm. tailor, 5, Saratoga-st. 

^^^v^^'*' ^™- "merchant, dwelling, Baltimore-st. ext. 

( 19 ) 

Colvin, James, flour-merchant, Smith's-wharf, dwelline 
S. Eutaw-st. 

Combe, captain Solomon, 87, E. Allisanna-st. F, P. 

Comegys, Falconer, &. co. merchants, 190 Baltimore-st 

Comegys, Cornelius, merchant, dwelling, 78, Pratt-st. 

Comegys, Jesse, baker, 77, Granby-st. O. T. 

Comegys, Wm. coach and harness maker, 15, Com- 
merce-st. near CrowVs livery-stables, and dwelling. 
Milk-lane, near Pitt and Great York-sts. O. T. Con- 
tinues to make and repair, as usual, all kinds of four 
wheeled carriages, gigs, curricles, and harness, of the 
best materials, and in the most fashionable style. 
N. B. All orders thankfully received and punctually 
attended to. 

Commercial and Farmers' Bank, 235, corner of Balti- 
more and S. Howard-sts. 

Comte, Mrs. N. Charles-st. 

Concklin, Mrs. boarding-house, 41, South-st. 

Connaway, Robert, carpenter, 114, Bond-st. F. P. 

Conner, Daniel, merchant. Lovely-lane. 

Conrad, Aquila, cooper. Mulberry-alley. 

Conrad, James, grocer, corner of S. Charles and Pratt- 

Constable, Charles, Lumber-yard, head of the Basin. 

Conway, Thomas, grocer. Liberty-alley, O. T. 

Conway, Wm. iron-store, 65, South-st. 

Conway, Wm. D. agent for the " Shamrock," 238, Bai- 

Cook, Stephen, grocer, 118, High-st. O. T. 

Cook, John L. printer, dweL Liberty-st. do. 

Cook, Isaac, quill-manufacturer, Pitt-st. do. 

Cook, Mrs. Holliday-st. O. T. 

Cook, Archibald, labourer, Addison-st. O. T. 

Cook, Wm. jun. merchant, Franklin, near Charles-st. 

Cook, Elisha, carpenter, N. Eutavv-st. W. P. 

Cook, Frederick, butcher, S. Liberty st. 

Cook, Levin, carpenter, Harford-st. O. T. 

Cookendorfer, Thomas, agent for the proprietors of the 
Georgetown Stages, next door to the Indian Queen, 

( 20 ) 

Cooper & M'Leavy, coopers, M'Clure's-wharf. 
Cooper, Robert, ship-carpenter, E. AUisanna-st. F. P. 
Cooper, Samuel, cordwainer. Strawberry-alley. 
Cooper, A. B. milliner, 149, Baltimore-st. 
Cooper, Ambrose, cooper, N. Howard-st. ext. 
Corner, James, sail-maker, dwel. 79, Market-st. F. P 
Cornelius, John, carpenter, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Cornthwait & Carey, merchants, 16, Bowley's-wharf. 
Cornthwait, Robert, teacher, 4, High-st. O. T. 
Cornthwait, Thomas, carpt. 29, Great York-st. O. T. 
Corwine, Jehu, blacksmith, Mill-st. O. T. 
Coulson, Henry, 39, High-st. do 

Coulson, George, carpenter, 78, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Coulter &. Page, doctors, 44-, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Coursault, Edward, magazin de modes, 26, Chatham-st. 
Courtenay, Mrs. Elizabeth, 114, Sharpe-st. 
Covenhoven, Jacob, oak-cooper, Holliday-st. ext. 
Coward, captain Thomas, 12, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Cox, captain Isaac, W. Wilk, near Carolina-st. do. 
Cox, Peter, merchant, 84, Dugan's-wharf. 
Craggs, John, grocer, corner of Paca and Pratt-sts. W. P. 
Craggs, Mrs. milliner, 38 1-2, Baltimore-st. 
Craig, John D. dwelling, 20, Chatham-st. 
Crane, Joseph S. cordwainer, Harford-st. O. T. 
Crawford, Wm. B. dry-good store, 25, Baltimore-st. 
Crawford, Andrew, counting-house, 59, Smith's, and 

bake-house, Spear's-wharf. 
Crea, Hugh, inn-keeper, 21, George-st. soap and ckn- 

die manufactory opposite ditto, F. P. 
Creery, Jonathan, boot-maker, 17, S. Calvert-st. 
Creery, John, Theological library, 56, S. Charles-st. 
Creswell, James, Potter-st. O. T. 
Crew, Richard, waggoner, N. Howard-st. ext. 
Crismond, John, billiard-keeper, Dutch-alley. 
Cromwell, John, M. D. New Church-st 
Cromwell, Jacob J. carpenter, Mulberry-alley. 
Cronmiller &. Small, sugar-refiners, Hanover-market- 

Crook, John, carter, 77, Waggon-alley. 
Grook, Charles, dwelling, Lombard, near Haoover-stf 

t 21 ) 

Cross, Andrew & John, & co. Lumber-inerchant% 

Crossdale, George, merchant, dwelling, opposite 66> 

Crossgrove, L. W. book-binder, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Grossman, Mary, New-lane, W. P. 

Crow &L Tevis, dry-good store, 225, Baltimore-st. 

Crow, Sarah, inn-keeper, 13, Bond-st. F. P. 

Crowl, Henry &. Conrad, livery-stable, Commerce-6t. 

Crownover, Hannah, 76, Front-st. O. T. 

Crummer, John, grocer, 59, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Crummer, N. grocer, Light-st. 

Crumwell, Wm. liqour store, 15, Fish-market. 

Cruse, Mrs. widow, S. Eutaw-st. 

Cry, Frederick, paver. Mulberry-alley, 

Culverwell, Stephen, accountant, Mulberry, near Paca- 
St. W. P. 

Cullidon, G. groceries and liquor store, 17, Harrison-st. 

Cummings, John, tailor, Tripolet's-alley. 

Cuningham, Wm. grocer, 59, Saratoga-st. 

Cuningham, John, 14, Granby-st. O. T. 

Cunningham, Eleonora, 20, S. Charles-st, 

Curley, James, carpenter, Vulcan-alley. 

Curllet, George, coach-painter, S. Frederick-st, 

Curran, Michael, tailor, Hawk-st. 

Currick, John, watchman, Mulberry-alley. 

Cushing, Joseph, book and stationary store, 6, N. How- 
ard, near Baltimore-st. 

Dake, William, grocer, 39, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Daley, Daniel, plasterer, Sharpe near Conway-st. 

Dalk, Andrew, soap and candle manufacturer, Pearl-sf. 
W P. 

Dameron, captain John, 125, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Danskin, William, sail-maker, Camden-st. head of the 
Basin ; dwelling, Montgomery-st. F. H. 

Dare, Nathaniel, brick-maker, Barre near Sharpe-st. 

Dare, Ephraim, merchant tailor, 1, Light-st. 

Darrington, William, boot-maker, 36, Water-st. 

Dashiell, Mary, 95, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Dastuge, M. D. 6, Water-st. 

Davies, John, cordwainer, 24, Union-st. O. T. 

( 22 ) 

Davies, Samuel, rope* store, Pratt-st. near the corneT 

of Cumberland-row. 
Davies, Mr. Chamberlain's-alley. 
Davies, Betsey, L. B. H. Mulberry near Eutaw-st. 
Davidge, John B. M. D. New Church near Charles-st. 
Davidson, Samuel, accomptant, Green-st. W. P. 
Davidson, Mrs. corner of N. Charles and Mulberry-sts . 
Davis, John, superintendent of the Water-works, 74, 

N. Charles-st. 

Davis, Abraham, boot and shoe-maker, 100, Bond-st. 
F. P. 

Dawes, James, esq. cashier Franklin bank, dwel. do. 

Dawson, Rich, turner, corner of Allisanna and Bond- 
streets, F. P. 

Dawson, James, baker, comer of Franklin and Green- 
streets, W. P. 

Dawson, James, porter at the Farmers' and Merchants' 
bank, dwel. 76, Conway, near the corner of Eutaw-st. 

Deagen, Mrs. 24, Chatham-st. 

Deal, Jacob, inn-keeper, 7, Market-space. 

Dear, Isaac, cordwainer, 11, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Deaver, John, teacher, 83, N. Liberty-st. 

De Beet, Cornelius, fancy painter, Mulberry-st. corner 
of Lerews-alley. 

De Butts, Elisha, M. D. 62, N. Liberty-st. 

Decker, George, merchant, 24, N. Howard-st. 

Degoei, Bartholomew, carpenter, 29, Harrison-st. 

Delacour, James, merchant, 2, N. Howard-st, dwelling, 
7, S. Howard-st. 

Delahay, William, cordwainer, 23, Carolina-st. F. P. 

Deloste, Francis, clock and watch-maker, 3, Baltimore- 

Delozier, Daniel, surveyor to the Custom-house, dwel. 
Catherine-st. W. P. 

Del Vecchio, Peter, carver and gilder, picture-frame 
maker, looking-glass and print seller, 1, Calvert-st. 
deals in drawings, paintings, ornaments for fire- 
screens, &c. also various sizes of drawing-paper and 

N. B. Barometers and Thermometers made and 

( 23 ) 

De Mangin, Charles, cabinet-maker, 88, N. Howard-st. 
Dcinpsey, Tuomas, druggist, dwelling, 3, German-lane. 
Denison &, Savin, merchts. 5, Pratt-st. Bowley's-wharf. 
Denison, John M. merchant, dwelling, Pleasant-st. near 

city springs. 
Denmead, Adam, dwelling, 53, Green-st. O. T. 
Denny, William, ship-joiner, 58, lower-end Pitt-street, 

d.veiling, 12, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Denny, Mrs. back of No. 31, N. Howard-st. 
Denos, Augustine R. grocer, Forrest-st. F. H. 
Denys, James, porter, 87, Waggon-alley. 
Derkhiem, Myer, High near Bridge-st, O. T. 
Deslion, Christopher, merchant, 57, SmithVwharf. 
De^v^i'eux, Francis, back of No. 16, N. Frederick-st. 
Dew, James C. mercliant, 87, Harford-st. O. T. 
Dew, Edward, baker, corner of Water and S. Gay-st. 
Dewey, Silas, Concord-st. near Water-st. 
Dickehut, George, confectioner, 127, Baltimore-st. 
Diffendertfer, John, merchant, 65, M'Elderry's-wliarf, 

iron store, near ditto ; dwelling, Great York-st. O. T. 
Diggs, Beverley, mariner, 19, W. .\llisanna-st. F. P. 
Dinsmore &. Kyle, merchants, 82, Pratt-st. head of Bow- 

Dinsmore, Henry W. merchant, dwelling, 102, Pratt-st. 
Dinsmore. Patrick, merchant, 110, N. Howard-st. 
Disney, William, comb-maker, S. Eutaw st. 
Disney, Benjamin, painter and glazier, N. Paca-street, 

near the new market, W. P. 
Divers, John, Carpenter, Long-lane, W. P. 
Dixon, William, carpenter, 68, High-st. O. T. 
Dixon, John, rigger, Star-alley, F. P. 
Dobbin, Archibald, revenue officer, 15, Ann-st. F. P. 
Dobbin, Geo. <k Murphy, book and job printers, 4, 

Dobbins, William, carpenter, corner of S. Paca-street 

and Whiskey-alley. 
Dobler, Jacob,*^ tailor, 61, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Dodge, Alpheus, pump-maker, 7, S. Liberty-st. 
Doerbaecker, Adam, baker, Goodman st. F. H. 
Dome, John, carpenter, 16, S. Howard-st. 

{ 24 ) 

Domestic Warehouse, for the sale of American manu- 
factured goods, 80, Baltinjore-st. 

Donahue, Patrick, cordwainer, N. Paca-st. W. P. 

Donahue, James, mariner, 103, Ann-st. F. P. 

Donaldson, John, architect, Conowago-st. 

Donaldson, Joseph, merchant, dwelling, 68, Saratoga- 

Donaldson, Samuel I. attorney at law, office, N. Cal- 
vert-st. dwelling, 64, Han over- st. 

Donnell, Charles T. teacher, 3, Baltimore-st. 

Donnell, John, grocer, 105, French-st. O. T. 

Donnell, John, merchant, Water-st. next door to th§ 
Custom-house ; dwelling, Water near South-st. 

Donnellan, Thomas, Mulberry, corner of North-st 

Donnelly, Daniel, teacher, 3, S. Frederick-st. 

Doolen, Riiodey, grocer, 9, North near Saratoga-st. 

Dop, George, soap and candle manufacturer, Pearl-st. 

Dorgan, captain Andrew, 56, Queen-st. F. P. 

Dorney, captain John, Potter-st. O. T. 

Dorney, Thomas, cordwainer, 20, North-st. O. T. 

Dornin, Bernard, Roman Catholic Library, 10, Balti- 
more-st. dwelling, Smith-st. F. P. 

Dorsey, Ely, dwelling, 127, Hanover-st. 

Dorsey, Henry K. cabinet-maker, 11, Union-st. O. T. 

Dorsey, Joshua, merc?iant, corner of Pratt-st. and head 
of O'Donnell's-dock. 

Dougherty, Jolm, esq. office, corner of Liberty and St. 
Tammany-sts. dwelling, New Church-st. 

Dougherty, Neal, grocer, corner of Hill and Sharpe- 

Dougherty, Mrs. 36, Bond-st. F. P. 

Dougherty, Barney, grocery, Gough-st. 

Dougherty, John, livery stable. Horse market. 

Dougherty, Theophilus F. esq. dwel. corner of Sharpe 
and Conway-sts. 

Dowdle, George, hide and leather dealer, 47, N. How- 

Dowling, William, inn-keeper, 27, Market-space. 

Downes, William B. turner, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

< 25 ) 

Dowson, captain Joseph, 72, Pitt-st. 0. T. 

Dowson & Alistan, ship-chandlers, ODonnell's- wharf. 

Dowson, captain Henry, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Doyie, Patrick, mariner, £. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Drew, captain Nenemiah, Straight-lane, near Friend's 

meeting, O. T. 
Driseoll, captain Cornelius, 33, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Drummond, Francis, plasterer,. North-st. do. 

Dryden, James, boot-maker, 173, Baltimore-st. 
Dubourg, Lewis, merchant, Paca near Mulberry-sts. 

W. P. 
Ducasse, John, 89, Harford-st. O. T. 
Duchemin, Francis, gentleman, 72, Camden-st. 
Duckett, Mrs. Sophia, corner of Chatham-street and 

St. Paurs-lane. 
Duddell, James, cabinet-maker, 53, N. Gay-st. 
Duer, John, esq cashier of the Farmers' and Merchants' 

bank; dwelling, 252, Baltimore-st. 
Duif, WiUiam, cooper, 4-8, N. Frederick st. 
Dugan, Mrs. Cowpen-alley. 

Dugan, George, merchant tailor, 3, Hanover near Bal- 
timore-st. dwelling, 1, Baltimore-st. 
Dumeste, Mrs. Elizabeth, Paca near Saratoga-st. W. P. 
Dunbar, George T. esq. cashier of t e Commercial 

and Farmers' bank ; dwelling, St. Paul's lane. 
Dunburgh, Francis, Ruxton-lane 

Duncan, John W. painter and glazier : shop, 39, Fell- 
street; dwelling, Fountain-st. F. V. 
Duncan, John, coach-maker, 2, Front-st. O. T. 
Dunkel, George A. M. D. corner of Liberty and Tam- 

Dunkin, captain Perr}^ 13, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Dunn, William, tailor, 223 1-2, Baltimore-st. 
Duon, Honore, fringe and lace-maker, Pratt-st. near 

Du Pare, Madam, Short-alley, W. P. 
Durand, Jolm, mariner, Ann near Fieet-st. F. P. 
Durliam, Mrs. Martha, miUiner, 203 1-2, Baltimore si. 
Dyev, Elijah, carpenter, Courtland-st. 
Dyer, Joseph, grocer, Baltimore-st. extended, W. P. 


( 26 ) 

Eacrit, Rachel, dry-good store, 8, Bank-st. 

Efagleston, John, butcher, 166, Bond-st. F. P. 

Easterbrook, D merchant, 8, Bank-st. 

Easton, Mrs. dwelling, 236, Baltimore-st. 

Eaton & Cope, wholesale drj-good store, 242, Balti- 

Eaverson, Joseph, coach-maker, N. Charles-st. dwel. 
2-5, Conowago-st. 

Eberd, Samuel, carpenter, Straight-lane, O. T. 

Eberhardt, John, carpenter, 74, Waggon-alley. 

Eberhart, Conrad, tailor, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Eckel, Philip P city guager, and inspector of domestic 
liquors; dwelling, 1 14, Green-st. O. T. | Slate kept 
at Messrs. John and Jacob Stouffer's, 25, N. Howard- 
street, and John Gregg &. co.'s, Bowley's-wharf.] 

Edes, Ben. printing-office, S. W. corner of Baltimore 
and South-sts 

Edes, Mrs. millinery store, and ladies' lottery-office, 65, 

Eddy, Rufus, boot and shoe-maker, 43, N. Howard-st, 

Edgar, Adam, carpenter, York-st. F. H. 

Edgar, Thomas, M. D. 65, Bond-st. F. P. 

Edger &l Parks, merchants, corner of N. Howard and 

Edmundson, Joseph, salt carter, 51, Ross-st. W. P. 

Edwaras & Kith-. -art, ship-joiners, Spear's-wharf. 

Edwards, George, N. Howard-st. extended. 

Edwards, Abraham, cordwainer. Strawberry-alley. 

Edwards, Jonathan, dry-good store, 41, Baltimore-st. 

Edwards, Cadwallader, dry-good store, 45, Baltimore- 

Egerton, Charles C. grocer, 46, Baltimore-st. dwelling, 
ichelberger, George, dwelling, Camden-st. 

Eichelberger k, Clemm, merchants, 264, Baltimore-st. 
corner of K. Howard-st. 

Eichier, Sally, widow, Baltimore-st. extended, W. P. 

Eilenstone, Frederick, stocking-weaver, Dulany-st. 

Eiselen, Mrs. dwelling, 246, Baltimore-st. 

Eisenbrey, John, coach-maker, 108, Pratt-st 

( 27 ) 

Elder & Taylor, merchants, 3, N. Howard-st. 

Elder, Esther, N. Liberty-st. 

Elderdice, Mrs. Ruxton-lane. 

Eldred, captain Eppes, spectacle-maker, optician, &;c^ 
17, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Elgard, Hartman, stage-owner, 18, S. Howard-st. 

EUicott, Thomas, dwelling, 36, Sharpe-st. 

Elliot, Robert, has for sale at his new paper-hanging 
warehouse, corner of Liberty and Lexington-streets, 
also, 3, N. Charles-street, opposite the Union bank; 
a complete and general assortment of the most 
fashionable papers and borders ; which, for beauty 
and durability of colours, are not inferior to any on 
the continent; he will sell to town customers and 
•ountry merchants, on the most reasonable terms. 

He sincerely thanks his numerous friends and cus- 
tomers for all favours past, and from their daily in 
creasing patronage, he has reason to believe that his 
first public promise of attention to business, reasona- 
ble charges, soundness of work by careful and experi- 
enced hands, and despatch in the execution of orders, 
has been realized to the satisfaction of his employers. 

Elliot, Thomas, waggoner, Ross-st. W. P. 

Ellis, Thomas, cartman, 79, Granby-st. O. T. 

Ellis, captain John, Holliday-st. 

Ely, George, blacksmith, 144, Green-st. O. T. 

Emory, Thomas L. jr. attorney at law. New Church-st. 
near St. Paul's lane. 

Englebright, John, carpenter, Forrest-st. O. T. 

English, Robert, painter and glazier, 132, S. Charles-st. 

English, Marshall, house-carp. Fajette-st. ext. W. P. 

Erbp, Christian, carpenter, Waggon-alJey. 

Ernstbacker, George, cordwainer, 7, North-st. 

Erwine, John, umbrella manufacturer, 2, N. Gay-st. 

Esmenard, John F. Hanover-st. 

Espiet, Bartholomew, cabinet-maker, 33, S. Charles-st. 

Espinard, J. gentleman, Great York-st. O. T. 

Estmen, Henry, grocer. County-wharf, F. P. 

Etshberger, Wolf%ang, grocer, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. 

Evans, Lewis E. dwelling, 96, Pratt-st. 

< 28 ) 

Evans, Griffith, eak-cooper, dwelling, Water-st. foot of 

Peters' bridge. 
Evans, Thomas, carpenter, Conway near Sharpe-st. 
Evans, Joshua, grocer, corner of S. Charles and Pratt- 

Evans, John, biscuit bakehouse, Price's-wharf, F. P. 

dwelling, S. Charles-st. near Primrose-alley. 
Evans, Job, carpenter, Addison-st. O. T. 
Evans, William, deputy- sheriff, 19, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Evans, Mrs. Nancy, widow, Pitt-st. near the run, O. T. 
Everett, Thomas, umbrella and hardware store, 224, 

Everson, captain Nicholas, 18, M'Elderry's-wharf. 
Evis, Jarvis, plasterer, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Ewaldt, John H. grocer, Franklin-st. near Hookstown- 

road. W. P. 
Effing, Henry, plaster-miller, Jones-st. O. T. 
Fagg, Mrs. Catherine, milliner, 122, High-st. O. T. 
Fahertv. Sally, Star-alley, F. P. 

Fahnestock, Henry, dry-good store, 29, N. Howard-^, 
Falmestock, Derrick, mercht. dwel. 19, N. Howard-st. 
Fahnestock, Peter, dry-good store, 17, N. Howard st. 
Fairbairn, Thomas H. grocer, 61, Bridge-st. O. T. 

dwelling, 15, ditto. 
Eair, Charles, joiner, Lee-st. 
Faithful, William, printer, 48, Green-st. O. T. 
Falconer, Mrs. Conway near Sharpe-st. 
Fanning, Dennis, publican, Light-st. 
Farmers' and Merchants' bank, 252, Baltimore-st. 
Farnandis, Samuel, dwelling, Chatham-st., corner of 

St. Paul's-lane. 
Faucet, Rowland, cartman, N. Howard-st. extend. 
Faulac, John, gentleman, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Fauth, Ernest, tailor, Mulberry-st. 
Fearson, captain Jesse, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Feinour, William, plumber, and tin-plate worker, 37, 

Bond-st. F. P. 
Fenby, Peter, jr. oak-cooper, Donnell's-wharf, F. P. 
Fenby, Samuel, shoe-store, 229, Baltimore-st. 
Ferguson, John, stone-cutter, Chappel-alley. 

( 29 ) 

Ferguson, James ^ teacher, 46, Chatliam-st. 
Ferguson, John, merchant, 9, N. Calvert-st. 
Ferguson, Benjamin, office for the " new hne of ISortolk 
pickets," 101, Bowley's-Tvharf B. F. has very re- 
cently added to his line of Norfolk packets two cop- 
pered vessels, whose cabin accommodations are such 
as to eive general satisfaction: in arranging tor tbis 
line, he has spared neither expense nor trouble m 
evincing to a generous public, his determination to 
use his best endeavours to please. Ct" A packet 
will sail from Bowley's wharf (Baltimore) opposite 
the office, every Wednesday and Saturday ; also 
from Newton's wharf, Norfolk, on the same days. 
The terms of passage are: for cabin passengers, 
every thing found except liquors, ten dollars ; for 
steerage passengers, found in the same manner, six 
dollars ; for children, five dollars. 

N. B. Liquors to be had at tavern rates. 

Benjamin and John Ferguson, proprietors. 
December 25, 1811. 
Ferrall, Mrs. grocer, N. Eutaw-st, 
Finagan, James, ship- carpenter, 46, Bond-st. F. P. 
Finlay, John & Hugh, fancy-furniture manufacturers, 

N. Gay-st. 
Finley & Van Lear, merchants, 270, Baltimore-st. 
Finley, Ebenezer, & Son, merchants, N. E. corner of 

Fayette and Paca-sts. W. P. 
Fishpaw, Jesse, blacksmith, 149, High-st. dwelling, 27, 

Union-st. O. T. 
"Fisher, Robert, lumber-merchant, 16, Spear's-wharf 
Fisher, John M. &- W. Johnston, painters and glaziers, 

Water, near South-st. 
Fisher, Abraham, labourer, Lee-st. 
Fisher &. M'Clellan, merchants, 45, N. Howard-st. 
Fissour, J. M. merchant, 8, Light-st. 
Fitch, Wm. 100, Green-st. O. T. 
Fitch, captain Daniel, 74, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Fitch, Henry, labourer, North-st. O. T. 
Fitzgerald, Edward, ship-chandler and grocer, 15, 
George-st. F. P, 

( 30 ; 

Fitzhugh, John, Aisquith-st. O. TJI 
Fitzhugh, Joiin, gentleman, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Flaherty, James, labourer, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Floyd, Charles, grocer, N. Howard-st. 
Fleisher, Anthony, feed-store, Franklin-st. 
Fleming, Frederick, porter-bottler. Brandy-alley. 
Fletcher & Patterson, tobacco-manufacturers, 40, N. Ho 

Flieiiee, Christian, inn-keeper, corner of Mulberry and 

Fobel, Daniel, distiller, W. Wilk, corner of Caroline- 

st. F. P. 
Focke, Frederick, &, co. merchants, corner of North 

and Green-sts. O. T. 
Focke, Frederick, merchant, dwelling, 60, N. Frede- 

Foley, Timothy, cabinet-maker, 98, High-st. O. T. 
Foltz, Wm. and Jacob, sugar-refiners, corner of Eu- 

taw-st. and Bottle-alley. 
Ford, Stephen H. merchant, dwelling, 9, Conowago-st. 
Ford, Joseph T. wheelwright, Albemarle-st. opposite 

80, O. T. also Pratt-st. near the lower bridge. 
Foreman, Edward, bricklayer, Caroline-st. near Colum- 
bian gardens. 
Foreman, Mrs. Jane, corner of Paca and Mulberry-sts. 

W. P. 
Forman, Christian, butcher, Kimraers-alley. 
Forrest, George, mariner, Happy-alley, F. P. 
Forrest, Jolm, carpenter, Lee-st. 

Forrester, Ralph, blacksmith, Duke, near Albemarle- 
st. O. T. 
Forrester & Wheeler, cabinet-makers, Waters-t. 
Forsyth, Wm. drover, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Forsyth, Jacob, trader, Biddle-st. W. P. 
Foster, Mrs. genteel boarding-house, E. Lancaster-st. 

F P. 
Foss, John, paver, Franklin-st. near Lerew's-alley 
Foss, Jacob, blacksmith, dwelling, N. Eutaw-st. W. P.^ 
Fountain, Joseph, Spanish-cigar-maker, 4-, Bank-st. 
Fousbenner, Daniel, blacksmith, 82, Lee-st 



( 31 ) 

Fawler, Wm. constable, Lexington-st. W. P. 

Fowler, iienjaniin, city-collector, Dulany-st] opposite 
Leaman's gardens. 

Fowler, James, pilot, Eden, near Gough-st. F. P. 

Fox, Mrs. 4, N. Liberty-st. 

Foxall, Tliomas, porter of the Mechanics' Bank, dwel, 
4, Public-alley. 

Frailey, Leonard, city-gauger and inspector of domes- 
tic liquors, dwelling, 98, Pratt-st. a slate is left at 
Messrs. John (Si, Jacob Stoufier's, 125, N. Howard-st. 
also at Messrs. John Gregg &. co. 80, Bowley's-wharf. 

France, Joseph, dry -good store, 175 1-2, Baltimore-st. 

Francis, Benjamin, hardware-store, 12, Pratt-st. 

Franciscus, George, gold and silver-smith, 32, Balti- 

Franciscus, John, 31, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Franklin Bank, 88, Baltimore-st. 

Frazer, captain James, 20, Ann-st. F. P. 

Frazier, Riciiard, revenue-officer, 89, Green-st. O. T. 

Frazier, James, officer in the U. States' navy, Milk- 
alley, near Glendy s clmrch, O. T. 

Freburger, Henry, inn-keeper, 5, W ater-st. 

Freburger, John, baker, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Freeman, Wm. cabinet-maker, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Freeman, W. H. engraver, St. PauTs-lane. 

French, Simon, pilot, 55, Queen-st. F. P. 

Frey, Samuel, merchant, 268, Baltimore-st. 

Fridge &l 3Iorris, dry-good merchants, 14, S. Calvert-st. 

Friese, Philip R. I. proprietor Baltimore glass-house 
210, Baltimore-st. dwelling, corner of Pratt and Han- 

Frizel, Wm. D. inn-keeper, Franklin-st. W. P. 

Fry, William, compiler of the Baltimore Directory, 15, 
Bank-st. opposite Mr. Kaminsky's tavern. 

Fry, James, accountant, 8, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Fryer, Henry, 24, N. Frederick-st. 

Fulford, Henry, dwelling, St. PauVs-lane. 

Fuller, Brown, &- Alley, wholesale shoe-store, 216, Bal- 

Fuller, Abrahani, merchant, Franklin^ near Paca-5t. 
W. P. 

( 32 ) 

Fulton, Wm. mariner, 7, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Fulton, James, merchant, 1, Sharpe-st. 
Fulton &. Starck, merchants, 78, N. Howard-st. 
Fulton, David, esq. corn, of Saratoga and N. Eutaw-stg. 
Funk, John, house-carpenter, 74, Waggon-alley. 
Gaddis, Wm. founder, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Galloway, Ezekiel, inn-keeper, Market-st. F. P, 
Gait, Peter, esq. clock and watch-maker, 19, Fell-st. 

office at do. F. P. 
Gait &, Thomas, merchants, Sharpe, near Baltimore-st. 
Gardner, Wm. cordwainer., Strawherry-alley. 
Gardner, Sarah, shop-keeper, 4, Queen-st. F. P. 
Gardner, captain Samuel, 4, High-st. O. T. 
Gardner, Peter, chair-maker, Low-st. do. 
Garland, George, mariner, Caroline-st. F. P. 
Garret, John, carpenter, Lombard-st. 
Gaston, Dennis, tin-plate-worker, 9, George-st. F. P. 
Gatchell, Samuel H. esq. office, 4, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Geiger, John, grocer, 68, S. Charles- st. 
George & Sweeny, tobacconists, 75, N. Howard-st. 
Gerlach, Charles, M. D. Light-st. 
German, Philip, sen. 116, Sharpest. 
German, Philip, junr. do. do. 
Gibbons, Wm. cooper, S. Paca-st. W. P. 
Gibson, Priscilla, Long-lane, W. P. 

Gibson, Wm. M. D. corner of Bernard and Charles-st. 

Gibson, Wm. esq. clerk of the county court, dwelling,- 
near Mr. Grundy's country seat, W. P. 

Gibson, Robt. hack-driver, back of 46, S. Frederick-st 

Gibson, Wm. teacher, Union-st. O. T. 

Gibson, John, gent, corner of Eutaw and Pratt-sts. 

Gilberthorp, Wm. grocer, 25, Gough-st. F. P. 

Gilpin & Brown, grocers, 18, Cheapside, 

Gildea, captain James, 5, Queen-st. F. P. 

Gill, John, carpenter, Addison-st. O. T. 

Gill, John B. clothier, 44, S. Calvert-st. 

Gill, Absalom B. do. 28, do. 

Gimbrette, John F. grocer, 69, N, Gay-rt. 

Gindhart, Xaver, limner, 69, Bond-st. F. P. 

Glaherty, John, iabourer. I^f. Eutaw-st. 

( 33 ) 

Glasser, Jacob, blacksmith, Griffith's-b ridge, dwelling, 

49, East, cornei' of Fieneh-st. O. T. 
Glassj^ow, Wm. R. boot maker, \2l 1 2, Baltinioie-st. 
Glenn, Elia*, esq. attorney at law, 29, N. Charies, near 

Glenn, Mr. dwelling, Granby-st. O. T. 
Glenn, John W. 6l co. oil and paint store, 71, M'Elder- 

ry's wharf, dwelling, Front-st. O. T. 
Glenn, James &l W. saddlers, corner of Baltimore and 

N. Gay-sts. 
Gobright, Wm. tin-plate worker, 20, Conowago-st. 
Godfroid, Wm. 55, Water-st. 
Goforth, Geo. gilder and sign painter, 45, Bridge-st. 

Golden, John, sail-maker, Donnell's wharf, dwelling, 
Ann-st 9 1-2, F. P. 

Golder, Robt. dry-good store, 95, Baltimore-st. 

Goldthwait, capi. Ezekiel, Green near North-st. O. T. 

Goodmanson, Peter, boarding house, 30, Bond-st. F. P. 

Gordon, John, merchant, dwelling, Hanover-st. 

Gordon, Mrs. boarding-house, 245, Baltimore-st. 

Gore, Amos, 26, W. Lancastei-st. F. P. 

Gorsuch, Thomas &, John, inn-keepers, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Gorsuch, Nicholas, inn-keeper, 104, High-st. do. 

Gorton, captain Wanton, Liberty-st. do. 

Gouges, Mrs. fancy-goods and millenery store, 35, 

Gowan, John, soap, candle, starch, and fig-blue manu- 
facturer, 44, Lexington-st. 

Grace, Samuel, 90, Bond-st. F. P. 

Graf, Frederick C. merchant, dwel. 48, N. Charles-st. 

Graff, John, tailor, 53, Market-st. F. P. 

Graham, Thomas, scowman, 49, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Graham, James B. grocer, County-wliarf, do. 

Graham, Henry, labourer, 65, Albemarle-st, O. T. 

Graham, Hamilton, first accountant Bank of Maryland, 
dwelling, 30, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Graham, Wm. grocer, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Graham, Wm. M. D. N. E. corner of Albemarle and 
King George-8ts, O. T. 

( 34 ) 

Graham, Mrs. grocer, 68, French-st. O. T. 
Grahame, Wm. esq. president of the Farmers' and 

Merchants' Bank, dwelling, 14, Hanover-st 
Grandchamp, Wm. clothier, corner of Pratt-st. and 

Grant, Daniel, boarding-house, 200, Baltimore-st. 
Grant, John, hack-driver, back of 35, Liberty-st. 
Grapevine, Frederick, merchant, 76, N. Howard-st. 
Grapevine, Frederick, junr. dwelling, 97, Saratoga-st 
Gray, Robert G. plasterer, French-st. O. T. 
Gray, Henry, fancy-hat store, 9, Second-st. 
Green, Robert, boarding-house, 32, Bond-st. F. P. 
Green, Charles, dwelling, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Green, George W. chair-maker, 31, S, Calvert-st. 
Green, John, cordwainer, 7, Saratoga-st. 
Green, Matthew, grocer, ^. W. corner of N. Charles 

and Conowago-sts, 
Greeves, David, grocer. County-wharf, F. P. 
Gregg, captain Alexander, E. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Gregg, John, &c co. merchants, 80, Pratt-st. Bowley's 

Gridley & Driggs, grocers, 63, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Griffin, Thomas, 18, Lombard-st. 
Griffin, Charles, 33, S. Koward-st. 
Grigg, Frederick, blacksmith, Short-alley, W. P. 
Griffith, Henry B. stone-cutter, 9, S. Charles-st. 
Griffith, Susanna, inn-keeper, 4, N. Gay st. 
Griffith, Samuel G. merchant, Wood-st. Bowley's-wharf, 

dwelling, 97, Hanover-st. 
Griffiths, Thomas, grocer, 46, North-st. 
Grimes, Levy, carpenter, 23, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Griner, Ginther, glass-blower, Forregt-st. F. H. 
Gritzner, Frederick, grocer, 11, Thames-st. F. P. 
Groom, Wm. grocer, 14, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Gross & White, grocer^, 70, corner of Gay and Har^ 

Gross, John, Jones-st. O. T. 
Grub, Michael, junr. cedar-cooper, Mulberry-st. 
Gruber, John, cedar-cooper, 17, Lexington-st. 
Grub, Michael, cedar-cooper, 23 1-2, N. Howard-st. 

( 35 ) 

isri'uchj, John, brewer, Holliday-st. ext. 

Grundj, James, dwelling, N. Calvert-st. ext. 

Gunnet, Nicholas, tobacconist. 80, Camden-st. 

Guise, Francis, inn-keeper, 48, Market-space. 

Gattrow, Stephen, hatter, 20, Pratt-st. 

Haddaway, Wm. mariner, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Hahn, Jo m, wheelwright, 17, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Hahn, Henry, painter, 22, Lexington-st. 

Haigh, Samuel, merchant, 3, N. Liberty-st. dwelling. 

76, Pratt-fit 

Halsey, Mrs. school-mistress, N. Charles-st. 

Hall, Mrs. Isabella, 74-, Sharpe-st. 

Hall, Mrs. dwelling, 42, Hanover st. 

Hall, John E. attorney at law, 13, St. Paul's-lane. 

Hall, R W. M D. do. 

Hall, Christopher, cordwainer, Harford-st. 

Hall, Ezekiel, mariner, lower end of Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Hall, James, ship-carpenter, do. Fleet-st. do. 

Hall, captain Joseph, High st. O. T. 

Hail, James, weaver, A.ddison-st. do. 

Hall, Caleb, gentleman, 32, Pratt-st. 

Hall, Wasliington, Baltimore-st. ext. W. P. 

Hogg, John, grocer, 13, Saratoga-st. 

Handy, Wm. VV. M. D 5i, Hanover-st. 

Haney, David, mariner. Mulberry-alley. 

Hanev, Charles, cordwainer. Whiskey-alley. 

Hanna, Wm. 7.\ E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Hanna, John, 12, W. do. do. 

Hanan, John, carpenter, 70, Granby-st. O. T. 

Hanson, Charles W, attorney at law, S. Frederick-st. 

Hanson, Wm. tailor, 3, Market-soace. 

Harbst, Christian, tailor, 79, Bond-st. F. P. 

Harden, Samuel, dry-good store, 17.5. Baltiraore-st. 

Harden, Thomas, mariner, Happv-alley, F. P. 

Hardester, Benjamin, sail maker, dwelling, Green-st. 
O T. 

Hare, Jesse, tobacco manufacturer, Granby near Queen- 
streets, 6. T. 
Harp)d ^ Buel, book-binders and stationers, 12, S. Cal- 
ve?t-st. * 

( 36 ) 

Harris, George, teacher, Hanover-market-space. 

Harris, John F. N. Liberty near St. Tammany-st. 

Harris, Mary, widow, Addison-st. O. T. 

Harris, Samuel, merchant, dwelling, Duke corner of 
Exeter-st O. T. 

Harris, James, ship-carpenter, Star-alley, F. P. 

Harrison, William, gentleman, 82, Waggon-alley. 

Harrison, Hall, merchant, dwelling, Lombard, near 

Harrison, Daniel, carpenter, 25, Bond-st. P. P. 

Harryman, Stephen, cartman, 21, Market-st. F. P. 

Harwood, Henry, tobacconist, Dutch-alley. 

Hart, Nicholas, oak-cooper, 58, South-st. dwelling, near 
Jacob Laudenslager's, on the hill. 

Hart, Jacob accountant, U. Bank, dwelling, 111, N. 

Hart, Joseph, New-bridge hotel, 1, Great York-st. O. T. 

Hartshome, Wm. biscuit-baker, 64, South-st. dwelling, 
103, Hanover-st. 

Harvey, Mrs. Eliz. boarding-house, 176, Baltimore-st. 

Harwood, T. &. J. merchants, 113, N. Howard-st. 

Haskins &, Harrison, merchants, 89, Bowley's-wharf. 

Haslam, John, Veterinary-surgeon, 101, High-st. O. T. 

Haslett, Joseph, sail-maker, 46, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Haslett, Wm merchant, head of O'Donneirs-dock. 

Hassard, J. &, R. merchants, 77, N Howard-st. 

Hattenbach, Wm. hair-dresser. New-church- st. 

Hatton, Caleb, carter, Courtland-st. 

Haubert, Fred. & co. merchants, 241, Baltimore-st. 

Haupt, M. jr. snuff and segar manufactory, L^!ght-st. 

Hauptman, John, cordwainer, 54, S. Charies-st. 

Hawkins, James L. teller at the Commercial and Far- 
mers' bank; dwelling, S. Liberty-st. 

Hay den, Henry, dentist, 38, corner of N Charles and 
Chatham-streets, desirous of rendering himself, in his 
profession, worthy of the patronage of the ladies and 
gentlemen of Baltimore, respectfully offers his ser- 
vices to those who may, in the smallest degree, re- 
quire professional nid ; in anv disease of the mouth 
and gums, or in premature decays, and deficiencies of 

( 37 ) 

the teeth, from a partial or total loss of one or more 
of them. Natural and artificial teeth set, without ex- 
tracting the remaining roots, from one to full sets 
complete, either with ligatures, springs, pivots, or on 
plates of gold, and in such a manner as to be useful 
and highly ornamental. The tartar so injurious to 
the teeth, which caries blackness and discolouring, 
removed and the teeth restored to their native wiiite- 
ness, without tiie smallest pain, or injury to the ena- 
mel. Decayed teeth orrified and pluged, so as to ren- 
der them useful, and prevent their further decay..:. 
Teeth extracted with perfect safet}', and every other 
operation performed, that comes within the line of 
his profession, to preserve the beauty and soundness 
of the teeth, and a healthy state of the gums. If ten- 
derness and care in different operations, beauty and 
elegance in the finishing and setting artificial teeth, 
and the most implicit candour in his advice, are in- 
ducements; those who may honour him with their 
confidence may be assured of meeting with satisfac- 
tion. Any person wishing to be waited on at their 
residence, will please to send a line or servant. 

Hayes &. Dougherty, grocers, corn, of Union & Bridge- 
streets, O. T. 

Hayes, captain Walter C. 19, Granby-st. O. T. 

Hayes, R. & co. dry-good store, 97, Baltimore-st. 

Hayne, George, merchant, 5, Bowley's-wharf. 

Hayward, William, jr. grocer, Paca-st, W. P. 

Hayward, Mrs. Harriet, dwelHng, on the hill, opposite 
late college, Chatham-st. 

Hazlehurst, Andrew, dwelling, St. Tammany, near N. 

Heairn, captain John, County-wharf, F. P. 

Healy, John, grocer, 16, Water st. 

Heath Richard K. tanner and currier, 1, Cheapside. 

Heath, Upton S. esq. attorney at law, corner of Cha 
tham-st. and St. Paul's-lane. 

Heathcote, John, wholesale dry-good merchant. S. W 
comer of Baltimore and Charles-st, 


( 38 ) 

Hebbard &, Williamson, druggists, coruBBr of Baltimore 

and S. Calvert-sts. 
Heden, Garret, blacksmith, Tripolets'-alley. 
Hedges, Peter, house-carpenter, Lexington-st. ext. W. P. 
Heidelbach, John H. merchant, 70, South-st. dwelling. 

53, Pratt-st. 
Hegeman, Henry B. ship-carpenter, 2, Bond-st. F. P. 
Helm, Greorge, carpenter, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Helms, captain James, 16, Green- st. O. T. 
Helmling, Joseph, carter, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Helmling, Anthony, block and pump-maker, Camden- 

street, near the Basin ; dwelling. Peace-alley, 
//enderson, John, drayman. Green near North-st. O. T. 
J^enderson, Griffith, Franklin near Paca-st. W. P. 
Henderson, Nathaniel, teacher, 41, Water-st. 
JTenning, Thomas, bricklayer, 38, Saratoga-st. 
//enricks, Isaac, Pitt-st. near Friends' meeting-house, 

O. T. 
Jferbaugh, Leonard, carpenter, Saratoga-st. ext. W. P. 
/Herbert, Joseph, Pleasant-st. 
7/erbert, Charles, pump-maker, Mulberry-alley, 
//erbert, William, constable, Forrest-st. F. H. 
Heron, James & A. dry-good-store, S. W. corner of 

Baltimore-st. and market-space, 
iferron, Michael, dra^'man. Franklin-lane. 
Herron, Robert B. house-carpenter, Duke-st. O. T. 
//erstons, Charles, dwelling, Green near German-st. 

W. P. 
Hertzog, George, S. Butaw-st. 

Herwig, Mrs. widow, K. Liberty near Lexington-st. 
Heslip, John & son, boot-makers, 44, Baltimore-st. 
J/evland, Marcus, merchant, 230, Baltimore-st. 
Hiekley, Sebastian, stone-cutter, Griffith's-bridge, O. T. 
Hicks, rev. Galen, 92, Granby-st. near Trinity church, 

O. T. 
Higgins, Susanna, grocer, corner of Pratt and Com- 

Hilary, Anthony, hair-dresser, 2, N. Liberty-st. 
Hildenbrandt, Christian, boot-maker, N. Eutaw-street, 

\\\ P 

.^--^ ( 39 ) 

Hill, captain John, 71, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Hill, Robert, cabinet-mak. Pratt-st. near lower bridge. 

Hillen, John, dwelling, 54, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Hillert, captain John A. 8, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Hindman, James, gentleman, 12, S. Gay-st. 

Hines, William, hatter, 12, Primrose-alley. 

Hirsch, Joseph, glass-blower, foot of Federal hill. 

Hirsch, Francis, ditto, ditto. 

Hiser, Nicholas, cartman, Biddle-st. W. P. 

Hitselberger, John, house-carpenter, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Hitselberger, Joseph, tailor, corner of Franklin-st. and 
Hookstown-road, W. P. 

^oburg & Rogge, upholsterers, 13, South-st. 

Hoburg, John, dwelling, 15, Green-st. O. T. 

J^odges &, Landsdale, merchants, lower end of Smith's- 

Hodgkin, Mrs. Susanna, corner of King George and 
Granby-sts. O. T. 

J^oey, James, cordwainer, Addison-st. O. T. 

J/oey, John, ditto, ditto, do. 

i^ofFmaster, F. musician, Carolina-st. F. P. 

Hoffman, Gotlieb, porter-cellar, 238, Baltimore-st. 

Hoffman, Jacob &, Son, curriers, 7, Cheapside. 

Hoffman, Michael, dwelling, 91, Sharpest. 

Hoffman, Peter, jr. merchant, dwelling, New Church- 

//older, Anthony, distiller, Pratt-st. new bridge. 

Holland, Littleton, dwelling, Green-st. W. P. 

Holland, Francis U. 5, S. Howard-st. 

Holland, Dennis, tailor, Lavely's or Orange-alley. 

HoUiday, William, stone-cutter^ N. Eutaw-st. 

HoUins, William, cooper, N, Howard-st. ext. 

Hollins, William, merchant, dwelling, Franklin-st. ext. 
near • GrayVgardens, W. P. 

Holmes, James, bottling-cellar, 127, Baltimore-street, 

dwelling, Bath-st. near Finn's. 
Holstein, Michael, tin-plate worker, 64, N. Charles-st. 
Hood, George W. painter and glazier, 148, Sharpest, 
Hook, William, mariner, Happy-alley, F. P. 
Hoover, Ignatius, butcher, Washington-road, W. P. 

{ 4.0 ) 

Hope, Daniel, brush-maker, St. Tammaiiy-st, 

Hope, David, ditto, Bath-st. 

Hopkins, George, carpenter, Welcome-alley. 

Hopkins, Gerard, merchant, I, County-wharf, dwel. 
7«, Pratt-st. 

Horsman, John, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Horton, James, merchant, dwelling Green near Ger- 
man-st. W. P. 

Hoskyns, Mrs. fancy store, Conowago-st. 

Houzelot, Peter, King Georgest. O. T. 

Howard, Mrs. seminary, 10, Baltimore-st. 

Howard, John, bricklayer, Barre-st. 

Howard, G. &l J. dry-good store, 236, Baltimore-st. 

Howell, William & Son, merchants, head of the Basin, 
dwelling, Camden near Charles-st. 

Howey, Mrs. Susannah, Pitt-st. near the Run, O. T. 

Howser, John, wheelright, 5, Stillhouse-st. O. T. 

Howser, John, ditto, 19, Pitt-st. do. 

Hubball, Ebenezer, brass-founder, 3, N. Gay-st. 

^ubbardJ Michael, carpenter, Paca jiear Mulberry^stc 
W. P. 

Hubbard, William, block-maker, 36, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Hubbell & Waters, merchants, County-wharf 

Hubbell, captain Josiah, merchant, 54, Hanover-st. 

Huber, Henry, painter and glazier, 34, N. Howard-»t. 

Hudson, Jonathan, merchant, 74, Bowley's-wharf 

Hugg, Richard, cordwainer, 13, Green-st. O. T. 

Hughes, Francis, tailor, 9, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

lluglies, Cliristopher, jr. attorney at law, 1, Chatham- 

Hull, James, sen. 4, Great York-st. O. T. 

Hull, George, bricklayer, Front-st. O. T. 

Humes, Thomas, gin and cordial distillery, 80, Harrl- 

Humphreys, C. & M. merchants, Bowley's-wharf 

Hunleman, Diederick, Lee hear S. Charles-st. 

Hunter, John, esq. dwelling, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Hurst, captain AVilliam, Smith near Dulany-st. F. P. 

Hurxthal, Ferdinand, merchant, 67, Bowley's-wharf. 

Hussey, George & Son. curriers, 44, N. Howard-st; 

( *1 ) 

Htrsscy, Asahel, dry-good store, 5, N. Howard-street; 
dwelling, 32, Fayette-st. 

Hussey, Nathan, Iron-store, County-wharf; dwelling, 
, German-st. 

Hutchins, Richard, inn-keeper, King George-st, oppo- 
site the Circus, O. T. 

Hutchins, Nicholas, clock and watch-maker, 1, Water- 

Hutson, John, grocer, 135, Bond-st. F. P. 

Hutson, James, labourer, S..Frederick-st., 

Hyatt & Golder, dry-good store, 123, Baltimore-st. 

Hyde, Francis, soap and candle manufacturer, Fish-st. 

Hynson, Nathaniel, (coroner), cabinet warehouse, 98, 
Bond-st. F. P. 

lansen, Fred, corner of Paca-st. and Whiskey-alley. 

Impartial Society's warehouse, for the relief of widows 
and orphans, 31, S. Calvert-st. 

Inglis, A. M. gentleman, corner of N. Liberty and St. 

Inloes, James, merchant, corner of Franklin and N. 

Inns, John, accountant, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Irvine, James, bricklayer, Forrest-lane. 

Irvine, Daniel, cordwainer, 68, South-st. 

Isaac, Mrs. E. 26, N. Gay-st. 

Isett, John, dwelling, 10, N. Howard-st. 

Inloes, Thomas, cooper, Waggon-allej'. 

Inloze, Samuel, grocer, 33, Lexington-st. 

Jacobs, captain Wilson, 9, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Jackson, Samuel, grocer, Baltimore-st. ext. W. P. 

Jackson, Henry, 20, Lombard-st. 

Jackson, Bolton, merchant, 3, O'Donnell's-wharf. 

Jackson, James, oil and paint store, and trunk manu. 
facturer, 23, S. Calvert-st. 

Jackson, Edward, dwelling, St. Tammany-st. 

Jakes, Frederick, at his cellar, 5, South-st. and dwel- 
ling, 14, Chatham-st. near St. Pauls-lane, liquid-black 
and varnish manufacturer, attends to the blacking of 
ladies and gentlemen's shoes and boots, by the pair ov 
month. Gentlemen's boot-tops varnished in a supe.- 

( 4.2 ) 

Tior style and at a moderate price. N. B. His black 
ing will not be found inferior to that of the celebrated 
Don Carlos. 

James, David, hatter, 60, Lexington-st, 

Jarret, William, dwellings Chamberlain's-alley. 

Jarvis, John W. artist, 26, Water-st. 

James &■ Etchberger, boat-builders, lower end George- 
st. F. P. 

James, Levi, ditto. dwel. Wolfe-st. F. P. 

James, James W. baker, 7, S. Gay-st. 

James & Evans, flour-merchants, County-wharf. 

Jameson, Horatio Gates, M. D. druggist and apothecary, 
1 6, N. Howard-st. intends to keep every article which 
the present practice requires, and of the best quality, 
Recipes of physicians and others, put up with neat- 
ness and fidelity. Country druggists, apothecaries, 
&,c. can be supplied wholesale or retail, on the very 
best terms. 

Jav, Joseph, tobacconist, 53, South-st. 

Jefferis, G. M. dwelling, 74, Pitt-st. O. T. 


Jeffe»is, Samuel, Bookseller and stationer, 212, Balti 

more-st. dwelling, 56, Pratt-st. 
Jenkins, George, labourer, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Jenkins, Edward, saddlery-store, 50, South-st. 
Jennet, J. B. confectioner, 3, Baltimore-st. 
Jenny, Rebecca, 15, W. AUiaanna-st. F. P. 
Jewell, John, chair-maker, Addison-st. O. T. 
Jillard, John, rigger, 1, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Johnson, Samuel, labourer, North-st. O. T. 
Johnson, Joseph, weaver, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. 
Johnson, Luke, mead-house, Ann, near Bank-st. F. P 
Johnson, James, merchant, 31, Green-st. O. T. 
Johnson, James L accountant. Bank of BaltimorCj 

corner of S. Eutaw and PratVsts, 

( ^ ) 

Johnson, Mrs. Pearl-st. W. P. 

Johnson, Edward, M. D. 51, S. Charles-st. 

Johnson &, Price, tailors, 208, Baltimore-st. 

Johns, Hosea, wholesale dry-good store, comer of Pratt 
and S. Frederick- sts. dwelling Queen- st, O. T. 

Johns, Abraham, tailor, 124 1-2, Baltimore-st. 
Johns & Wheeler, merchant-tailors, 124 1-2, BaJti 

Jones, Joshua, bricklayer. Park-lane, W. P. 
Jones, Mrs. Chatham-st. near St. Paul's-lane. 
Jones, Uel, waterman, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Jones, Wm. bricklayer, Green-st. W. P. 
Jones &L Beam, merchants, Hook's-town road, W. P. 
Jones, Elizabeth, 30 1-2, S. Charles-st. 
Jones, William, iron-store, 63, Smith's-wharf. 
Jones, N. S. earthen-ware manufact. 22, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Jones, Wiliam, constable, 67, Harrison-st. 
Jordan, William, tailor, 2, N. Charles-st. 
Jordan, Matthias Frederick, butcher, Holliday-st. ext, 
Jordan, John, baker N. Gay-st. 
Jordan, Henry, do. 98, S. Charles-st. 
Jordan, Frederick, hardware store, L5, N. Howard-st^ 
Joy, Edward, paver, Low-st. O. T. 
Juchet, John B. baker, 35, S. Charles-st. 
Jddge, Hugh, dwelling, 95, Baltimore-st. 
Juiroy, John, mattress-maker and rigger, Argyle-alley, 

Junge, H. W. dwelling, 55, Hanover-st. 
Kaes, Matthias, grocer, N. Charles-st. 

Kalckbrenner & Kocker, commission-merchants &, gro- 
cers, 3, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Kalckbrenner, John Ferdinand, merchant, dwelling 3 
Bridge-st. O. T. ' 

Kalkman, Charles Frederick, merchant, 52, S. Gay-st 
dw^elling, 121, Hanover-st. 

Kampfer, Jacob, type-founder, Biddle-st. W. P. 

Kauderer, George, baker, 35, S. Liberty-st. 

Kaylor, George, baker, 72, Cumberland-row. 

Keatinge, Henry S. printer, Strawberry-alley, 

Keavin, Samuel; grocer, 41, W, Fleet-g^ F. P- 

( 44 ) 

Keerl, Henry, & Son, druggists, 233, Baltimore-st. 
Keerl, John &. Samuel, wholesale dry-goods, 204, Bal- 
Keener, John, gun-maker, 8, Water, near South-st. 
Keilholtz, Mrs. 20, S. Howard-st. 
Keirle, Matthew, grocer, 59, Harrison-st. 
Kelly, Thomas, hack-driver, Kimmel's-alley. 
Kelly, Edward, house-carpenter. Whiskey-alley. 
Kelly, Patrick, grocer, corner of Ross and Morris-st^. 

W. P. 
Kelly, T. mason, Franklin-st. 
Keller & Forman, merchants, 259, corner of Baltimore 

and Eutaw-sts. 
Kemerly, John, cordw. Carolina, near Gough-st. F. P. 
Kennedy, John F. next to 66, N. Liberty-st. 
Kennedy, Robert, soap and candle manufacturer, 76,. 

Kennedy, John, bricklayer, N. Calvert-st. ext. 
Kennedy, Richard &. Joseph, coach-makers, 119, N. 

Kennedy, Mordeeai, blacksmith, Bath-st. 
Kennedy, John, merchant, office, St. Paul's-lane. 
Kennedy, James, carpenter, Addison-st. O. T. 
Kennedy, Daniel, grocer, 55, N. Howard-st. 
Kenny, Thomas, carpenter, corner of North and Frank- 

Kent &c Browne, merchants, corner of Franklin and 

Paca-sts. W. P. 
Keppler, John T. bacon-store, 20, Market-space, dwel. 

Lexington-st. ext. W. P. 
Keplinger, Samuel, clock and watch maker, 60, N. 

Kesley, Wm. teacher, 30, German, and dwelUng, 4-9, Sv 

Keys, John, merchant, 104, Dugan's-wharf. 
Keysler, Frederick, 39, Conowago-st. 
Kilgour, Robert, commission-mercht. 2, Spear's-wharf 
Killmore, John, potter, Whiskey-alley. 
Kimberly, Nathaniel, tailor, 9, South-st. dwelling, 57, 

French-st. O. T. 

( 45 ) 

Kimmel, Michael, merchant, dwelling, Dutch-alley, 

near Eutaw-st. 
Kincaid, James & W. grocers, Forrest-st. O. T. 
King, Wra. grocer, Pratt-st. head of O'Donnell's-dock., 
King, Fitz, grocer, 83 1-2, Bond-st. F. P. 
King, James C. dwelling, Jones-st. O. T. 
King, George, painter and glazier, Lee-st. 
King, Henry, inn-keeper, 41, N. Howard-st. 
King, Edward, blacksmith, 54, Camden-st. 
King, Richard, shoe-store, 215, Baltimore-st. 
King, John, cordwainer, Dutch-alley. 
King, Margaretta, 101, Saratoga-st. 
Kirby, C. dwelling, 3, Baltimore-st. 
Kircher, Christopher, shoe-maker, 12, Ruxton-lanei 
Kithcart, Robert, plasterer, Park-lane, W. P. 
Klee, John, porter-cellar, 92, Baltimore-st. 
Kleinauer, Jacob, 145, Sharpe, near Lee-st. 
Klock, Conrad Diederick, cigar and snuff manufactu 

rer, 81, Bond-st. F. P. 
Knap, captain, Thomas, 7, W. Alli§apna-st. F. P. 
Kneass, iviicnaei, plane-maker, 13, S. Howard-st. 
Kneeland, Richard, hatter, South-st. 
Knecht, Godfrey, cutler, Fish-market. 
Knight, Joshua, grocer, N. Eutaw-st. 
Knight, Isaac, flour-merchant, Ellicott's-wharf, dwel. 

8, Lombard-st. 
Knowles, Peter, bricklayer, Biddle-st. W. P. 
Knox, Reynolds, carpenter, S. Eutaw, near Lombard-6t^ 
Knox, Rev. Samuel, St. Tammany, near N. Liberty-st. 
Koch, Henry, baker, 115, High-st. O. T. 
Kolehouse, Laurence, cooper. Union, corner of Low-sts. 

O. T. 
Kicker, Leonard, dentist, 3, Griilith's-bridge, O. T. 
Koenigsbauer, Joseph, cigar manufacturer, 4, Bond-st. 

F. P. 
Koone, Daniel, dwelling, Bath, near Calvert-st. ext. 
Konig &. Wessels, German, French, and English goodiBij 

5, S. Calvert-st. 
Konig, Frederick, merchant, dwelling, Camden-st. 
Korte & Stiner, bakers, 19, Market-space. 


( 46 ) 

Kraber, Martin, & Son, merchants, HookVt own-road, 

next Seminary, W. P. 
Krafft, Michael, trader, Biddle-st. W. P. 
Kraus, Lawrence, porter, S. Eutaw-st. 
Krems, Joseph, grocer, Green, corner of Franklfiv-st. 

W. P. 
Kuhn, Aug. Chrn. turner, 17, North-st. O. T. 
Kurtz, Charles, hatter, 250, Baltimore-st. 
Kurtz, John, grocer, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Labome, Lewis, plumber, 28, N. Gay-st. 
Lacy, Mrs. L. B. H. 42, Light-st 
Lacomb, William, mechanical hall, 11, Fell-st. F. P. 
Lacombe, Mrs. late academy for young ladies, N. Paca 

street, ext. and back of seminary, W. P. 
Lacombe, Madame, 52, Fayette-st. 
Lafond, John P. grocer, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. 
La Garde, Mrs. Bailly, widow, 18, N. Gay-st. 
Lamply, John, cordwainer, 1, N. Calvert-st. 
Lansdale, Wm. M. merchant, dwelling, 50, N. Charles 

Lannay, L. I. Amer. manufactured goods ; warehouse, 

157 1-2, Baltimore-st. dwelling, 197 1-2, do. 
Larrabee, Daniel, last-maker, 22, S, Calvert-st. dwel. 7, 

Lexington st. 
Larsh, Mrs. Margaretta, widow, 74, Camden-st. 
Larouette, Philip, carpenter, Camden-st. near George- 
town road. 
Latour, John, broker, Commerce-st. dwelling, Union-st, 

next to col. Little's, W. P. 
Laudun, Michael, fruit-store, 5, S. Gay-st. 
Laurenson, Philip, dwelling, N. Liberty-st. 
Laurenson & Whelan, grocers, 132, Baltimore-st. 
Lauria, Salvadore, fancy store, Pratt-st. new bridge. 
Lavely, Wm. cabinet-maker, 27, Union-st. O. T. 
Law, James, grocer, 12, Baltimore-st. dwelling, 23, 

Lawless, Matthew, grocer, 60, Pratt-st. near Spear's 

Lawrence, John M. M. D. 6, George-st. F. P. 

{ 47 ) 

Lawson, Robert, derk of centre market, 57, Albemarl*' 

St. O. T. ^ 

Lawson, Wm. Dutch-alley. 
Lawson, Mrs. Eliz. corner of S. Eutaw and Lombard 

League, Abraham, cordwainer, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 
League, Thomas, constable, 10, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
League, Luke, cordwainer, North-st. O. T. 
League, Ann, mantua-maker, 19, Bank-st. 
Leakin, S. C. lottery-office and stationary, 1, Market-st 

F. P. dwelling, 2t, W. Allisanna-st. do. 
Leary, Peter, hat manufacturer, 2 1 , Fell-st. F. P. 
Leason, John, boarding-house, Hawk-st. 
Lecky, Hugh, 54-, Apple-alley, F. P. 
Lecky, John, 103, High-st. O. T. 
Ledley, Jacob, carman, Conway-st. near Eutaw. 
Lee, Mr. painter and gilder. Sharpest. 
Lee, Philip, liquor-store. Fish-market. 
Leeke, Catherine, mantua-maker, 100, N. Howard-st 
Lee, Henry, tailor. Mulberry-alley 
Lee, Isaac C. accountant Mechanics' Bank, Sharpe st. 
Legrand, Samuel D. bacon-store, 26, Market Space. 
Leigh & Simmonds, merchants, 12, Bowley's wharf 
Leigh, John, merchant, dwelling, S. Eutaw^-st. 
L^ermitte, Peter, hair-dresser, 59, South-st. 
Lee, Mrs. (widow of Michael), Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Le Loup, Francis Lewis, French consul's office &, dwel 

10, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Lemmon, John, liquor-store, 51-, Bond-st. F. P. 
Lenhart, Frederick, carpenter, Inloes-alley. 
Lenox, David, boarding-house, 15, Bank-st. 
Lenox, Richard, tailor, Wolfe-st O. T. 
Lerew, James, cook shop, Pratt-st. near Dugan's wharf 
Leslie, Gallegher, & co. grocers, 22, Market Space. 
Lester, John, merchant, 71, Smith's wharf 
Levering, John, merchant, dwelling, 58, Sharpe-st. 
Levering, A. R. &. co. merchants, and paper warehouse, 

25, Cheapside, dwelling, 56, Sharpe-st. 
Levy, Maria, 7, S. Calvert-st. 
Ler«w, James, carman, Green near French-st. O. T 

i ^s ) 

Letournau, Frances, Carolina-st. F. P. 

Lewis, G. T. boarding-house, 70, Bond-st. F. P. 

Lewis, capt. Stephen I. Carolina between Gough arid 
German-st. F. P. 

Lewis, Mrs. N. Paca near Mulberry-st. W. P. 

Lewis, VVilloughby, cabinet-maker, M'Elderry-st. O. T. 

Light, Cornelius, cordwainer, 72, Waggon-alley. 

Lilly, Ely, inn-keeper, corner S. Howard and Lom- 

Lindenberger, Frederick, merchant, dwelling, 26, Ha»- 

Lingenfelter, Jacobs painter and glazier, Pearl st. W. P. 

Lindsay, Wm. attorney at law, ^ Water-st. 

Lindsay, Andrew, brick-layer, corner of Camden and 
S. Howard- St. 

Lindsay John, Fayette-st. ext, W. P. 

Lislie, John, mariner, Pleet-st. F P. 

Littig, Philip, brush and comb warehouse, 142, Balti- 

Littig, George, revenue officer, Carolina near Bank-gt. 
F. P. 

Little, Joseph, brick-layer, Lexington-st. ext. W. P. 

Litile, Thomas, drayman. Union near French-st. O. T. 

Little, Francis, teacher. Chapel-alley near Saratoga-st. 

Little, Peter, esq. M. C. dwelling, Green-st. near Mul- 
berry, W. P. 

Little, Joseph, brick-layer, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Livesay, Wm. 14, Pratt-st. 

Lloyd, Wm. cordwainer, Dutch-alley. 

Lloyd, Sarah, 27, S. Hov^ard-st. 

Locher, George, 97, Cam den -st. 

Lock. Wm. brick-layer, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Lloyd, Wm. Carolina-st. F. P. 

Long, Robert, revenue boatman, 52, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Long, Reuben, merchant, dwelling, Lombard near cor- 
ner of Sharpe-st. 

Logan, John, Straight-lane, near Friends' meeting, O. T. 
Logan, Neal, drayman, North near Green-st, O. T. 

" Lottery Office," 126, Baltimore-st. 

Lovell, Brown, & Sultzer, biscuit bakers, Water-st. foot 
of Peters' bridge. 

( 49 ) 

Lovcring, Francis, coach-maker, 32, Water-st. dwelling 

6, Granby-st. O. T. "^ 

Lowman, Emory, carter, Sugar-alley, F. H. 
Lowry, John, butcher, Argyle-alleyr F. P. 
Lowry, Edward B. '• Washington, Old Town Academy,'*' 

82, High-st. O. T. 
Lucas, Fielding, jr. bookseller and stationer, 138, Bal- 

Lucas, Peter, tailor, 66 1-2, Bond-st. F. P. 
Lusby, Wm. tailor, Courtland st. 
Lyon, Wm. blacksmith, shop, 24, Pratt-st. dwelling., 57 

Lynch, Patrick, 35, Ann-st. F. P. 
Lynch & Craft, oil and paint store, 15, Cheap^iide. 
M'Allister, John, liquor-store, 11, Fish-market. 
M'Atee, Francis, currier, dwelling, 21, Water-st.- 
M'Blair, Michael, merchant, Franklin east of north 

M'Bride, Anthony, cooper, 35, S. Gay-st 
M'Cabe, John, saddler and military accoutrement makeij^ 

181, Baltimore-st. 
iVrCaine, Rev. Alexander, 19, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
M'Carl, Henry, founder, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
ISr Carter, Alexander, boot and shoe-maker, 51, N. Eu- 

McCarthy, Mrs. 99, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
McCarthy, Nicholas, di.stiller and grocer, 76, High-st. 

O. T. 
M'Cauley, Mrs. Paca near Franklin-st. W. P. 
M'Causland, Wm. painter and glazier, 38, Water-st. 
M'Clanahan, Alexander, paver, Pitt-st. O. T. 
M'Clane, John, grocer, 35, Conowago-st. 
M'Clane, Charles, grocer, 31, S. Charles-st. 
M'Claskey, Arthur, tailor, 1, Fell-st. F. P. 
M'Cleester, Henry and John, owners of scows, 73, Pratt 

near Commerce-st. 
M'Clellan, Wm. merchant, dwelling, corner of Lexing 

ton and Eutaw-sts. 
M'Clellan, Robert, dwelling, 16, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
M'Clellan &, Seckel, merchants, 46, N. Howard-st. 


( 50 ) 

ArClellan, Robert, merchant, dwelling, Strawberry-al- 

M'Clellan & Barrows, merchants, Baltimore-st. ext. 
W. P. 

M'Cluer, W. G. & J. T. dry-good store, 79, Baltimore-st. 

M'CuUoch, John, plasterer, 22, Primrose- alley. 

M'Cormick, John, drayman^ 65, Harrison-st. 

M'Cormick, James, cabinet-maker, Holliday-st. O. T. 

M'Cormick, John, merchant, dwelling, Pearl-st. W. P. 

M'Cormick, James & Son, merchant's Baltimore-st. ext. 
W. P. 

M'Coy, Joseph, card manufacturer, dwelling, 31, Ger- 

M'Coy, John, cooper, 7, Fayette-st. 

M'Coy, A. & I. card manufacturers, 249, Baltimore-st. 

M'Coy, Robert, merchant, dw^elling, 34, German-st. 

M'CuUey, John, grocer, corner of Green and North-sts. 
O. T. 

M'Daniel, John, painter and glazier, 44, Wasjgon-alley. 

M'Dermott, Caiit. Thos. E. I.^ac aster- st. F. P. 

M'Donald, James, blacksmith, S. Frederick-st. 

M'Donald, Wm. &- Son, office for Philadelphia packets, 
103, Bowley's wharf. 

M'Donald, Jeremiah, cork-cutter, 53, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

M'Donald, Alexander, jun. carter, Chappel-alley. 

M'Donnell, Henry, E. Lancaster- st. F. P. 

M'Donnell, Hugh, boarding-house, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

M'Donough, Patrick, stone-mason, 5, N. Charles-st. 

M'Elderry, Joseph, corner of S. Eutaw-st. and Whiskey- 

M'Elroy, John, grocer, 45, Green-st. O. T. 

2SI'Farlan, Michael, grocer, Saratoga-st. 

M'Fadon, Keil, grocer, Courtland-st. near Howard's 

3l-Gaffick, James, grocer, 45, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

M'Gill, George R. (col. man,) shoe-black and intelligence 
office, 8, Light-st. 

M'Gill, Robert, merchant, dwelling, Paca near Mulber- 
ry-5t. W. P. 

( 51 ) 

M'Ginnety, Nicholas, stone-mason, Bath-st. 

M'Gowan, Terence, merchant, 79, corner of Howard 

and Saratoga-st. 
M'Guire, Thomas, accountant, Ross-st. W. P. 
M'Guire, Ph. Fountain Hotel, N. Calvert-st. ext. 
^I'Gouldrick, John, carver and gilder, Jones st. O. T. 
]M'Jilton, Wm. cordwainer, Liberty-st. O. T. 
jM' Henry, Dennis, cordwainer, Forrest-lane. 
3rKanna, Timothy, tallow-chandler, W. Fleet, near the 

corner of Carolina-st. F. P. 
M'Kanna, Anthony, grocer, 4, Cheapside. 
M'Kean, »Sc Woodland, ironmongery and hardware-store, 

106, Baltimore-st. 
M'Keel &, Bruff, hardware-store. County wharf. 
M'Kenzie, Caleb, artist, lU, Bpjid-st. F. P. 
M'Keen, John, dweUing, IVrClellans'-alley. 
M'Key, George, liquor-store, 23, N. Eutaw-st. 
M'Kim, Robert, president Union Manufactory, dwelling, 

16, N. Gay-st. 
M'Laughlin, Peter, clothier, Light-st. 
M'Laughlin, Matthew, merchant tailor, corner of Ann 

and George-sts. F. P. 
M'Laughlin, Mrs. Peggy, 13, S. Charles-st. 
M'Laughlin, John, Indian Queen inn, Baltimore-st. 
M'Laughlin, Wm. cooper, 95, Saratoga-st. 
M'Laughlin, Hugh, mason. Mulberry-alley. 
M'Mackon, A. cordwainer, 67, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
:M^Meal, Capt. Daniel, 35, George-st. F. P. 
M'Mechen, Wm. esq^ attorney at law, ofiice, i, N. Cal- 
vert-st. dwelling, New Chuvch-st. 
M'Neir, George, tailor, 36, S. Calvcrt-st. and 21, Market 

M-Neir, John, tailor, dwelling. Brandy-alley. 
MNenomy, Thomas, grocer, Pratt near Commerce-st. 
M'Nulty, P. grocer, 50, Mavket-st. F. P. - 
M'Phail, Mrs. milliner, corner of Liberty and Saratoga 

M'Pherson, Isaac, mill-stone manufacturer, 54, Fa3'cttc 

M'Redon, Isaac, plasterer. New Clrarc"i-&t 

' t 52 ) 

Maass, Andrew, cordwainer, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Maccubbin, Wm. innkeeper, 28, head of O'Donneirs 
dock, Pratt-st. 

J/acdonald &, Ridgely, merchants, S. W. corner of Mar- 
ket and Howard-sts. dwelling 25, Hanover-st. 

J/acilroy, Thomas, merchant, 67, Smith's wharf. 

J/ackall, Richard, dry.good-store, 83, Baltimore-st. 

Jfackey, Mi<;hael, grocer, 72, N. W. coiner of Pratt and 
South- sts. 

il/adigan, Paul, drayman, N. Frederick-st. 

jl/addox, Capt. Peter, N. Gay-st. 

it/agill, Wm. hack-owner, 12, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

i)!/agruder, James A. 24, Great York-st. O. T. 

iHfagruder, Wm. attorney at law, 13, Chatham-st. 

J/agruder, Gustavus, & co. dry-good-store, 53, Balti- 

iWagruder, Middleton B. dry-good-store, 171, Baltimore 

il/agruder, Richard B. attorney at law% office 24, N. Cal- 
vert- st. 

J/aher, Martin F. commission merchant, 11, Spears' 

3/ahool, Capt. Thomas, 31, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

iJfaigry, Vincent, segar manufacturer, 111, Bond-st. F. P. 

Mallet, F. D. professor of dancing, 26, S. Charles-st. 

J/alony, James, 52, Market-st. F. P. 

3/alsby, David, farrier, S. Eutaw-st. 

J/ansoii, Henry, boafding-house, 13, Thames-st. F. P. 

3/arch, Gale, chair-maker, St. Paul's lane. 

jl/arch, Perry, Straight-lane, O. T. 

Marr, Mrs. boarding house, 168, Baltimore-st. 

" 3/arine Bank," corner of Market and Allisanna-st, 

F. P. 

3/arsh, Lloyd, grocer, 33, S. Howard-st. 

Marye, Augustus, professor of music, N. Liberty-st. 

J/artin, George, painter, corner of Gay and N. Frede- 

Martin, Capt. Athan, 36, Front-st. O. T. 
3/artin, John, patent sash-maker, Morris-st. W. P: 
Martins Thomas, Chamberlains-Lilley. 

( 53 ) 

ilfason, George, turner, S. Frederick-st. 

Msison, George, grocer. Hooks town road, near Frank 
lin-st. W. P. 

J/ast, John, cedar cooper. Strawberry-alley. 

il/ast, Wm. M. carpenter, Hamilton-st. 

Jfathias, John, Green- st. W. P. 

i>/athiot, George, carpenter, 93, Harford-st. O. T. 

j-Vatlack, Samuel T. Lombard-st. next door to Friends' 
meeting house. 

Matthews, Elias, hatter, Smith's-alley. 

J/atthews, Hannah, dry-good-store, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

J/atthevvs, John, morocco manufacturer, 2, Cheapside. 

J^/attison, John, sail-maker, French-st. O. T. 

J/auldin &, Ford, merchants, 2, head of the basin. 

iVauro, Philip, professor of music, N. Eutaw near Sara- 

Maxcy & Hoffman, attornies at law, 20, N. Calvert-st. 

3/axcy, Virgil, esq. dwelling, Franklin near N. Charles 

JVaxwell, Adam, cordwainer, N. Paca-st. W. P. 

J/axwell, Wm. distiller, 73, M'Elderry-s wharf. In- 
forms his friends and the public that he has constantly 
on hand a supply of his own manufactured Gin. — 
Grocers and others who have not provided themselves 
with his Gin are reminded that all the purchasers of 
it, pronounce it, without exception, superior to any 
other Gin, distilled in this country. Those who are 
selling this Gin as Holland, though they may not in- 
jure its character by so doing, yet they retard its 
growing reputation, by withholding from their custo- 
mers its true distinguishing name — MaxiceWs Gin. 
Its intrinsic purity and flavour will always insure 
them a profitable and ready sale. Brandy of his own 
manufacture, little inferior to Fre^ich. Cordials and 
colouring as usual. 

J/ay, Jonas, tailor, 75, N. Howard-st. 

i/aydwell, John, constable, 36, N. Gay-st. 

iJ/ayer &. Brantz, merchants, 1, Spears wharf 

J/edairy, Jacob, dwelling. Straight lane, O. T. 

aVcdcalf, Abraham P. butcher, Dulanv-st. O. T. 


( 31 ) 

3Ieek, TliODias*, Dutch-alley. 

Meeteer, Thomas &, Sons, paper-store, 8, Baltimore-st. 

Mehany, John, bricklayer, Duke-st. O. T. 

Mehany, Matthias, chandler, 77, Waggon-alley. 

Mennes, William, painter and glazier, 238, Baltimore-st, 

Meredith, Benjamin, cutler, Water-st. dwelling, 33, S. 

Meredith and Spalding, dry-good-store, 26, N. Howard 

3Ieredith, John, boarding house, 3i, corner of Balti- 
more and N. Frederick-sts. 

Mercer, James, 1, Still-house-st. O. T.. 

Merriam, Joseph, upholsterer, 3, Light-st. 

Merriken, Joshua, hatter, Long-lane, W. P. 

Merr^'man, Wm. esq. sheriff of Baltimore county, dwel- 
ling, 2, Union-st. O. T. 

Merryman, Job, accountant, 14, Fayette-st. 

Metier, John M grocer, Baltimore-st. ext. W. P. 

Metzger, Daniel, carpenter, Carolina near Bank-st. F. P. 

Me wham, Mrs. M. boarding house, Pratt near the cor- 
ner of Hanover-st. 

^leyer, Charles, grocer, corner of Fayette and North 

Meyer, Godfrey, brass-founder, 20, Seeond-st. 

Mezick, Capt. Joshua, 30, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Mickle, Kobert, dwelling, 21, German-st. 

Middleton, Richard, dry-good store, 47, Baltimore-st. 

Middleton, Moses, mariner, 15, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Middleton, Henry, bricklayer, lower end of Fleet-st, 
F. P. 

Miles, John, cooper, Inloe's-aliey. 

Miller, Andrew, cordwainer, 31, Lexington-st. 

Miller, Cliarles, cooper, N. Paca-st. W. P. 

Miller, George, artist, 2, N. Charles-st. 

Miller, captain Robert, 116, Wolf-st. F. P. 

Miller, Lewis, blacksmith, 142, High street; dwelling, 
91, French-st. O. T. 

Miller, John, cordwainer, Addison-st. O. T. 

Miller, G. W. distiller of cordials, 13, Fish-market. 

Miller, Christopher, lace and fringe manufacturer, 64^ 
S. Charles-st. 

( 53 ; 

Miller, Charles, accountant, 34, Water-st. 

Miller, Robert, wholesale dry-good store, 186, Balti- 

Miller, John D. constable, and clerk of the Western 
Precincts market, Saratoga near Eutaw-st. 

Miller, Arthur, cordwainer, 51, South-st. 

Miller, John N. ditto, N. Gay-st. 

Millerman, George, cooper, N. Howard-st. ext. 

Mills, E. (k, W. P. tailors, .^X, N. Gay-st. 

Miltenberger, 31rb. widow, Pratt-st. near lower bridee. 

Miltenberger, A. printer and stationer, 10, N. Howard- 

Mince, Seth, painter, &<c. 23, High-st. O. T. 

Minskey, Samuel, cabinet warehouses, 54 and 61, St. 

Miskimon, Samuel, porter to the Office of Discount 
and Deposit ; dwel. upper end of Happy-alley, F. P. 

3Iitchell, Alexander, merchant, 9, Spear's -wharf • dwel 
N. Frederick-st. 

!Mitchell, Francis I. N. Charles-st. ext. 

Mitchell, William, 14, S. Charles-st. 

Mitchell, James W. dry-good-store, 49, Baltimore-st. 

Mock, Caspar, watchman, 51, High-st. O. T. 

Molier, Henry, gentleman, 22, Second-st. 

Molthrop, John, carpenter, Bath-st. 

Mondel, William, grocer, 56, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Monkur, William, 11, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Montalibor, 3Iadame, N. Eutaw-st. 

Montgomery, John, Livery stable, S. Frederick-st. 

Montgomery, John, esq attorney general, 10, N. Cal- 
vert-street; dwelling, M'Clellan'a alley. 

Montserrat, captain David, 26, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Mood, Philip, baker and grocer, 47, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Moore, John, carpenter. Mulberry-alley. 

Moore, John, ditto, Fountain-st. F. P. 

Moore, John B. ditto, King George-st. O. T. 

Moore, Samuel M. 8, S Calvert-st. 

Moore, Philip, esq. clerk of the district court, and pre- 
sident of the Franklin Bank ; office, 22, N. Calvert- 
street; dwelling, Market-st. F. P. 

( 56 ) 

i)/oore, George W. flour inspector, N. Howard-st. ext 

ilfoore, Mrs. widow, 22, N. Calvert- st. 

Jl/ordecai, Isaac, 4, Low-st. O. T. 

3/organ, Jesse, jr. flour merchant, lower end of Public- 
alley ; dwelling, Straight-lane, O. T. 

^orheiser, Philip, Franklin near HoTvard-st. 

iHforris, Jesse, hatter, Tripolet's-alley. 

itforrison &. Smith, grocers, 49, Bridge-st. O. T. 

iJforrison, Margaretta, 50, Fajette-st. 

Jliforrison, Neal, grocer, Courtland-st. 

jiforsel, John, carpenter. Sharpest. 

3fortimore, Robert, constable, Ruxton-lane. 

J^fortimore, John, cordwainer, M'Elderry-st. O. T. 

JIfoscrop, rev. Henry, dwelling, 18, Hanover-st. 

J/osho, Christiana, segar-maker, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

3full, Jacob, U. S. naval officer, dwel. Potter-st. O. T. 

3/uller, captain C. I. F. Mulberry-st. near Cathedral. 

Jl/uUer, Caspar Otto, auctioneer, corner of Pratt-street 
and O'Donnell's-wharf ; dwelling, 27, East-st. 

JlfuUer, George C. merchant, 70, S. Frederick-st. dwel. 
Albemarle-st. O. T. 

jHfuUer, Lewis, grocer, comer of Gough and Carolina- 
streets, F. P. 

Jtfulligan, Barney, shop-keeper, Water near Light-st. 

Jfulligan, Patrick, soap-boiler. Liberty-alley, O. T. 

itfuUikin, B. D. dry-good store, 192, Baltimore-st. 

JfuUikin, Benjamin H. wholesale dry-good store, 179, 

J/ullikin, Richard D. merchant; dwelling, N. Charles- 

jlifullikin, O. W. teaoher, Duke-st. O. T. 

3/ullin, Samuel, dwelling, Pearl-st. W. P. 

^/unn, Mrs. widow, 230, Baltimore-st. 

Murdock, Capt. Wm. Duke-st. O. T. 

Murphy, Capt. Isaac, Temple-alley near Great York-st. 
O. T. 

Murphy, John, constable, 27, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Murphy, Capt Johp, 6, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

ilfurdick, Thomas, cordwainer, 14 1-2 S. Charles-at 

.Sfurray, William, cordv^'ainer, Hookstown-road, W. P. 

( 57 ) 

J/uschett, Walter, dwelling, 4, Conowago-st. 
'' Jfuseum," at the Navigation store, 75, Bond-st. F. P. 
JWushberger, Eleonora, widow, S. Paca-st. 
i/uskett, John, tavern and boardino;-house corner of 
W. Wilk and Eden-sts. F. P. 

Myers, George, china-store, 102, Baltimore-st. 

Myers, Joseph, merchant-tailor, 50, N. Howard-st 

Myers, captain Nicliolas, 109, Bond-st. F. P. 

Myers, Mrs. boarding-house, I, Bank-st. 

Myers, William, stone and potter's ware, and new 
china store, 80, Dugan's -wharf. W. M. has the plea- 
sure of informing his friends, and the public gene- 
rally, that he has made arrangements, with a stone 
and earthenware manufactory, of which he will be 
constantly supplied, and sell at the manufactory 
prices : and as it is an object to country merchants, 
and others, to get all their ware put up at the same 
place, he informs them that it is the only place in this 
city where they can be supplied with china, glass, 
queen's, stone, and earthenware, at the lowest 
prices ; and from his experience in the above line, he 
can assure them that their goods will be put up in 
the best manner. 

Nabb, Perry C. tailor, 14, Fayette-st. 

Nabbs, William, cordwainer. Brandy-alley. 

Nattali, Joseph, 17, Camden-st. 

Neal, A. & F. M. Wills, blank-book and paper ware- 
house, 129, Baltimore-st. 

Neale, James G. W. 44, High-st. O. T. manufactures 
coacli-lace, fringes, silk bindings, silk watch-chains, 
curtain and lamp-tassels, ladies' cords and tassels, 
fancy cords of every kind, chineale, &c. &c. 

N. B. Merchants may have sewing-silks reeled and 
done up in the English fashion, or made into fancy- 

Needles, John, cabinet-manufacturer, opposite Indian 
Queen, Hanover-street ; dwelling, 5, German-lane. 

Neilson, James C. fancy and ironmongery store, 78, 

Kelson, Joseph, grocer, Franklin-st. W. P. 

( 58 ) 

Nelson, Mrs. 72, Sharpe-st. 

Nelson, Joseph & Son, 65, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Nelson, Joseph, carter, M'Elderry-st. O. T. 

Nenninger, John, professor of music, 20, N. Calvert-st. 

Nergney, James, drayman. Green near North-st. O. T. 

Nesbit, Robert, merchant, 73, N. Howard-st. 

Nesbit, John, grocer, 86, N. Howard-st. 

Newby, Godfrey, labourer, do. do. 

Newman, Lawson, carpenter. Milk-alley, near Pitt-st. 

Newton, Anthony, grocer, 68, Pratt-street, near Com- 

Nicholls, David, carpenter, Welcome-alley. 

Nicholls, Mrs. Barbara, German-st. 

Nicholson, John, Brandy-alley. 

Nicholson, John, broker, 22, Second-st. 

Nicholson, Christopher, boot-maker, N. Calvert-st. ext. 

Nicholson, John, cordwainer, S. Eutaw-st. 

Nicklin, P H bookseller and stationer, 202, Baltimore 
street; dwelling, ditto. 

Niles, Hezekiah, printer and publisher of the " Weekly 
Register;" dwelling. Great York-street, opposite Mr. 
Hargrove's church. 

Ninde, Isaac, grocer, 67, M'Elderry's-wharf. 

Nind, William, teacher, 16, N. Liberty-st. 

Nolten, Stephen, sugar-refiner, Addison-st. O. T. 

Norbury, George, bricklayer, Forrest-lane. 

Norman, Mrs. 1, Baltimore-st. 

Norris & Chriswell, merchants, 1, Harrison-st. 

Norris &, Morehead, dry-good store, 61, Baltimore-st. 

Norris, Edward, ladies' shoe-maker, Low near Union- 
street, O. T. 

Norris, Thomas, grocer, 3, County-wharf 

Norris, Wm- jr. tea-dealer and grocer, 66, Baltimore- 
street. • 

Norris, Nelson, hardware store, 244 1-2, Baltimore-st. 

Norris, James, sen. cordwainer. Park -lane, W. P. 

Norris, James, carpenter, ditto. 

Norris, Isaac, cooper, Dutch-alley. 

Norton, Jesse, brass-founder, 6, N. Frederick-st. 

( 59 ) 

Nowland, John, Conowago-st. 

Nowland, Dennis, dwelling, Sharpe near Lombard-st. 

Nugent, Cornelius, inn-keeper, 33, Water-st, 

O'Conner, Eugene, teacher, Market-st. F. P. 

O'Conner, Lewis, Jones-st. O. T. 

O'Connor, John, M. D. N. Charles near Conowago-st. 

O'Donnell, Barney, grocer, 55, S. Frederick-st. 

Ogden &, Caldwell's cabinet manufactory, 11, South-st. 

Ogdcn, David, cabinet-maker ; dwelling, Pleasant near 

the corner of HoUiday-st. 
Ogden, Jonathan, cabinet-maker ; dwelling, Concord- 
Okely, John, merchant, 66, Smith's wharf; dwelling, 

23, Front-st O. T. 
Oldham, Thomas, chair-maker, 70, Pratt near Com- 

merce-st. dwelling, 76, Camden st. 
Oldson, Samuel, tailor, Low-st. O. T. 
Opperman, Lewis, inn-keeper. Fish-market. 
Orchard, J. teacher of the "' Washington Free School," 
dwelling, Lerew's-alley. 

O'Rourk, Mrs. dwelling, 257, Baltimore-st. 

Orrick, John, Honey-alley, F. H. 

Osborne, Alexander, grocer, lower end of Public-alley. 

Osborn, Elizabeth, school-mistress, 130, S. Charles-st. 

Osborn, Russel, tailor, 17, Conowago-st. 

Osborn, Sarah, widow, 4, German-lane. 

Osthoff, Andrew, silversmith, 27, Tiftxington-st. 

Otten, George N. mariner, Happy-alley, F. P. 

Otto «Sc Andre, grocers, 1, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Owen, Kennedy, merchant, 58, N. Charles-st. 

Owens, William, grocer, 100, Dugan's-wharf. 

Owens, Joseph, shoe store, 63, Baltimore-st. 

Owings &, Roy, hardware store, 84, Baltimore-st, 

Owings', John, grocer, Franklin, near the corner of Pa- 
ca-st. W. P. 

Palmatary, Allen, tailor, Jones-st. O. T. 

Palmer, Edward, merchant, dwelling, 133, Hanover-st. 

Pamphilion, James, ship-carpenter. Sugar-alley, F. H. 

Papion, John, mariner, 112, Ann-st. F. P. 

Parish, John,* carpenter, upper end of Wolfe-st. F. P. 

< to ■) 

Parker, Robert, inspector of fish, S. Howatd-st. ^ 

Parker, Thomas, merchant, 86, Bowley's-wharf. 

Parker, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9, W. Allisann-st. F. P. 

Parks, John, sen. gentleman, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Parrot, Richard, sail-maker, loft, Price's-wharf, dwel. 
E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Parsons, John, ship-carpenter, Busy-alley. F. P. 

Parsons, John, accountant Commercial and Farmers' 
Bank, 74, T^. Liberty-st. 

Parsons, William, ship-builder. 81, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Patterson, John, woollen-draper, men'e-mcrcer, and tai- 
lor, 22, South-sL (successor to Mr. Richard Benson), 
keeps a constant and extensive supply of the first 
quality London cloths, cassimeres, and vest-shapes, 
with every other article for gentlemen's apparel, 
which he makes up in the most fashionable style, 
with punctuality and despatch. N. B. He still re- 
tains the mieasures of gentlemen residing in the coun- 
try, former customers of Mr. Benson, where clothes 
will be forwarded, as usual, according, to order. 

Patterson, Robert, merchant, dwelling, 10, South-st. 

Patterson, Wm. cordwainer, 22, Pratt-st. 

Patterson, A. inn-keeper, Baltimore-st. ext. W. P. 

Patterson, Richard, grocer, Camden, near Charles-st. 

Patterson, Mrs. N. Charles-st. 

Patrick, Samuel C. merchant, dwelling, 3, Granby-st. 

• O. T. 

Paul, Catherine, umbrella manufacturer, 217, Balti- 

Paul, Thomas, last-maker, 110, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Pawley, James, china-store, 96, K. Howard-st. 

Pawley, John, carpenter, 46, S. Howard-st. 

Pay son, Henry, merchant, 15, Bowley's-wharf, dwel. 

Peal, John, cordwainer, 29, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Pease, Christopher, cooper, 10, Ruxton-lane. 

Peck, Henry, shoe store, 229 1-2, Baltimore-st. 

Peirce, Humphrey, merchant, 1, N. Charles-st. 

Pendleton, Edmund, attorney at law, St. Paul's-lane. 
dwelling, 22, Lombard-st. 

i 6i ) 

PenulngtoE, Eliza W. grocer, 26, Conowago st. 
Pentz, Henry, junr. butcher, Pitt-st. conliiiued, O. T. 
Pentz, Joseph, do. do. do. 

Pentz, Jacob, do. 52, Green-st, do. 

Pepper, Francis, painter and g'.azier, Park-lane, W. P. 
Pepple, Peter, painter and glazier. Strawberry-alley. 
Perkins, Thos. blacksmitli, shop, Lower-bridge, O. T. 
Perkins, Carrington, & co. merchants. 03, Srnitii's-wharf. 
Perkins, John, dry -good store, 25 1-2, Baltimore st. 

dwelling, 35, N. Frederick- st. 
Perry, Jeremiah, tailor, 1, Thames-st. F. P. 
Petherbridge, John C. cabinet-maker, 2, Granby-st 

O. T. 
Peters, C. Gotlieb, merchant-tailor, 2, Market-st. and 

9, County-wharf, F. P. 
Peters, Daniel, tin-plate worker, 3, S. Frederick-st. 
Peters, Thomas, distiller, 6, V/ood-st. BowleyVwharf. 
Peters, Ccnrad, bricklayer, Chamberlain'S-allej'. 
Petit, Peter, plasterer, Sharpc, near Hill-st. 
Pliillips, Richard, painter and picture-frame maker. 

shop, Bank-st. dwelling, 25, S. Calvert-st. 
Phillips, George, cordwainer, 3, George-st. F. P. 
"i-hillips, Charles, do. Mulbeny-alley. 
Phillips, Isaac, &- co. provision packers, and soap and 

candle manufacturers, S. W. corner of Fayette and 

Paca-sts. W. P. 
Picket, Jehu, carpenter, North-st. O. T. 
Pickett, Levy, tailor, Vuican-alle3\ 
Pierce, John, inn-keeper, &^ Market-st. F. P. 
Pierson, Daniel, cordwainer, 5, Pearl-st. (meadow). 
Pierson, Joseph, hatter, Smith-s-alley. 
'' Pilot Stage office,' for Philadelphia and New York, 

Hanover, near Baltimore-st. 
Pindell, Richard, constable, 179, Bond-st. F. P. 
Pindell, Charles, M'Elderry's-st. O. T. 
Pinkney, Hon. Wm. esq. late minister from the V. S. 

at tlie court of Great Britain, dwelling, 106, corner 

of Hanover and Conway-sts. 
I'inkney, Jonathan, junr. accountant, Bank of Balti- 
more, dwelling, Plcasant-st. 


( 62 ) 

Pinney, Peter, paper-hanger, Goodman-st. foot of F. H. 

Piper, Philip, accountant, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Pitt, Thomas, hatter. Great York-st. O. T. 

Pleasant, John P. merchant, 10, S. Charles-st. coal- 
yard, head of the basin, dwelling, Pleasant-st. 

Plummer, Joseph P. grocer, 59, County-wharf 

Poe, David, gentleman, Park-lane, W. P. 

Pontier, Anthony, perfumery and fancy-store, 78 1-2, 

Poor, George, dry-good store, 118, Bond-st. F. P. 

Poor, captain Samuel, . corner of Granby and King 
George-sts. O. T. 

Poor, Moses, wholesale dry-good merchant, 4, S. Cal- 
vert- st. 

Popp, Charles F. cordwainer, 68, Waggon-alley. 

Poppleton, T. H. practical land surveyor, N. Howard, 
near Franklin-st. 

Porter &, Adams, tin-plate manufactory, 25, and 26, 
Korth-st. O. T. 

Porter, Michael, bricklayer, Pratt, near the corner of 
S. Howard-st. 

Potee, Francis, shingle dresser. Busy-alley. F. H. 

Poteet, Jesse, grocer, 65, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Potts, John L. Hour-merchant, 1, S. Liberty-st. 

Potts, Mrs. Joanna, ^^Where gentlemen and ladies 
may have their ''Fortunes" told!! 3, Peace-alley, 
near S. Charles-st. 

Pouder, Leonard, carpenter, back of 95, N. Howard-st. 

Powell, Thomas, pilot, 66, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Powell, Patrick, teacher, New-lane, W. P. 

Powel, Wm. plasterer, 12, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Prentiss <Sc Carter, merchants, 13, Bowley's-wharf 

Pi-esbury, G. G. (the 3d.) dry-good-store, 135 1-2, Bal- 

Preston, Wm. cedar-cooper, 69, N. Howard-st. 

Presstman, George, merchant, head of the basin, dwel. 
Lombard -St. 

Price & Grimes, grocers, at the intersection of Bridge. 
Union, and Harford-sts. O. T. 

Price, Thomas, ship-carpenter, Wolfe-st. F. P 

( 63 ) 

Price & WatsoD, lumber-merchants, Buchanan's-wliarf. 
Pringle, Mark Udny, copper warehouse, 2, S. Liberty- 

st. dwelling, Conowago-st. 
Prints, Caspar, hatter, 5, George-st. F. P. 
Procter, Izak, <Sc co. hardware store, 21 i, Baltimore-st 
Prcebsting, Theodore C. English and German goods, 

260, Baltimore-st. 
Pumphrey, Ebenezer, grocer, 89, Pratt-st. 
Purden, S. milliner, 6, Harrison-st. 
Pyke, Abraham, tobacco manufacturer, 18, N. IIo- 

ward-st. dwelling, 26, N. Liberty-st. 
Quail, Robert, oak-cooper, 12, Public-alley. 
Q,uay, Wm. ship-carpenter, Ann-st. F. P. 
duandrill. Miss Amelia, milliner, 222, Baltimore-st. 
Raborg, John, mariner, S. Howard near Camden-st- 
Raborg, Samuel, liquor store, 23, Water-st. 
Raborg, Christopher, junr. dwelling, 24, South-st. 
Ramsay, James, grocer, 11, Green-st. O. T. 
Randall, John, merchant, 95, Bowley's-wharf, dwel. 

Randall, James, carpenter, S. Eutaw-st. 
Rapp, Mrs. Elizabeth, 63, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Ratcliife, Richard, cordwainer, Barre-st. 
Raven, Thomas, ship-carpenter, 31, E. Fleet- st. F. P. 
Ray, Miles, sail-maker, loft, Stiles's-wharf, dwelling, 

15, Pitt-st. F. P. 
Re a, Amos, cooper, Lee-st. 

Ready, Wm. house-carpenter, Brioy-alley, F. H. 
Ready, John, ditto. 42, N. Charles-st. 

Reardon, captain Richard, E. Fleet-st. near Happy- 
alley, F. P. 
Redman, John, bricklayer, 11, Pratt-st. 
Redgrave &, Miles, grocers, 62, N. Gay-st. 
Reed Sc M'Cool, cut-nail manufactory, Pratt-st. near 

the new bridge. 
Reese, Thomas L. grocer, 48, S. Calvert-st. 
Reese, David, teacher, back of 81, Hanover-st. 
Reese, John, merchant, 62, N. Howard-st. 
Reeves, John, pilot, Ann-st. F. P. 
Reily, John, grocer, 81, Harford-st. O. T. 
Reilly, Patrick, grocer, 71, Pratt-st. 

( 64 > 

Reinicker, Mrs. (widow of Conrad), 12, N. Libert v-st. 

Reip, Henry, {successor to 3Ir. Johnson), 188, Balti- 
more-f-t. uouble-block tin and japanned ware manu- 
facturer. Patent and new improved ovens, boilers, 
steam-kettles, fancy-lights, <*Lc. 

Reisingei*, George, cordwainer, Forrest-lane. 

Reiter, Wm. L. baker, 23, Market- st. F. P. 

Repold, Mrs. dwelling, Chatham-st. next U. Bank el' 

Retlcker, Adam, sen. grocer, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. 

Reticker, Jacob, grocer^ Dugan's-Miarf. 

Reubei!, Jolxn James, dwelling, N. Eutaw, noar Lex- 

Reynolds, Isaac & James, merchants, 255, Baltimore-st. 

RicauJ, Benjamin, merchant, 2, Bowley's-wharf, dwel. 
Franklin, near N. Charles-st. 

Rice, Wm. coach-maker, Queen-st. O. T. 

Pi.ichard, Francis, gent. Forrest-lane, near Conowago-st. 

Richards, Paul, grocer, Thames-st. F. P. 

Richards, Button, blacksmith, 4, Granby-st. O. T. 

Richards, John C. wholesale dry-good-store, 203, Bal- 
timore-st. dwelling, Conowago-st. 

Richardson, N. painter and glazier, 28, Light-st. 

Ricketts, Hugh, porter at the Commercial and Far 
mers' Bank, 78, Saratoga-st. 

Rickey, Wm. bricklayer, 59, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Riodell, Mrs. Judith, Pleasant-st. 

Rider, A.rthur, brass-founder, 144, Baltimore-st. 

Ridgely, Noah, 98, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Family Medicines, so highly approved of for ten 
years and upwards, continue to be faithfully prepared 
and sold, by the proprietors, 98, Pitt-st. Warner and 
Hanna, corner of Gay and Market-sts. A. Miltenber- 
ger, at tlie sign of Franklin's head, 10, N. floward-st. 
John and Thomas Vance, 178, Market-st, and N. 
Knight, 23, Fell-st. F. P. 

lyJiolesale Terms. A deduction of 33 1-3, per cent, 
from the retail prices, will be made on all purchases 
not less than fifteen dollars. Purchasers to the 

( 65 ) 

amount of twenty dollars, will be furnished with a 

set of elegant window-bills. ^^ Orders from any 
• part of the United States or territories, (accompanied 

with the cash or negotiable paper), promptly and 

carefully attended to. 

Michl. Lee, &, co. 98, Pitt-st. 
Ridgely, Rebecca, 76, N. Charles-st. , 
Ridgely, Nicholas, 21, S. Howard-st. 
Ridgely, Lott, 15, Baltimore-st. 

Ridgely, Nicholas O. dry-good-store, 19, Baltimore-st. 
Ridgely, Eliza, Vulcan-alley. 
Rigby, James I. tailor, St, Bond-st. F. P. 
Rigby, Macy, (widow), 15, corner of Bond and Wilk- 

sts. F. P. 
Riggen, Israel, ship-carpenter, York-st. F. H. 
Riggs, George W. jewellery and fanay store, 7i, Bal 

Righter, J. dwelling, 91, Baltimore-st. 
Riley, Stephen, tailor. Orange or Lavely's-alley. 
Ring, George, mason. Mulberry-alley. 
Ringgold, Mrs. boarding-house, 49, Baltimore-st. 
Ritter, Ezekiel, blacksmith, N. Howard-st. 
Roberts, John & James, merchants, Sharpe-st. 
Robertson, Mrs. (widow), corner of S. Eutaw and Lom- 

Robinson, B. H. broker, Commerce-st. 
Rabinson, Andrew, cordwainer, Holliday-st. 
Robinson, Mrs. (widow of capt. Wm.) 12, Granby-st. 

O. T. 
Robinson, Robert, carpenter, 75, Granby-st. O. T. 
Robinson, James, (col. man), comb-maker, 44, Bond-st* 

F P. 
Robinson, Abraham, chair-maker, Biddle-st. W. P. 
Robinson, Thomas, grocer, Pratt- st. near Spears-whar£ 
Robinson, Jehu, house-carpenter, 17, Banli-st. 
Robinson, John, chair-maker, 3, Second-st. 
Robinson, Wm. stage-driver, 3G, German-st. 
Robinson, Joseph, printer, stationer, and state Iciterr- 

office, 96, Baltimore-st. 

F o 

( 66^ > 

Kobinson, Thomas &- Samuel, dry-geod store, 133, Bat- 

HobiiisoR, Wm. carpenter, 6C, 
Roche, Joseph, constable, 51, Harrison-st. 
Roche, Alexander, grocer, 179, E. Allisanna-st. F. P: 
Roche, John, do. 17, W. do. do. 

Roche, John, junr. constable, 45, W. Bank-st. do. 
Roche, John P. sen. weaver, 19, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Roddy, James, tailor, 21, Water-st. 
Rodemejer, George, grocer, York-road, E. P. 
Rodhe, V/m. inn-keeper, 26, S. Howard-st. 
Rogers, Thomas, cork-cutter, 53, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Rogers & Owings, merchants, 86, Bowlej's-wharf. 
Rogers, Mrs. genteel-boarding-hou&e, St. PaulVlane. 
Rhodes, Benjamin, clothier, 19, Market-space. 
Rone, Luke, butcher. Liberty-alley, O. T. 
Ronk, John, fislierman, 28, Granby-st. do. 
Hookers, Miss, English seminary, corner of Pratt and 

Rose, George, cordwainer, Chamberlain's-alley. 
Rose, John D. cordwainer, 1, Pearl-st. (meadow). 
Roseberry, Wm. grocer, 79, M'Elderry's-wharf. 
Rostman, Peter, liquor-store, 120, Bond-st. F. P. 
Rothrock, Jacob, tin-plate-worker, Forrest-gt. near hay - 

scales, O. T. 
R^othrock^ Philip, cooper, S. Eutaw-st. 
Rothrock, John, tin-piate-worker, 243, Baltimore-st. 
Rousseau, Peter, grocer, M'Elderry's-wharf. 
Rousseau, Mrs. De I/a Gauterie, Green-st. W. P. 
Rouss, James, bricklayer, Carohna, near Gough-st. 

F- P. 
Houx, Joseph Roque, confectioner, 92, Bond-st. F. P. 
Rowe, John K. house carpenter, 89, corner of Camden 

and Hanover-sts. 
Bowles, Rezin, Revenue-officer, King George-st. near 

the Circus, O. T. 
Ruckle, John, grocer, 195, Baltimore-st. dwelling, do. 
Ru.lenstein, John, bacon store, 44, Light-st. 
Rudolph, Ferdinand, tailor, 40, Market-space. 
Rumnev, Robert, painter and glacier, 66, Front-st 

O. T. 

C 67 > 

Russel, Alexander, brick-maker, §8, Lee-st. 

Russel, Thomas, attorney at law, 8, Cliatliam-st. 

Russell, Samuel, grocer, 83, M'Elderry's-wharf. 

Ruth, Mrs. Charlotte, boarding-house. Orange oi 

Rutledge, Ann, brush-manufacturer, 80, N. Howard-st. 

Rutton, Peter, rigger, 110, Ann-st. F. P. 

Rutcer, Jolm, labourer, Biddle-st. W. P. 

Rutter, Cassandra, liquor-store. Fish-market. 

Ruyderman, Diederick, grocer, lower end Hanover-st. 

Ryan, Thomas, Jerusalem coffee-house, 24, N. Gay-st 

Ryan, Amos, bricklayer, 34, Granby-st, O. T. 

Sadtler, Phihp B. watch-maker and jeweller, 166, Balti- 

Sadtler &, Neuhaus, sugar-refiners, next door of ditto. 

Saggeser, George, turner, 8, High-st. O. T. 

Salenave, Bernard, merchant, 40, Chatham-st, ship- 
yard, foot of Fed. hill. 

Salenave, James, 89, Harford-st. O. T. 

Salge, Conrad, porter, Light-st. 

Saltonstall, Nathaniel, merchant, 81, Bowley's-wharf. 

Sanders, Elisba, board, house, 73, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Sanders, John V. baker, Bridge-st. est O. T. 

Sanders, Samuel, dwelling. Mulberry-street, near the 

San' erson, Francis, copper-smith, Baltimore-st. extend 
W. P. 

Sanderson, Michael, gentleman, dwelling, Bernard near 
N. Charles-st. 

Sands, Benjamin, brick-layer, 66, N. Liberty-st. 

Sands, Robert, dwelling, 6, Conowago-st. 

Sands, John, merchant tailor, 7, South-st. begs leave 
to inform the public that he has now on hand, and 
will constantly keep a large assortment of seasonable 
goods ; and hopes, by the most assiduous attention to 
business, to merit and receive a portion of public pa- 

Sanger, captain Seth, Fayette-st. ext. W. P. 

Sanky, William, carpenter, 8, Lexington-st, 

Saunders, Jabez, maricer, Happy-alley ,^ near Allisanna- 
street, F. R 

( 68 ) 

Savage, Peter, tallow-chandler, N. Charles-ai. 

Sajre, John B. Harrison-st. 

Scachi, Francis, picture and looking-glass store, 51, N. 

Scharfe, William, drayman, Lombard, near the corner 
of S. Howard-st. 

Schartal, Martha, widow, 1, Lexington-st. 

Schleich, George, baker, 1, North-st. 

Schoeffer, Christian, cordwainer, 13, Lexington-st. 

Schojer, Abraham, grocer, 123, Bond-st. F. P. 

Schreiber, Mrs. widow, Lovely-lane. 

Schroeder, William, dry good store, 184, comer of 
Baltimore and Charles-sts. 

Schroeder, Henry, jr. mercht. dwel. 54, N. Charles-st. 

Schultze & Vogeler, merchants, 45, S. Gay-st. 

Schultze, Ernest J. merchant, 124, Hanover-st. 

Schultz, Conrad, English and German goods, 248, 

Schumack, Stephen, white-smith, corner of S. Charles- 
street and Primrose-alley. 

Schweitzer, Philip, confectioner, Front-st. O. T. 

Scott, William & Henry, dry-good store, 213, Balti- 

Scott, Maria, boarding-house, Hawke-st. 

Scott, John, jr. attorney at law, St. Paul's-lane. 

Scott, Abraham, carpenter, 48, N. Frederick-st. 

Scroggs, Frances, dwelling, 30, Hanover-st. 

Sears Mrs. 22, Hanover-st. 

Seaver, William, grocer, Lexington-st. New-market 
W. P. 

Seekamp, Mrs. widow, Paca near Franklin-st. W. P. 

Seesnup, Adam, jr. porter, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Sellers, Abraham, merchant tailor, 11, S. Calvert-st. 

Sergeant, Allen, cordwainer, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Sergeant, Samuel, grocer, 65, N. Gay-st. 

Sergent, Thos. F. keeper of the *' Intelligence-office>'' 
11, Chatham-st. 

Server, captain Henry, 14, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Server, John, cordwainer, French near East-st. G. T. 

Setton, Robert, High near Bridge-st. O. T. 

( 6^ ; 

Sewell, James H. dry-good store, 43, Baltimore st. 

Sexton, Charles, cordwainer, 57, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

^' Shamrockj" office, 238, Baltimore-st. 

Shane, Joseph, &, co. oil and paint store, 19, Cheapside, 
dwelling, 50, Granby-st. O. T. 

Shaneman, Abraham, Green-st. W. P. 

Shanley, James, teacher of languages, 87, Sharpe-st. 

Share, Joseph, brass-founder: shop, lower end George- 
st. dwelling, Ann near Fleet-st. F. P. 

Shai'key, Anthony, carter, 42, Lexington-st. 

Shaw, Samuel, carpenter, Chamberlain's-alley. 

Shaw, Francis, tailor, S. Charles-st. 

Shearer, George, carpenter, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Sheeler, John, teacher, 26, N. Fredcrick-st. 

Shetfield, Frederick, blacksmith 57, Petticoat-alley, 
F. P. 

Sheppard, Philip, cordwainer, 29, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Sheppard, James, tailor, 62, Harrison-st, 

Sheppard k. M'Conky, flour merchants, 2, Spear's-v?f, 

Sheridine, John, hack-driver, 113, Green-st. O. T. 

Sherlock, Peter, owner of carts, Bath-st. 

Sherm &. Dillon, boot-makers, 158, Baltimore-street, 
execute promptly and in the best style all orders in 
their line of business. ^^ Country merchants sup- 
plied on the usual terms. 

Sherm, John, dwelling, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Sherwood, Philip, ship-carpenter, 45, W. Bank-st. F. P. 

Shidle, George, oak-cooper, Paca-st. near the Riding- 
school, and dwelling, Fayette-st. ext. W. P. 

Shields, William, boot-mak. 58, Pratt-st. near Spear's 

Shipley, William, jr. Pearl near Fayette-st. ext. W. P. 

Shipley & Janney, lumber yierch. head of the Basin. 

Shissell, William, store-keeper, Dutch-alley. 

Shock, Mrs. 8, Ruxton-lane. 

Shock, George, biscuit-baker, E. Lancaster near Wolfe 

street, F. P. 
Shoemaker, Helmer, sugar-refiner. Peace-alley. 
Shortt, John, Mineral-water warehouses, 3, Second-gt, 
and 14, N. Frederick-st. 

( 7a ) 

Shrouder, captain William, 24, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Shryack, George, tin-plate worker, North-st. O. T. 
Shutt, Augustus, sugar-refiner, comer of Green and 

North-sts. O. T. 
Shyerman, John, brush-niaker, Carolina-st. F. P. 
Silvias, Francisy board, house, 6, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Simkins &, Caldwell, Washington Lotterj^-office, S. W- 

corner of Baltimore and South-sts. 
Simmons, Peter, mariner, 89, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Simmons, Cephas, dry-good store, 39, Market-st. F. P. 
Simonson, John, chair-maker, 58, Light-st. 
Simpson, Walter, gentleman, 91, Pratt-st. 
Simpson, John, house-carpenter, Pleasant-st. 
Simpson, William, grocer, N. Paca, corner of Mulber- 

ry-st. W. P. 
Sinclair, John, architect, 43, Pratt-st. 
Sinclair, James, blacksmith, N. Liberty-st. dwelling, 

7, Fayette-st. 
Sinners, E. R. inn-keeper, 2, Water-st. 
Sipe, Michael, blacksmith, Strawberry-alley. 
Slappy, Jacob, carpenter, Green-st, W. P. 
Slater, William, dwelling, 84, Baltimore-st. 
Slater, James, cordwainer, 74, Waggon-alley. 
Slingluff (St Fahnestock, merchants, 15, N. Howard-gt. 
Slee &L Spicer, grocers, 33, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Sleeper, John, livery-stable, 21, N. Frederick- st. 
Sloan, James, boot-maker, 2, S. Calvert-st. dwelling, 

North ditto. 
Small, John, baker, Ruxton-lane. 
Small, Jane, grocer, 20, Pratt-st. near Cumberland- 
Smeckpeper, J. R. billiard-keeper, dwelling, 151, Bal- 

Smick, Mrs. 49, S. Liberty-st. 
Smith, hon. Robert, esq. dwelling, 54, Pratt, between 

Sharpe and Hanover-sts. 
Smith, George, &, co. China-store, 190 1-2 Baltimore-st. 
Smith, Mrs. Cowpen-alley. 

Smith, George, carver and gilder, 174, Baltimore-st. 
^rnith, Cyrus, tailor, York-st. F. H., 

( ^1 ) 

Smith, Mrs. milliner, 14, N. Liberty-st. 
Smith, Dormaii, cooper, Waggon-alley. 
Smitli, Ralph, jr. merchant, Bowley's-wharf, dwelling, 

52, N. Chailes-st. 
Smith, John, baker, 76, S. Eutaw-st. 
Smith, Nicholas, cordwainer, corner of N. Eutaw-ft. 

and Waggon-alley. 
Smith, Caspar, hat-manufacturer, 146, Baltimore st. 
Smith, Samuel S. horse-feed, 41, N. Howard-st. dwel. 

32, German-st. 
Smith, John, mill-stone maker, Morris-st. W. P. 
Smith, Samuel R. merchant, head of the Basin, dwel. 

23, Pratt-st. 
Smith, John, boarding-house, 55, South-st. 
Smith, Jacob, jr. sugar-refiner, Hookstown-road, W. P. 
Smith, Lewis, boarding-liouse, 10, Pratt-st. 
Smith, Moses G. New-lane, W. P. 
Smith, Jane, widow. Franklin-lane. 
Smith, Joseph, tailor, North-st. 
Smith, Job J. block-maker, 40, George-st. dwel. 123, 

Wolfe-st F. P. 
Smith &, Ramsay, blacksmiths, lower end of George-st. 

F. P. 
Smith, John, blacksmith, dwelling, 7, Fell-st. F. P. 
Smith, J. A. Spanish segar manufacturer, 9, Market-st. 

F. P. 
Smith, Christian, block-maker, Bond near Wilk-street, 

F. P. 
Smith, Mrs. (widow of the late Thorowgood), Granby 

near Ploughman- st. O. T. 
Smith. John, cordwainer, Pitt-st. ext. O. T. 
♦Smith, Nicholas, grocer, 51, Bridge-st. O. T. 
♦Smith &. Reaney, tobacco manufacturers, 71, Bridge-st. 

extended, O. T. 
♦Smith, Jacob G. 78, N. Charles-st. 
5mith, William, ship-carpenter, dwel. S. Frederick- 
iSmyth, Samuel, dwelling, N. Paca-st. W. P. 
♦Snyder, Charles, dwelling, 31, S. Liberty-st. 
♦Snow, Zedekiah, 73, N. Liberty-st. 

( 72 ) 

Solomon, Mrs. (widow of Elkin), Fittest. O. T. 
Somervill, Mrs. Ann, Hanover-st. 
Soulsby, Matthew, grocer, 8, York-st. F. H. 
Soutncomb, captain Piununer, 27, E. Allisanna-st. F. V. 
Southward, captain Wilham, Straight-lane, O. T. 
Soward, Elisha, boarding-house, 3, Lemmon-st. 
Sower, B. W. & co. printers, (generally), 12, Light-st, 
Spangler, Isaac, blacksmith, corner of N. Liberty and 

Fayette-sts. dwelling, Vulcan-allej'. 
Spear, captain Wm. 62, Market-st. F. P. 
iSpence, Catherine, corner of Prihlic-alley and Water-st. 
>S'pencer, Abel, jr. last-maker, 48, N. Gay-st. 
/Spencer, Sarah, (widow), 91, Bond-st. F. P. 
/Spicknall, John, commission-mercht. 96, S. Charles-st. 
<Spilman, Peter, merchant, dwelling, Conway, near 

»Spilman, James, dry-good-store, 51, Baltimore-st. 
•Sprague, Jeremiah, painter and glazier, 6, Shakes- 
pear -st. F. P. 
>Sprague, Cliarles, ship and sign painter, 3, Pitt-st. F. P. 

and stamped carpet manufactory, Albemarle and 

Granby-sts. O. T. 
*S'prole, John L. tin-man, 48, N. Frederick-st. 
*S'tahl, Jacob, watchman, Pratt-st. near lower bridge. 
.Stall, Edward H. & co. druggists, 27, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Stall, Joseph, cooper, 56, Lexington-st. 
Stallings, Benjamin, inn keeper, 28, Baltimore-st. 
Stansbury, Darius, carpenter, Low-st. O. T. 
Stansbury, Thomas, accountant, dwelling, Union, near 

French-st. O. T. 
jStarr, George, cooper, Busy-alley, F. H. 
iS'tayler, Wm. carpenter, Chamberlain's-alley. 
-Steel, James, silversmith, 124, Baltimore-st. 
iSteever, Mrs. E. milliner, 10, Harrison-st. 
Steinmetz, Gabriel, lieut. of the watch, Mulberry-alley. 
iStegler, John, labourer, New-church-st. 
iSterett, Benjamin, merchant, dwelling, N. Paca-st. 
Steuart, Robert St. John, stone-cutter, Duke-st. O. T. 
Stevenson, John, accountant, Mulberry, near Paca-st, 

W. P. 

( 73 ) 

iStevenson, Satcr, stone-mason, Courtland-st. 
(S'tevenson, Josias, gentleman, 45, Front-st. O. T. 
♦Stevens, Timothy, carpenter, Pitt-st. O. T. 
/Stewart, John, Higli, between Bridge and Ncrth-sts. 

O. T. - 

Sftewart, John, carman. Green, near Frencli-st. O. T. 
Stewart, James, Duke-st. do. 

(Stewart, Thomas, bricklayer. Liberty-alley, do. 

Stewart, David, secretary Marine Insurance Companv, 

S. Gay-st. 
Stewart, Adam, piano-forte manufact. 8, N. Charles-st. 
Stewart, Montgomery, & co. merchants, 4, Sharpe-st. 
Stewart, Thomas, boot-maker, Mulberr^'-alley. 
Stewart, John, carpenter, S. liovvard-st. 
Stewart, Joseph, saddler, Hookstown-road, W. P. 
Stewart, John, giin-smith, dwelling, 
Stewart, James, grocer, corner of Conowago and Li- 

Stickney, John, varnish and paint manufacturer, Wolfe- 

st. dwelling, Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Stickney, Henrj', dwel. Queen, near Granby-st. O. T. 
Stiff, Thomas, inn-keeper, 22, Fayette-st. 
Stilley, captain Isaac, 8, Great York-st. O. T. 
Stiles <Sl Williams, tea-dealers and grocers, 85, corner 

of Baltimore and South-sts. 
Stine, George, inn-keeper, corner of Franklin and !N. 

Stinnecke, Mrs. milliner, 127, Baltimore-st. 
Stith, Mrs. 123, Hanover-st. 
St. John, Harvey, cooper, Lombard-st. 
St. Macary, dwelling. Mulberry, near N. Howard-st. 
Stockett, Barbara, milliner, 47, Bond-st. F. P. 
Stocker &, Jones, coopers, M'Clure's-wharf. 
Stocker, Jesse, cooper, 36, North-st. 
Stocker, Elijah, do. Mulberry-alley. 
Stockton, Richard C. proprietor and agent of the 

Philadelphia and Annapolis " Pilot" line of Stages, 2, 

Hanover, near Baltimore-st. 
Stone, James, jr. £v co. dry-good store, 101, Baltimore- 

( 74 ) 

Stoops, /Sarah, teacher, Caraden-st. 

Story, Robert, stage owner, 2, Still-house- st. O. T. 

Stouifer, John &. Jacob, flour-merchants and grocers, 

25, N. Howard-st. 
Stout, George, blacksmith. Union, near French-st. 

O. T. 
Strieker, John, merchant, 4, Bowley's-wharf. 
Striscka, Joseph A. china and glass-ware store, 221, 

Baltimore-st. dwelling, 5, Cider-alley. 
Strobel, John P. porter-cellar, under Pamphilion's ho- 
tel, dwelling, 43, Bond-st. F. P. 
Struthoff, Barney, baker, 39, Green-st. O. T. 
Stuart, Richardson, nail-manufactory, and dwel. S. W, 

corner of Conowago-st, and Vulcan-avenue. 
Stump, Samuel, merchant, dwelling, 117, Hanover-st. 
Sullivan, John, tailor, 46. S. Calvert-st. 
Summers, Andrew, cordwainer, M'Elderry-st. O. T. 
Summers & Yager, shoe-store, 59, Baltimore-st. 
Summers, Jacob, 21, Fayette-st. 
Summervill, Richard, grocer, 57, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Sumwalt, George B. carpenter, Welcome- alley. 
Sumwalt, Philip, brickmaker, Dulany-st. F. P. 
Sumwalt, Jacob, hatter, 36, North-st. O. T. 
Sumwalt, Frederick, superintendant of the pumps, 60, 

;N. Liberty-st. 
Sumwalt, George, wood-corder, 26, Welcome-alley. 
Sumwalt, Godfrey, brickmaker, corner of Montgomery 

and Goodman-sts. 
" Sun" office, K. E. corner of Water and South-sts. 
Suter, Henry, turner (in general). East side of Jone's 

Falls, opposite Fish-market. 
Sutherland, John, dwelling, Pleasant-st. 
Sutkopf, Charles, cordv;ainer, Franklin-st. 
Sweeny, Richard, chair-maker, Harford-st. O. T. 
Swem, William, grocer, Frankhn-st. 
Swcrmstedt, James, stevedore, 102, Bond-st. F. P. 
Sylvester, captain Samuel, Straight-lane, near Pitt-st. 

^O. T. 

Symington, James, stone-cutter, 5, Bank-st. 
Taggart, John, 38, Sharpest. 



Talbott, Jesse, apothecary and druggist, 189, Baltimore, 

corner of Hanover-st, 
Talbott, John, tailor, 40, N. Gay-st. 
Talbott, Edward, grocer, 56, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Taliaferro, W. (Sc L. Griffith, silk, cotton, linen, and 
woollen dyers, corner of Granby and Prince-sts. O. T. 
Tarring, Wm. painter and glazier. Chapel-alley. . 

Tatum, Joseph I. brush-maker, Pearl, near Fayette-st. Y 

ext. W. P. 
Tapiau, Mons. keeper of the French coftee-house, 4, S. 

Taylor, M. tailor, 60, Cumberland-row. 
Taylor, Aquila, cordwainer. Liberty-alley, O. T. 
Taylor, Matt'.ew, grocer, 91, Harford-st. do. 
Taylor, Levin, grocer, 63, E. F. P. 
Taylor, Elisha, mariner, 7, ditto, do. 

Taylor, Samuel, ship-compass and electrical-machine 

maker, 74, Bond-st. F. P. 
Taylor, Robert, cooper, Smith's-wharf, and dwelling, 

55, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Taylor, Hezekiah, tailor, Straight-lane, O. T. 
Taylor, Thomas, varnish-maker, Pitt-st. do. 
Taylor &i M'Neal, owners of scows, 53, Smith's-wliarf. 
Taylor, James, M. D. 80, Sharpe-st. 
Taylor, Jonathan, tailor, N. Libert^'-st. 
Tavlor, Thomas, brickmaker, 21, S. Howard-st. 
Taylor, Wm W. merchant, 269, Baltimove-st. dwel. 

S. Eutaw-st. 
Taylor &- Good rick, coopers, 56, Pratt-st. near Smith's- 
Tayloi% Thomas, livery-stable, 5, Patterson-st. near 

Taylor, John B. cabinet-maker, 32, Water-st. 
Taylor, Jame.-, liatter, 13, ^evv-cjiurch-st. 
Taylor, James, tailor, Forrest-lane. 
Teal, Archibald, blacksmith, 91, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Telle, Gerard, blacksmith, Lee-st. near the Basin. 
Telfair, Stephen, stevedore. 5, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Terme &, Delmas,' grocers, 182, Baltimore-st. 
Theker, Walter, pointer and glazier, Second-st. near 

Tiiomac, II. accountant, Commercial and Farmerfe' 
Bank, 56, N. Howard-st. 

Thomas, D. L. &, co. sugar-refiners, store, comer of 
Water and Commerce-sis. refinery, North-st. O. T. 

Thomas, D. L, dwelling, Korth, between High and 
Green-sts. O. T. 

Thomas, Lambert, cabinet-maker, 35, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Thomas, Mrs. boarding-house. Water, near South-st. 

Thomas, Wm. cooper, corn, of Pratt and S. lioward-st. 

Thomas, Isaac, do. do. do. 

Thomas, John, merchant, 206, Baltimore-st. 

Thomas, P. E. &- George, hardware store, 196, Balti- 

Thomas, Luke, dwelling, New-church-st. 

Thompson, Alexander, constable, S. Howard-st, 

Thompson, Barney, cooper, Light-st. 

Thompson, John, grocer, 69, JNPElderry's-wharf. 

Thompson, captain Alexander, E. AUisanna-st, F. P. 

Thompson, Sarah, 25, Bond-st. do. 

Thompson, Mrs. (widow), corner of Bernard and North 

Thompson, Alexander, honse-carpt. N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Thompson, John, & co. merchants, 24-, Second-st. 

Thornton, Seagood, mariner. Star-alley, F. P. 

Thorps, Wm. bricklayer, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Tonge, Walter J. accountant. Low, near Union-st. O. T. 

Torrance, Charles, jr. dry-good-store, 21, Baltimore-st. 
dwelling, 20, ISf. Frcderick-st. 

Tierlin, Ciiarles, professor of Belles-lettres, corner of 

5. Calve rt-st. and Lovely-lane. 

Tilyard, Philip &c Wm. sign and ornamental painters, 

6, N. Charles-st. dwelling, 3, Saratoga-st. 

Timon, James, trader, upper end of N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Toelle, Frederick, M. D. 21, Commerce-st. 
Toepken, Gerard, merchant, dwelling, Courtland-st. 
Tolmie, Colin, smith in general, 34, Harrison-st. 
Tool, John, sugar-refiner, 51, Front-st. O. T. 
Townsend, Jonathan, Star-alley, F. P. 
Tovv^son, Thomas, stone-cutter, New-church-st. dwel 
Mulberry do. 


'SyTToscplvjwir. grocer, l^TV K- Haw^^^-sf. ^ ^J^^^r- 

Ti-acy, B. waggoner, Bridge-st. ext. O. T. ^^'^^^^ 

Travers, Mrs. young ladies' heininavy, 70, Higli-st. O. T. '^iflP* 

Trichet, Provost, Madame, Aisquith-st. do. / /!< 

Trimble, John &. Isaac, commission merchants, 7, <^^^*^^ 
Spear's-wharf. j^ 

Trimble (k Read, flour-merchants, 8, M'Elderry's-wharf, <^^^^ ^ 

Trost, Christian, butcher, 42, North-st. O. T. 

Trumbo, David, bricklayer, Mulberry-alley. 

Trumbo, Mrs. Catherine, Sugar-alley, F. H. 

Truston, Septimus, coach-maker, East-st. CK^^j ^ ^ 

Tudor, Salathiel, grocer, N. Eutaw-st. •^^£^^ 

Turner, Joseph, ship-yard, lower end O'Donnell's-wharf. 

Turner, Joshua, grocer, 53, Bridge-st. O T. 

Turner, Thomas, grocer, and ship supplier with live 
stock, 89, Bond-st. F. P. 

Turner, Ruth, seamstress, 8, High-st. O. T. 

Tuttle, William, bricklayer, N. Howard-st. ext. 

Tyson, Isaac, dwel. corner of Sharpe and Camden-st>. 

Uhl, Andrew, butcher, Conway, near S. Howards?. 

Underwood, John, hatter, Bank-st. 

♦' Union Bank of Maryland," N. Charles, near Balti- 

<' Union Manufacturing Company of Maryland," office 
140, Baltimore-st. 

Upshur, A. P. attorney at law, St. Paul's-Iane. 

Uz, Augustus, ornamental wall-painter, (from Philadel- 
phia), corner of Baltimore-st. ext. and Green-st. VV. P. 
respectfully informs the ladies and gentlemen, of the 
city and precincts, that he has commenced his opera- 
tions in the above line, and will be happy to receive 
their commands. N. B. He also prepares wall- 
washes, of all colours, ready for use, and on mode- 
rate terms. 

Van Baum, William, plane-maker, Bank-st, 

Van Beuren, Mrs. A. respectfully informs her friend^j, 
and the inhabitants of Baltimore, tliat she has opened 
a BAKERY, in all its various branches, corner of 
Jjight and Bank-sts. where, slie hopes, by attentior, 
ceatnefjs, and the best materials in the business, to 

G 2 

^i\'e general satisfaction to all those who will ijleade 

to lioiioi' her with their custom. 
Van Beuren, Wm. M. D. corner of Light and Bank-sts. 
Van Baren, James, piano-forte maker, 19, Saratoga-st. 
Vance, John <Sc Thomas, booksellers and stationers, 

178, Baltimoie-st. 

Vance, William, plane-maker, 3, N. Charles-st. (nearly 
opposite Union Bank of Maryland), dwelling, 7, Co- 
nowago-st. keeps in addition to planes of all kinds, a 
complete and general assortment of edge-tools, saws, 
&CC. Turkey oil-stone and box-wood, wholesale and 

Vansant, Cornelius, cordwainer, 85, Harford-st. O. T. 
Vansant, William, book-binder, dwelling. Low, neat 

Union-st. O. T. 
Vansant &, Crossgrove, book-binders, Rogers'-alley. 
Vecchio, Peter Del, looking-glass and print seller, 1, 

S. Calvert-st. 
Venkler, John, tailor corner of Pratt-st. and Dugan's- 

Veyrier, Peter, tin-iDlate-worker, 26, Bond-st. F. P. 
Vickery, Mrs. {widow of Stephen), Granby, near 

Prince-st. O. T. 
Villard, Mrs. (widow), 9, N. Liberty-st. 
V^incent, Mrs. fancy-store, 139, Baltimore-st. 
Vincent, Samuel, esq. clerk to the city commissioners, 

Light-st. alley. 
Voi^^ht, Peter, carpenter, Saratoga-st. ext. W. P. 
Von riarten, Gerard, grocer, Hookstown-road, do., 
Von Kapfi' <k Brune, merchants, 68, Bowley's-wliarf. 
Vose &- Worthington, do. 99, ditto. 

Waddell, George, tavern and grocery store, corner ©f 

Bath and Pearl-sts. (meadow). 
WadCy jS^elson, dwelling, Baltimore-st. ext. W. P. 
Waggner, George, block and pump-maker, 46, PMipot 

street, F. l\ 


i 79 ) 

/Kagner, Jacob, esq. editor of the Federal Repiiblicau, 

9, Water-st. 
/Faite, G. & R. " Lottery and Exchange-office/' corner 

of St. Paul's-lane and Market-street. 

At G. & R. WAITE'S 

Truly fortunate Lottery Office^ 
Are for sale Tickets and Shares in the 
Susquehanna Canal, second class, in which one 
number must draw ^60,000! and may draw 100,000 
dollars ! ! Tickets at the original price of 10 dollars. 
They have likewise for sale tickets in all the Bal- 
timore lotteries. 

G. &- R. Waite exchange 7iotes of nearly all the hanks 
in the union, at very moderate premiums. 

They have constantly on hand a very great stock 
of playing-cards, consisting of nine different quali- 
ties; together with a general assortment of school 
BOOKS and stationary, all of which they will sell 
wholesale, at very reduced prices, for cash. 

^^ Country merchants and others may find it to 
their advantage to call at the above store. 
FFales, Ebenezer, merchant, 83, Bowley's-wharf 
f'Talker, Jacob, sailmaker, Argyle-alley, F. P. 
J Talker, Benjamin, grocer, 56, Light-st. 
JFalker, Chs. clothier, corn, of S. Calvert & Water-sts. 
/I^alker, Sater T. cordwainer, 50, Waggon-alley. 
TFalker, Peter, owner of carts, Bath-st. 
iFFalker & Grewe, piano-forte manufacturers, 3, East-st 
frail, John E. 27, Harrison-st. 
TFall, Michael, tailor, 29, Lexington-st. 
W^all, Melchior, saddler, North-st. 
J'Fallace, John, harness-maker. Mulberry-alley. 
FTallace, Joseph, merchant, dwelling, 40, Saratoga-st. 
FTallis, John, jr. broker. Lovely-lane. 
fFalmsley, Benjamin, hat manufacturer, 39, South-st. 
^Falsh, John, lumber merchant ; yard, M'Clure's -wf. 
Commerce-st. dwelling, Mulberry-st. 

( »0 ) 

W^alter, Jacob, clock and watch-maker, St. Paul's-lane. 

rFalter, John, grocer, 10, Cheapside. 

^^alter, John, lumber merchant, head of the Basin ; 

[dwel. 120, Hanover-st. 

^Falter, Philip, ditto, head of the Basin. 

J^alter, Henry, carpenter, Biddle st. W P. 

Waiters, Henry, farrier, Hookstown road, W. P. 

^Talters, Benjamin, cordwainer, 11, Bridge-st. O. T. 

i^alton, Joseph, grocer, 82, N. Howard-st. 

W^amaling, John, boot-maker, 2, N. Charles-st. 

^Fampler, J. Lewis, surveyor, office, 61, N. Liberty-st. 
dwelling, Saratoga, above Howard-st. 

W^ariieid, Ciiarles, dry-good store, 163, Baltimore-st. 
dwelling, Bernard-st. 

Garfield, G. F. merchant, 247, Baltimore-st. dwel. do. 

FFarfieid, Basil, sugar-refiner, Peari-st. W. P. 

^Tarks, Andrew, cabinet-maker, 37, Bridge-st. O. T. 

fFarner, captain John, 29, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Wsivnev, Thomas &, Andrew E. gold and silver-smiths, 
5, N. Gay-st. 

^Farner, Alfred L. druggist, 4, Baltimore-st, 

J^Farnken, Henry, baker, corn, of AUisanna and Bond- 
streets. F. P. 

♦' Washington free school," corn, of Lemmon and East- 

Whalers, Zeb. accountant, 32, Hanover-st. 

Waters, Michael, grocer, 151, Lee-st. near the Basin. 

W^aters, Mrs. widow, 38, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

W^aters, Edwin, grocer, 51, S. Calvert-st. 

ff^atkins, A. W. boot-maker, 24, S. Calvert-st. 

W^atkins, captain James, Wolfe near Allisanna-st. F. P. 

W^atkins, Tobias, M. D. Green near Lexington-st. W. P. 

^Fatkins, Gassaway, bricklayer, Conway-st. 

W^atkins, Thomas, merchant tailor, 221, Baltimore-st. 

W^atson, Thomas, dwelling, 38, N. Frederick-st. 

f^atson &. Etschberger, fancy furniture manufact. 49, 

W^atson, Wm. inn-keeper, M'Clellan's-alley. 

JFFatterton, Bethsheba, 3, Ruxton-lane. 

^Fatties, James, painter and glazier, 53, Saratoga-st. 

( bl ) 

Watts, Richard K. esq. 93, Hanover-st. 

Way, Mrs. Sarah, boarding-house, 39, Hanover-st. 

Weary, John, jr. boat-build, lower end George- st. F. P 

Weatiierail, William, clerk in the Union Bank, dwel. 
112, Sharpe-st. 

Weatherick, Thomas, carman, Chappcl-aliey. 

Weaver, Mary, 30, Fell-st. F. P. 

Weaver, John, cordwainer, N. Eutaw-st. 

Weaver, Caspar, senr. painter and glazier, Paca near 
Franklin-st. W. P. 

Weaver, John, painter and glazier, 18, Pratt-st. 

Weaver, Daniel, merchant, Franklin-st. 

Webb, Wm. sail-maker, dwel. 20, W. Bank-st. F. P. 

Webb, James, gold-smith, &.c. 30, High-st. O. T. 

Webb, Abner, merchant, corner of New-market and 
Paca-sts. W. P. 

Webster <Sc Bare, grocers, head of the. Basin. 

Webster, Mrs. Lombard near Hanover-st. 

Wedekind, John, pocket-book manufac. 37, S. Charles- 

Wedge, Simon, jeweller, gold and silver-smith, 160, 

" Weekly Register," office, 77, Water near Soutli-ft. 

Weir, Mrs. grocer, 76, Pratt-st. Bowley's-wharf. 

Weise <Sc Booehm, confectioners, 130, Baltimore-st. 

Wells, James, cordwainer, 65, S. Frederick-st. 

Wells, Mrs. widow, 13, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Wells, Thomas, grocer, 8, Pratt-st. 

Wellslager, David, cordwainer, 66, Front-st. O. T. 

Wellslager, Jacob, ladies' shoe-maker, Bath-st. 

Welshoffer, Henry, carpenter, Mulberry-st. 

Welsh, P. G. accountant, 68, Sharpest. 

Welsii, George, bootmaker, 23, South-st. 

Welsh, Jacob, jr. 40, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Welsh, Thomas, dry-good store, Sie, Baltimore-st. 

WMsh, Jacob, (of Adam), Lexington street, near New- 
market, W^. P. 

West, Samuel H. cabinet-maker, 31, S. Gay-st. and 

whip and glue manufactory, Fish-st. 
West, W^illiam, grocer, 122, High-st, O. T 

( 82 ) 

West, captain Job, 32, Gough near Carolina-st. F. P. 

West, Benedict, carman, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

West <Sc Burk, painters and glaziers, 33, Market-st. F. V. 

West, James, inn-keeper, 20, Commerce- st. 

West, James, carpenter, Lee st. 

West, Mrs. dwelling, 76, Sharpe-st. 

Wertz, Henry, dry-good store, 68, N. Howard-st. 

Wescott, captain William, 9, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Wessels, I. F. F. merchant, dwelling, 25, Pratt-st. 

Wethered, Lewin, wholesale dry-good store, 157, Bal- 

Wex, Henry A. baker. Great York-st. O. T. 

W^eyman, John, cordwainer, East-st. O T_ 

Weyer, Michael, jr. druggist, 40, Baltimore-st. 

Wharton, Kearney, 8, South-st. pursues the business 
of Stock and Exchange Broker in all its branches 
such as buying and selling bills of exchange; bank, 
insurance, road, and other public stocks ; procuring 
the discount of negotiable notes, and investing money 
in the purchase of paper. All transactions relative 
to his profession are conducted with punctuality and 
good faith. N. B. He has on hand a very extensive 
assortment of tickets in the Washington Monument 
lottery, now drawing, highest prize. 50,000 dollars. 

Wheeler, John, grocer, upper end of High-st. O. T. 

Wheeler, Joseph, HoUiday-st. ext. 

Wheeler, Thomas, tailor, Mulberry-st. near Cathedral. 

Whelan, Thomas, grocer, 132, Baltimore-st. dwelling, 
ISf. Charles-st. 

Whipple, William, keeper of the City Spring, N. Cal- 
vert- st. 

White & Brand, grocers, 69, N. Gay-st. 

White, Mrs. 72, Harrison-st. 

White, Alexander, carpenter, Duke-st. O. T. 

White, captain John IM. 20, Philpot-st. F. P. 

White, William, constable, 3, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

White, Thomas, 36, E. Allisanna-st. do. 

White, captain Samuel, 39, E. Fleet-st. do. 

White, captain Joseph G. 45, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

White, William, wheel-right, 13, ditto, do. 

( «3 ) 

White, Henry, cordwainer, N. Liberty-st. 

White, Joseph, straw bonnet manufactory, 70, North 

White, P. L. cabinet and chair-maker, 62, Pratt- street, 
has constantly on hand, most farhionable cabinet 
FURNITURE, which he will dispose of on the most rea- 
sonable terms. All orders thankfully received and 
punctually attended to. N. B all furniture from the 
above manufactory will be warranted not inferior to 
any in this city. 

Whiting, Horatio, Sharpe near Lee-st. 

Whitney, Simon, painter and glazier, 2, Bank-st. 

Whitcemore, John, printer, at the oiiice of the Federal 
Republican, S Gay-st. 

Wivittle, Richard, cooper, Mulberry-st. 

Wichelhausen, H. D. merchant, 82, corner of South & 
Wood-sts. Bowiey's-wharf 

Wickes, captam Benjamin, King George-st. O. T, 

Wierman, William, llour merchant, 65, County-wharf 

Wightman h. Schade, grocers, 64-, N. Gay-st. 

Wilds, David, coach-painter, East-st. O. T. 

Wildt, Jacob, baker, 35, Light-st. 

Wilielm, Jacob, labourer, Hanover-st. ext. 

Wil lelm, John, inn-keeper, Hay-scale, Forrest-st. 

Wiirtins, William &, Joseph, wholesale dry-good store, 
1 35, Baltimore-st. 

Willey, Alexander, back of 40, S. Gay-st. 

Witiey, Robt jr. carman. Green near French-st. O. T. 

Willey, John, baker, ditto, do. 

Willey, Henry and John, bakers, Green near Frank- 
lin-st. W. P. 

Williams, Stephen, dwelling, corner of Lombard and 
S. Eutaw-st. 

Williams, James, accountant. Straight-lane, O. T. 

Williams, John S. inn-keeper, 25, Fell-st. F. P. 

Williams, hack-driver, Camden-st. 

VVilli-ims, James, rigger, Queen st. F. P. 
Williams, captain Richard, 37, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Williams, Joseph, cordwainer, Green-st. O. T, 

( Si ) 

Williams, James, merchant, 43, S. Gay-st. dwelling, 
Great York-st. O. T. 

Williams, Benjamin, constable, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Williams, Nathaniel F. merchant, 14, Bovvley's-wharf, 
dwelling, G2, N. Charles-st. 

Williams, Joan, grocer, 5, N. Charks-st. 

Williams, Charles, dyer, French, near Jones-st. O. T. 

Williams, Nathaniel, esq. attorney at law, dwelling 
and otfice, 18, New Chmxh-st. next to St. Paul's 

Williams, Owen, cooper, 24, Fayette-st. 

Williams &, Valiant, shoe-store, 67, Baltimore-st. 

Williams, John, tailo.", Dutch-alley, near Eutaw-st. 

Williams, Mrs. boarning-house, 9, Bank-st. 

Williams, Lewis, grocer, St. Tammany, near Liberty- 

Williams, A. R. corner of Lexington and North-streets, 
respectfully informs the public that he has commen- 
ced the MAKING of PAPER HANGING in the city 
of Baltimore, suitable for every purpose to which 
this article is applied, considered to be as good as 
any made in the union. As this is the only paper- 
staining MANUFACTORY in the state of Maryland 
the proprietor has reason to hope a discerning public 
will generously give whatever support this establish- 
ment may merit. I have persons ready to put up my 
paper in the most secure and substantial manner and 
on good terms : of course, I must do every thing in 
my power to establisli the credit of my manufactory. 
N. B. If any accident should happen to paper put 
■up by any person from the factory, that can be attri- 
buted to the putting of it up, it shall be immediately 
made good. 

Williamson, P. Conway, near Sharpe-st. 

Willis, William, Clifford's-alley, F. H. 

Willoughby, Charles, currier, Potter-st. O. T. 

Wilmer, Simon, dwelling, 119, Hanover-st. 

Wilmcr &, Palmer, merchants, 5, Bowley's- wharf. 

Wilmer, John, merchant, dwelling, 115^ Hanover-st 

( 85 ) 

Wilson^ Thomas, editor and publisher of the '• Sun,'" 
dwelling, 23, Commerce-st. 

Wilson, Jacob, accountant, dwelling, Green-street. 
W. P. 

Wilson, James, store-keeper, 98, N. Howard-st. 

Wilson, John, grocer, 115, N. Howard-st. 

Wilson, John, plasterer, 83, Hanover-st. 

Wilson, James, merchant, dwelling, Holliday-st. 

Wilson, David, Hour-merchant, 16, M' Elder ry*s-wharf. 

Wilson, Robert, grocer, 14, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Wilson, Joshua, house-carpenter, Straight-lane, O. T. 

Wilson, captain David, ditto, do. 

Wilson, captain James, 9, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Wilson, Jane, E. Bank-st, do. 

Wilson, George, cordwainer, Argyle-alley, do. * 

Wilson, John, grocer, 47, Market st. do. 

Wilson, Henry, tavern-keeper, 56, Bond-st. F. P. 

Wilson, Henry, mineral-water warehouse, 21, Water- 

Wilson, Joseph, Conway, near Sharpe-st. 

Wilson & MuUikin, dry-good store, 107, Baltimore- 

Winchell, James F. baker, 57, Soutli-st. 

Winchester &. Jenkins, saddlers, 6, South-st. 

Winchester, Jacob, carpenter, 51, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Windstandley, John, carpenter. 99, Saratoga-st. 

Winteriield, William, cabinet-maker, M'Elderry's-st. 
O. T. 

Wintkle, Mrs. Union hotel, next door to the Theatre, 

Wirgman, Charles, merchant, dwelling, 41, S. Gay- 

Wirts, Philip, cordwainer, 5, Ruxton-lane. 

Wise, John, cordwainer, 74, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Wise, Wm. tobacconist, 243, Baltimore-st. 

Wisebaugh, John, carman, 27, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Wolff, Andrew, professor of music, 33, Saratoga-st. 

Woolen &o Waites, coopers, 56, South-st. dwelling, 1 7, 
Green-st. O. T. 


( 86 ) 



S Corner of Strawberry Alley and Saratoga-st. \ 
S West of North Howard-st. \ 

Ij Respectfully informs his friends and the pub- J 
S lie generally, that he carries on the above business s 
^ in all its branches, the work warranted good, as he ? 
S keeps constantly on hand a supply of the best ma--S 
Jj terials. ^ 

S ALSO, § 


S TO CONDUCT water; \ 

\ BIGGIJ^G WELLS, &c. ? 

S f^ All orders in the city or country, will be <j 
^ punctually attended to. S 

S. 5 

Wood, Thomas, Short-alley, W. P. 

Wood, John, grocer, corner of Albemarle and Queen- 

sts. O. T. 
Wood, Mrs. Rebecca, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Wooden, John, (of Jolm), inn-keeper, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Woodland, Wm. dwelling, 106, Baltimore-st. 
Woods, W. &, CO. grocers, 31, Baltimore-st. 
Woodward, Thomas, grocer, 31, Liberty-st. O. T. 
Woodworth, Susanna, grocer, S. Eutaw-st. 
Woodvear, Edward, esq. office, 1, Baltimore-st. dwel. 

79, High-st O. T. 
Woodyear, Edward G. esq, attorney at law, 2, Ctat 

>am-st. dwelling, 79, High-st. O. T. 

( 87 ) 




Corner of Commerce and Water Streets, 


For Household and Kitchen Furniture and Miscel- 
laneous Articles, on every Tuesday through- 
out the year, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. 

For every description of Dry Goods and Groceries, 
every Friday at 10 o'clock, A. M. — And 

For valuable Libraries of Books and Fancy Arti- 
cles, every Saturday evening, from the begin- 
ning of the month of November to the end of 

(^ Cash advanced on valuable Invoices of 



Worrell, Robert, blacksmith, 98, Granby-st. O. T. 
Wore, Rebecca, (vs'idow), Strawberry-alley. 
Workinger, Jacob, blacksmith, corner of Liberty and 

Working, Catherine, (widow), Mill-st. O. T. 
Working, H. livery-stable, N. Liberty-st. 
Working, Mrs. Mary, 41, Fayette-st. 
Worley, Joseph, inn-keeper, 7, N. Howard-st. 
Worthington, John T. H. attorney at law, St Paul's- 

Worthington, Nicholas, groceries and dry-goods, 83, 

N. Howard-st. 
Wright &, Byrnes, flour-merchants, 5, Spear's-wharf 
Wright &. Barkman, tin-plate-workers, 189 1-2, Balti- 


( 88 ) 

Wroe, Absalom, grocer, corner of Bank-st. and Happy- 
alley, F. P. 

Wroe, captain Samuel, Caroline-st. near Leaman's gar- 

Wulff, J. H. saddler and harness-maker, 11, S. Howard- 
Wynn, Aaron, ladies' shoe-maker, Pearl-st. (meadow). 
Wyvill k, Towson, merchant-tailors, 16, South-st. (corn, 
of Lovely-iane, and opposite the Maryland Insurance 
Office), keep an assortment of seasonable goods," in 
their line of business, which they will make up in 
the latest fashions. N. B. They return their most 
sincere thanks to their friends and customers, and 
solicit a continuance of their favours. 
Yates, John, 6, Great York-st. O. T. 
Yates, Joseph, merchant, dwelling, 272, Baltimore-st. 
Yearly, Alexander, accountant at Bank of Baltimore, 

dwelling, Green-st. W. P. 
Yeger, Charles, cabinet-maker, 39, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Yeiser, Mrs.- Ruth, gent, board, house, corner of East 

and N. Gay-sts. 
Yoner, Samuel, grocer, 77, Hanover-st. 
Yost, Michael, baker, corner of S. Howard and Cam- 

Young, John, carpenter, 29, North-st. 
Young, John, mariner, 33, Strawberry-alley. F. P, 
Young, Robert W. iron store, 53, S. Calvert-st. dwel. 

Young, Hugh & William, merchants, 5, Sharpe, near 

Young, Larken, house-cai-penter, N. Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Young, Gustavus A. artist, Barre-st. 
Young, Jacob, tailor, Camden-st. 
Young, Joseph, gentleman, Lombard-st. next door to 

Friend's meeting. 
Young, Alexander, cordwainer, 4, Fayette-st. 
Young, WilHam L. dwelling, 16, Saratoga-st. 
Young, John C. N. Liberty near Saratoga-st. 
Younker, Francis, chair-maker, 4, Baltimore-st. dwel. 
Pitt-st. O. T. 

( 89 ) 

Yundt, John, hatter, 3, Pearl-st. (meadow). 

Zeumer, Augustus, confectioner, 34, Baltimore-st. and 

fancy store, next door to ditto. 
Zigler, George, cordwainer, Carolina-st. near Leaman's 

Zimmerman, John, carpenter, comer of Lerews'-alley 

and Franklin-st. 
Zog, Francis, drayman, S. Paca-street, near May-pole, 

W. P. 
Zollickoffer & Long, dry-good store, 215, Baltimore-st. 
Zollinger, John, coach-maker, 93, Pratt- st. 
Zugg, Frederick, cabinet-maker, North-st. O. T. 
Zwisler, James, gentleman, S. Charles-street, next the 

corner of Camden-st. 


Robert Aitken, druggist, 2, South-st. 
Michael Lyons, paver, Lexington near N. Liberty- st. 
Page 8, line 23, for " Baltzell &, Bantz" read" Lewis 

Baltzell, [partnership dissolved]. 
Page 20, line 23, after "John D. Craig" read teacher of 

Page 56, line 12, for " Ruxton-lane" read Primrose-alley. 


Straight-lane runs east and w^est, from the Friends' 
meeting-house to Milk-lane, between Great York and 
Pitt-streets, O. T. 

Milk-lane runs north and south, from Pitt to Great 
York-street, O. T. 






James Madison, President of the U. 

States, g 25,000 

GiioKGE C1.TNT0N, Vice-President, and 

President of the Senate, 5,000 

[Eaoh Senator and Memh<^r nf tht^ TTmise of 
Representatives, receives a compensation of six 
Dollars per day, while attending in Session, and 
one day's pay for every twenty miles travelling to 
and from the Seat of Government.] 



JVVw Hampshire,- — Richard Cutts ; Nicholas 

Massachusetts. — James Lloyd, jun. Joseph B. 

Connecticut. — Chauncey Goodrich; Samuel W. 

Rhode Isifand.— C. G. Chajnplin j Jeremiah B» 

( 2 ) 

Vermont. — Stephen R. Bradley ; Jonathan Ro- 

JS^ew Fork. — Obadiah German 5 John Smith. 

JNVif Jersey, — John Lambert ; John Condit. 

Pennsylvania. — Andrew Gregg ; Michael Leib. 

Delatvare James A. Bayard; Outerbridge 


Maryland. — Samuel Smith ; Philip Reed. 

Virginia. — Richard Brent; William B. Giles. 

^orth Carolina. — Jas. Turner ; Jesse Frank- 

South Carolina. — John Gaillard ; John Taylor. 

Georgia Charles Tait; William H. Craw- 

Kentucliy. — John Pope ; George M. Bibb. 

Tenn<f<T6cc. — Jciikin Whiteside ; Joseph Ander- 

Ohio. — Thomas Worthington; Alexander Cam- 


Xew Hampshire. — Wm. Hale ,- Samuel Dins- 
more ; John A. Harper ; Elijah Hall ; Geo. Sul- 
livan ; Bartlett. 

Massachusetts. — Josiah Quincey ; Wm. Reed ; 
Richard Cutts ; Eben. Searer ; Ezkl. Bacon ; 
Charles Turner, jun, Laban Wheaton ; Leonard 
Wliite ; Isaiah L. Green 5 Samuel Taggart ; Wm. 

Ely ; Brigham ; Abijah Bigelow ; Barzillai 

Gannett; Peleg TallH^an^ William Widgery ^ 
Wm. M. Richardson* 

( 3 ) 

Cow/eecticuf.—Lewis B. Sturges; Jonathan O. 
Moscly ; Benjamin Tallmadgc ; Epa. Champion; 
Timotliy Pitkin ; Lyman Law ; Jolm Davenport, 

Rhode Island, — Elisha R. Potter ; Ricliard 
Jackson, jun. 

Vermont, — Samuel Shaw ; James Fisk ; Wm. 
Strong ; Martin Chittenden. 

•Veic rovk, — Samuel L. Mitchell ; Thos. Sam- 
mons ; Ebenezcr Sage ; William Paulcling, jim. 
Pierre Van Cortlandt, jun. James Emott ; Tho- 
mas B. Cook ; Robert Le Roy Livingston ; Asa 
Fitch ; Thomas R. Gold ; Uriah Tracy ; Daniel 
Averry; Harmanus Bleckcr : Arunnah Metcalfe; 
Peter B. Porter ; Wm. Pond ; Silas StOAV. 

JVetc Jersey, — Adam Boyd ; Jacob Hufty ; 
Lewis Condit ; George G. Maxwell ; James 
Morgan ; Thomas NcAvbold. 

Fennsylvania, — Adam Seybert ; William An- 
derson; James Milner; Robert Brown: William 
Rodman; Jonathan Roberts; William Findley; 
John Smilie ; Aaron Lyle ; Robert Whitehill ; 
David Bard ; Roger Davis ; Joseph Lefevre ; 
J. N. Hyneman ; Wm. Piper ; Abner Leacock ; 
William Crawford; George Smith. 

Delaware, — Henry Moore Ridgely. 

Maryland. — Philip B. Key; Jos. Kent; Philip 
Stewart; Charles Goldsborough; Peter Little; 
Alex. M*Kim; Samuel Ringgold; Robert Wright; 
Stevenson Archer. 

Virginia — John Randolph ; Hugh Nelson ; 
Thonias Gholson; Peterson Goodwyn: Thomas 

( * ) 

Newton 5 Daniel SheJBTey; John Taliaferro ; Edwin 
Gray; Joseph Lewis, jr.; John Baker; James 
Breckenridge ; John Dawson; Matthew Clay; 
Burwell Bassett; Thomas Wilson; William A. 
Burivell ; John Smith ; Aylett HaAves ; John 
Roane; William M'Koy; James Pleasants, jr. ; 
John Clapton. 

^^orth Carolina. — Willis Alston; Wm. Black- 
ledge; Thomas Blount; Joseph Pearson; Arch. 
M*Bride; Nathaniel Macon ; Me shack Franklin ; 
Richard Stanford; William R. King; Lemuel 
Sawyer; James Cochran; Israel Pickens. 

South Carolina, — ^D. R. Williams ; Langdon 
Cheeves ; William Lowndes ; William Butler ; 
John C. Calhoim; Elis Karle; Richard Winn; 
Thomas Moore. 

Georgia, — George M. Troup; Wm. W. Bibb; 
Boiling Hall; Howell Cobb. 

Kentucky, — Rich. M. Johnson; Joseph Desha; 
Henry Clay ; Anthony New ; Samuel M*Kee ; 
Stephen B. Ormsby. 

Tennessee, — John Rhea: Felix Grundy; John 

Ohio, — Jeremiah Morrow. 

Mississippi Territory, — George Poindexter. 

Indiana Territory, — Jona. Jennings, delegate. 

Orleans Terri^o?'^.— Julian Poydras, delegate. 


James Munroe, Secretary, salary, - - - S 500® 

( 5 ) 


Albert Gallatin, Secretary, salary, - - - 5000 
Richard Rush, Comptroller, do. - - - 3500 


William Eustis, Secretary, salary, - - 4500 


Paul Hamilton, Secretary, salary, - - - 4500 

N. B. There has been no alteration as to 

clerks in these deparnients, for whose names 

please to look in the Directory for 1810. fCom.J 


John Marshall, Chief Justice. 


Bushrod Washington ; William Johnson, jr. ; 
Brockholst Livingston ; Thomas Todd ; Joseph 
Story ; Gabriel Duvall. 


William Pinkney, esq. (of Maryland), 


Virginia, John Tyler, vice Cyrus Griffin. 
Columbia, Assistant Judge, Buekner Thruston^ 

vice Allen Duckett. 

N. B. Those are the only changes that come 
within my knowledge. For the names of Judges 

( « ) 

for each state, see Directory for 1810, page 9, of 
the Register. CComp,J 


Vermont, Cornelius P. Van Ness, vice D. Fay. 

Maryland, Thomas B. Dorsey, vice J, Stephen. 

East Tennessee, John M*Camphell. 

West Tennessee, John E. Beck. 

Ohio, Samuel Harriek. 

New Orleans, John R. Grymes. 

(Q* For all the names see Directory for 1810, 
page 10, of the Register. (Com'p.J 


Rhode Island, Eben. K. Dexter, vice Wm. Peck. 
Vermont, David Robinson, vice John Willard. 
Virginia, Andrew Moore, vice Joseph Scott. 
Georgia, John Eppinger, vice Benj. Wall. 

g3^ For all the names see Directory for 1810, 
page 10, of the Register. 



Fourth Monday in March, and first Tuesday 
in October. 


Third Monday in June and December. 


Fourth Monday in February ; first Tuesday 

C r ) 

ill July; fourth Tuesday in September; first 
Tuesday iu December. 


Second Monday in January; first Monday in 
March; second Monday in July; third Monday 
in September. 


First Monday in December, March, June and 
and September. 


Tn May and November. 


Seond Monday in and August. 


Third Monday in April and September. 

For Federal Courts throughout the U. States, 
Hce Directory for 1810, page 11, of the Register. 



C Changes since 1810. J 


To France, Joel Barlow. 
To Great Britain, (vacant). 


( * ) 

To Russia, John Quincy Adams. 
Rio Janeiro, (Brazils) Thomas Sumpter. 
To Spain, (vacant). 

George W. Erving, Special Minister to the 
Court of Denmark. 


Great Britain, John Spear Smith. 
France, Jonathan Russel. 


To France, (unknown). 
Court of London, do. 


From the United States to Foreign Powers* 

N. B. Except the following new appointments, 
the list is the same as in the Directory for 1810, 
pages 16 and 17, of the Register, viz: 

George Jefferson, consul at Lishon, vice William 

James Anderson, consul at Gottenhurg, vice 

R. G. Gardiner. 
John Rohert Poinsett, consul general at Buenos 

Ayres, Chili, and Peru. 
Samuel Hazard, consul general at Archangel. 


Henry Rose, at Antigua. 
Maurice Lisle, at Tortola. 
Lewis Forman, at Guadaloupe. 
Archibald M. Cocke, at Martinique. 

( » ) 

Maurice Rogers, at St. Jago de Cuba. 
Wm. H. Savage, at Jamaica. 
J. B. Clement, at Porto Rico. 
Richard W. 3Ieade, .at Cadiz. 


The fees and emoluments of consuls as estalUshed 
hij law, C^^c^pli^^g those in the JBarhary States J 
and which of course extends to Commercial 
Agents, are as follows, viz : 

For authenticating under the consular seal, 
every protest, declaration, deposition, or other 
act which any captain, master, mariner, or other 
citizen of the United States may chuse to make 
— t>vo dollars. 

For the taking into possession, inventoring, 
selling, and finally settling, and paying, or trans- 
mitting the balance due on the personal estate, 
left by any citizen of the United States, who shall 
die within the limits of his consulate— ^re per 
cent, on the gross amount of such estate. ' 

For taking into possession, and otherwise pro- 
ceeding on any such estate, which shall be de- 
livered over to the legal representative before 
a final settlement of the same — two and an half 
per cent, on such part delivered over as shall not 
be in money, and fve per cent, on the gross 
amount of the residue. 

For administering oaths or affirmations to the 
principal officers of a vessel, confirming the land- 
ing of merchandise, where he shall reside — twen- 
ty-five cents for each : and for certifying the de- 


C 10 ) 

livery of such merchandise from every such vessel 
— one dollar. 

•Ministers, Consuls, and Commissaries of Foreign 
Towers, resident in the United States. 


M. Serurier, Envoy Extraordinary and Mini- 
ster Plenipotentiary. — Mons. Lescallier, Consul 
General at New York. — Mr. Touzard> Vice Con- 
sul at New Orleans. — ^Mr. Martel, Consul at 
Natchez. — ^Iv, Le Marroi, Vice Consul at Savan- 
nah. — Mr. Fourcroy, Consul at ^Charleston. — 
Mr. Oster, Vice Consul at Norfolk. — Mr. Le- 
loup, Consul pro tern, at Baltimore. — Mr. Douzy, 
Vice Consul at Philadelphia. — Mr. Giraud, Con- 
sul at Boston. 


Augustus J. Foster, Minister Plenipotentiary. 

John P. Morier, Secretary of Legation Thomas 

Barclay, Consul General for the Eastern States. 
— ^T. W. Moore, Vice ditto, for the Middle 
States. — Andrew Allen, Consul for New Hamp- 
shire and Massachusetts. — John B. Gilpin, Vice 
Consul for Rhode Island and Connecticut. — Wil- 
liam AVood, Consul at Baltimore. — John Hamil- 
ton, Consul for Virginia, at Norfolk. — Benjamin 
Moodie, Consul for North aud South Carolina and 
Georgia. — James Wallace, Vice Consul for Geor- 
gia; — John Brecse, Vice Consul for Rhode Island. 

( 11 ) 


Anthony Argote Villalobos, Consul for Vir- 
ginia and Kentucky — John B. Bernabeu, ditto, 
Maryland.— Diego Murphy, ditto, North and 
South Carolina.—Felipc Fatio, Vice Consul at 
Savannah.— -Don Manuel Rengel, ditto, Georgia. 
Fabio Chacon, ditt©, Alexandria — ^Lewis Deblois, 
Washington City. 


Andre de Daschkoff, minister resident. — Mr, 
EUisen, Secretary of Legation — Alexy Eusta- 
fiew, Consul at Boston. 


The same as in the Directory for 1810. 


Richard Soderstrom, Consul General — Jo- 
seph Wiiithrop, Vice Consul, Charleston. — Jona- 
than Swift, ditto, Columia, and the ports on the 
Potomac, Alexandria.— Rezin D. Shepherd, ditto, 

at New Orleans ^Heary Ghan, do. for New 

York and Connecticut — George Mijes, do. for 
New Hampshire. — John Myers, do. for Norfolk 
and other ports in Virginia, except those on the 

Potomac John Hidreck, do. for Delaware. — 

Bernard Dahlgren, do. for Pennsylvania. — S. 
Blagge, do. for Massachusetts., 


( 12 ) 


(D* See Directory for 1810, page 20, of Ihe 
Jlegister. (Comy.J 



Samuel Nicholson, Alexander Murray, John 
Kodgcrs, Isaac Hull, William Bainbridge, Hugh 
G« Campbell, Stephen Decatur, Thomas Tingcy, 
Charles Stewart, Isaac Chauneey, John Shaw. 


John Smith, John H. Dent, David Porter, 
John Cassin, Samuel Evans, Charles Gordon, 
Joseph Tarbel], Jacob Jones, James Lawrence^ 
Charles Ludlow. 


M. B. Carroll, Robert Henley, Samuel El- 
bert, John J}. Ilcniy, George W. Reed, Charles 
L. Ridgclv, (of Baltimore), Arthur Sinclair, 
Samuel Angus, Christopher Gadsden, Thomas 
Maedonough, James T. Leonard, L. Warrington, 
Oliver H. Perry, Octavius A. Page, Joseph 
Bainbridge, J. Blakcley, John M. Gardner, 
James Biddle, William M. Crane, Stephen Cas- 
sin, James Gibbon, D. S. Dexter, Benjamin F. 
Read, M. T. Woolsev, D. T. Patterson, Jonathan 

( 13 ) 

Thorn, D. Murray, William H. Allen, Charles 
Morris junr. R. T. Spenee, Edward Trenehard, 
John O. Creighton, James Renshaw, J. M. Has- 
well, B. Heniy, David Deacon, Louis Alexis, 
John Downes, Sidney Smith, William Lewis, 
Heathcote J. Reed, S. G. Blodget, William Bur- 
rows, George Mann, Thomas Brown, George 
Parker, Nathaniel Haraden, Walter Winter, 
George Merrill, Samuel Woodhouse, Charles C. 
B. Thompson, James P. Wilmer, Francis L 
Mitchell, junr. (of Baltimore), Robert M. Gam- 
ble, Jaq. B. Harvey, Alexander W"adsworth, John 
Pettigrew, Jesse D. Elliot, George W. Rodgers, 
George O. Read, H. E. Ballard, Thomas Gam- 
ble, A. C. Ludlow, Joseph I. Nicholson, William 
Carter, junr. Fitzhenry Babbet, Wolcot Chaun- 
€ey, John H. Elton, Edward P. Kennedy, Jesse 
Wilkinson, Horace Walpole, Alexander James 
Dallas, junr. Benjamin I. Neale. 


James Trant, D. Phipps, Samuel B. Brook, 
John Earle, George Faragut, James S. William- 
son, B, G Hipkins, Joshua Herbert, T. N. Gau- 
tier, George S. Sonntag, John Gallagher, Samuel 
R. Gerry, Frederick A. Leonard, George R. 
Wriglit, Nehemiah Drew, (Baltimore), John G. 
Cowell, William Harper, John Mooncy, John 
Brown, Edward Jones, Joseph P. Prince, Robert 
Cutchin, L. W. Stith, Jabez Prentiss, John T. 
Wade, Dixon Brown, Thomas Watts, John Hub- 
bardFj Jacob Mull, (Baltimore), John R. Grayson, 

( 14 ) 

Charles Drew, William Lewis, James P. Oellers, 
John Robertson, John S. Hutton, Edward Barry, 
Samuel Richardet , junr. Robert V. Vanvoorhis, 
Jonathan D. Ferris, John Percival, Lewis B, 
Page, Samuel G. Gerauld, James Frazier, (Bal- 
timore), Salvadore Catalano, George Ulrick, Au- 
gustus Ford, James Rogers, AVilliam Knight, 
James E. Carr, Stephen Bernard, Winslow Fos- 

N. B. Of the pay and subsistence allowed to 
officers in the Navy of the United States, see Di- 
rectory for 1810, page 33, of the Register^ 




[guns 44 Congress, 

[guns 36 

United States, 

- - 44 Boston, - - 

- - 32 

President, - 

- - 44 Essex, - - 

- - St 


_ - 44 John Adams, 

- - 32 

New York, 

- - 36 Adams, 

- - 32 


- - 36 
Ships of War. 

Wasp, - - 

- - 16 Hornet, - - 

- - 16 

Siren, - 

- - 16 Vixen, - - 

- - 12 

Argus, - - 

- - 16 Nautilus, 

- - 12 


- - 16 

Schooner Enterprize, 12— Cutter Viper, 12 — 
Gun- boats, 170 — Bombs Vengeance; Spitfire^ Et- 
na, and VesuYius. '^•» 

( 15 ) 


Frigate President, Com. Rogets. 

United States, Capt. Decatur. 
Constitution, Hull. 

Congress, John Smith. 

Essex, Porter. 

Corvette John Adams, Dent. 

Briiij S.>Tcn, Argus, Lieut. Lawrence — Ship 
Wasp, Capt. Jones — Hornet, Capi. Tarhell— 
Brig Vixen, Lieut. Bainbridge — Nautilus, (va- 
cant) — Schooner Enterprize, Blakeley — Cutter 
Viper, Gadsden — Twenty Gun-boats, commanded 
by Captain Shaw, at New Orleans, ten at Nor- 
folk, and twenty at New York. 

N. B* The other Frigates, Vessels of War, 
and Gun-boats are laid up in ordinary. 




New London, 

New York, 








New Orleans, 



Samuel Storer. 
Henry S. Langdon. 
Francis Johonnot. 
Joseph Hull. 
John Bullus. 
George Harrison. 
James Beatty. 
John Randall. 
Theod. Armistead. 
N. Ingraham & Son. 
Archibald S. Bullock. 
James Morrison. 
John K. Smith. 

1J. M'Kenzie, and 
Alexander Glennie. 

( 16 ) 

Gibraltar, John Gavino. 

Malta, William Barker, 

Havannah, Jamps Amlerson. 

Madeira, James L. Catheart. 

A Commission is allowed to Navy Agents, not 
exceeding one per cent, upon their disbursements. 
Their whole annual emoluments are limited by 
law, to ^§2000, without any allowance for clerk- 
hire, porters, office-rent stationary or any thing 
else : every charge must be paid out of their com- 


Robert Bowie, Governor. 


Dr. George E. Mitchell, John Stephen, James 
Butcher, Thomas W. Hall, Reverdy Ghiselin, 
Ninian Pinkney, Clerk. 


William Pinkney, (resigned) ; Levy HoUings- 
worth, Baltimore ; William M'Creery, Baltimore 
county ; John Williams, Worcester county ; Solo- 
mon Frazer, Dorchester ; Frederick Holbrook, 
Carolina ; Edward Lloyd, Talbot ; James Brown, 
Queen Anne ; William HoUingsworth, Cecil ; 
Elijah Davis, Harford ; Upton Bruce, Alleghany ; 
William Thomas, St. Mary's ; Lloyd Dorsey, 
Ann Arundel ; Moses Tabbs, Washington ; Tho- 
mas Hawkins^ Frederick. 

( ir ) 






Mississippi Ter. 

Indiana Ter. 

Orleans Ter. 
Louisiana Ter. 
Michigan Ter. 
Illinois Ter, 
District of Col. 












North Carolina, 
South Carolina, 



































70,937) 70,160 

91,258 93,740 





49,132| 46,870 

76,852| 74,069 


1 14,926 !l 17,448 


126,373 128,806 

44,763 40,505 

79,328 74,580 


31,818 32,652 

31,858 1 33,580 j 

35,7431 37,441! 

161,8221152,320 1 






21 7,736 '206,363 
401,566 385,238 






1790 1 227,071 
1800 264,599 
1810 280,038 
1790 147,494 
1 1800 1 171,648 
11810! 188,63 i 
,1790! 73,298 
1810 1 109,587 
1790 27,147 
1800 I 53,968 
1810 75,845 
1790 j 32,211 
1800 1 93,959 ...... 

JfiO 1 168,805; 155,432 
1800 1 24,433| 20,595 

1 QAA 1 A^^ . ' 





















1800) 47,180 
















All other 
free per- 

Toial. I rnereise. 






















































240 1 









380l 69,122 
108 76,931 
21,324 340,120 










12,422 211,069 





8,887 59,094 

6,153! 64,273 

4,177' 72,674 

103,036 319,728 

107,707 349,692 

111,502 380,546 

292,627 747,61 

346,963 1886,.349 


l'^0,572 393,751 




146, 51 































































( 18 ) 

Census of Cities^ 

Principal Cities and 


All other 





free per- 











City & Liberties, 















New- York City 







and County, 















Baltimore City 







and Precincts, 


































Charleston, (S.C.) 





















Salem, (Mass.) 






































Richmond, (Va.)' 



































Albany, (N. Y.) 




















Portland, (Me.) 


















Lancaster, (Pa.) 














Frederick (Md.) 















• No census separate from this county, 
t No separate census of thii t«wn. 

< 19 ) 

Sfummarij and comparath-e vieiv of the Fopulaiioiu 
Tonnage, Exports, and number of Houses in 
the City and Precincts of Baltimore, in the fol- 
lowing years: 

f 1790, 3,503 

Population •< 1800, 26,504 

L1810, 46)535 

-1700, Dels. 2,027,770 

1 17 4, 5^94,248 

Exports < j-gg^ 12,000,000 

Lian, 7,167,362 trfwhish 

the item " Flour" amounts to 335,058 

rl790, ' 13,564 

' - 59,837 

17 4, 
>uuts to 

^ I 1797, 59,837 

Tonnage^ ^Registered - - - - 91,338) . 1^4 786 

1^1811,. JEnroiied and Licensed 13,448/ ^^^''''° 

rl787, 1,9.*5 

Number 1 1799, - - 3,725 

I iQ'i ru^ .East of June*' Falls, 1,470 ( - -_* 

I r*— • . Easteni, - - - - 784; , ,,- 

Houses. ^"^""^^ .Westeni, - . - - S49f ' ^jff 

L Total of Houses in the City and Precincts - 6,6H 

N. B. The Imports for 1811 could not be obtained.—Comp. 



Edward Johnson,. Mayor. 
John Hargrove, Register. 


William Lormaii, President. 
David Fulton, Aaron Levering ; first ward. 
James Carey, Benjamin Berry; second ward. 
James Mosher, Luke Tiernan ; third ward. 
Thomas Kell, Adam Fonerden : fourth ward» 


( so ) 

Peter Biffenderffer, Joseph Jamison ; fifth ward* 
James Wilson, William Ross; sixth >vard. 
AVm, Stewart, Nathaniel Hynson; seventh ward. 
John Snyder, Thomas Sheppard; eighth ward. 
Shephen Moore, Clerk. 


James Calhoun, President. 

Charles Bohn, first ward. 

Henry Payson, second ward, 

James Calhoun, third ward. 

John C. Wliite, fourth ward. 

Elias Barnaby, fifth ward. 

Jacob Miller, sixth ward. 

William M'Donald, seventh ward. 

James Biays, eighth ward. 

Edward Woodyear, Clerk. 

Benjamin Fowler, City Collector. 

Henry Stouffer, Jacob Small, Peter Bond, Sa^ 
muel H. Gatchell: City Commissioners. 

Samuel Yincent, Clerk to the City Commission- 
ers, and Commissioners of Health. 

Joseph Smith, Thos. Moore ; Harhour Masters. 

William Stewart, Health Officer. 

George Baxley, George W. Moore; Inspector^ 
of Flotir. 

Gilbert Miudleton, Inspector of Beef and Pork. 

May bury Parks, Robert Parker; Inspectors of 

James Chalmers, Inspector of JSutter^ Lardf and 

( 21 ) 

Henpy Wilkins, Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes. 

Philip Eckle, Leonard Frailey ; Inspectors and 
Guagers of Uistilled Liquors. 

Hugh Allen, Inspector of t^Veights. 

Jaeob Rothrock, Inspector of Liqnid Measures. 

Michael Grubb, Inspector of Dry and Long do. 

James Mr^rtin, Inspector of Mahoganij, &c. 

David Yerkes, Charles Constable, Christian 
Slimmer, George Hall, Joshua Swan, Samuel 
House, James D. Jones ; InspectorSf Measur- 
ers, and Mai'kcrs of Lumbei\ 

Peter Weary, Solomon Heims, George Sumwalt 
Athanasius Martin; Inspectors and Measurers 
of Wood. 

William Kennedy, John Wilhelm, Philip Sum- 
wait; Weighers of Hay. 

John Hawkins, Nath. Andrews; Superintendants 
of Streets and Pumps. 

John Essender, first district; John Croxall, se- 
cond ditto ; AVilliam M*Comas, tliird ditto ; 
George Bandle, fourth ditto: Superintendants 
of Chimney Sweepers. 

Charles Herbert, Superintendant of the Poivder 

Robert Law son, Clerk of the Centre Market. 

Henry Endly, Assistant ditto, of ditto. 

Thomas Armstrong, Weigh Master. 

Peregrine G.Browning, Clerk rf Hanover Market. 

AVilliam P. Barnes, Clerk of Fells Point Market. 

Ephraim Smith, John Maidwell; City Constables. 

Jacob Miller, John Ilillen, Doctor R. Moore, 
William ]M*Donald, James Mosher; Visiters 
of the City Hospital. 

( 23 )) 

Thomas Chase, Lemmon, & co. Caspar O. Mul- 
ler, John Wood. 

Jlichard Ciilverwell, Joseph C. O'Reily; ^liic- 
lioncers of Horses and Carriages. 

Joseph Clark, Joseph Roehe, Charles R. Green; 
Auctioneers of Household Furnitui'e and Wear- 
ing Jlpyarel, 


Samuel Sterrett, S. E. corner of Water and Gay 

William E. Sewall, N. E. do. do. 

Thomas Rogers, N. E. do. do, 

John Gill, 49, Water street. 


James H. M^CuUoch Collector, 
Nathaniel Ramsay, ^axal Ojfficer, 
Daniel Dclozier, Surveyor, 
John Brice, jr. Deputy Collector, 
William Lowry, Beputy tN*aval Officer, 
Martin Eichclberger, Weigher, 
Jarett Bull, Ganger, 


Fermanent, — Charles Robinson, John Ha- 
milton, Clement Skerrett, James Burn, John 
Gregg, George Littig, William H. Hanson^* 
Richard Frazicr, Archibald Dobbin. 

( 23 ) 

Temporary, — Richard Mackubiii, Rezin Row- 
les, Robert Henderson, Nicholas Konecke, John 
J. Myers, William Myers. 


BANK OP MARYLAND, No. 17, South-st. Capital 
$300,000 in 1000 shares of S300 each ; discount 
day, Wednesday ; days of offering, Tuesdays for 
Wednesdays ; day of election, 7th March. 

William Cooke, President. 

Robert Wilson, Cashier. 

Directors : Robert Gil more, John Sherlock, 
John Oliver, James EUicott, Samuel M'Kean, C. 
Carroll, jr. Hugh Thompson, James Hindman, 
David Williamson, Jamas Clarke, George Hoff- 
man, James Carey. 

Uniox Bank of Maryland, North Charles, 
near Baltimore-st. Capital S3, 000, 000 divided into 
shares of SlOO each ; days of discount, Mondays 
and Thursdays ; election fur directors the first 
Monday in July. 

William Winchester, President. 

R. Higinhothom, Cashier. 

Directors : James Armstrong, John Comegyg, 
Solomon Etting, Andre^v Ellieott, John Frick, 
Thomas C. Jenkins, Henry Payson, Isaac Tyson, 
D. Winchester, Charles Worthington, Benjaraiii 
Williams, Joha Archer, Joha Ferguson, IIem*y 

( 24 ) 

Sehrocdep, Luke Tiernan, William Whitclcy, 
jB^lias Glenn, James Caldwell. 

BANK or BALTIMORE, No. 154, BaltiiTiore-st. 
Capital Si, 200,000, divided into Shares of S300 
each ; discount days, Tuesdays and Fridays 5 elec- 
tion, 1st Monday in Decemher, 

William Wilson, President. 

James Cox, Cashier, 

Directors : Wm Matthews, William Lornmiii, 
Joseph Sterett, William Wilson, Alexander Mac- 
ilonald, Isaac M'Kim, Elias Ellicott, John Striek- 
er, Emanuel Kent, Thomas Tenant, Joseph J. 
Hall, John Kennedy, of Haj^erstown, Jas. Steele, 
John C, Wilson, Robert Miller. 

Mechanics' Bank, North Calvert-st. Capital 
Si, 000, 000, in 40,000 shares of B25 each ; dis- 
count days, every Tuesday ; election of director* 
the First Blonday in June. 

James Mosher, President. 

D. A. Smith, Cashier. 

Directors : Robert C. Long, Alexander Brown^ 
Thomas Sheppard, Philip Littig, William Jack- 
son, William Jessop, William Gwynn, William 
McDonald, Christian Mayer, P. E. Thomas, Wil- 
liam Steuart, James Carnighan, and Wm. Krebs. 
On the part of the state, Tobias E. Stansbury 
and Peter Little. 

Commercial axd Farmers' Bank, No. 2SB, 
Baltimore, corner of Howard-street. Capital 

( 25 ) 

1^1,000,000, divided into 20,000 shares ; discenut 
days, Tuesday and Friday ; election 1st Monday in 

Joseph H. Nicholson, President. 

George T. Dunbar, Cashier. 

Directors : Charles Bohn, W. W. Taylor, A. 
S. Schwartze, N. F. Williams, Isaac Burneston, 
James Hiitton, Andrew Clopper, Talbot Jones, 
George Decker, Benjamin Ricaud, Jeremiah Sul- 
livan, James Armstrong, jr. Edward Harris, Elie 

Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, No. 252^ 
Baltimore-st. Capital S-'^OO.OOO, divided into 
shares of S50 each ; discount day, put in Wed- 
nesday for Thursday ; day of election, 1st Mon- 
day in April. 

William Graham, President. 

John Duer, Cashier. 

Directors : George F. AVarfield, Moses Shep- 
pard, Jesse Tyson, Nicholas Brice, Samuel Stump, 
Peter Levering, Justus Hoppe, Jonathan Munroe, 
A. A. Williams, James Bosley, John Reinicker^ 
George Repold, (deceased.) 

Franklin Bank, No. 88, Baltimore-st. Capi- 
tal ^600,000, divided into 24,000 shares, on each 
©f which S17.50 have been paid. Discount days, 
notes offered on Monday, nominal discount day, 
Tuesday ; election 3d Monday in April, 

Philip Moore; President. 

James^ Dawcs; Cashier. 

( 26 ) 

Directors : David Burke, William Price, Wil- 
liam Flanigain, M. M*Lauglilin, Jacob Miller, R. 
H. Jones, Cornelius Howard, George Harryman, 
Jacob Rogers, William Camp, George Dobbin, 
(deceased,) L. Herring, Hezekiah Price, William 
M'Conkey, Daniel Conn, Joseph Jamieson. 

Marine Bank, corner of Allisanna and Mar-^ 
ket-sts. Fell's Point, Capital g600,000, divided 
in 2i,000 shares. Discount day, Friday, offering 
day, Thursday ; election second Monday in April* 

Hezekiah Waters, President. 

Jacob Bier, Cashier, 

Directors : Job Smith, B. Mezick, Archibald 
Kerr, Joel Vickers, John Lee, Frederick Shaef- 
fer, Patrick Bennet, Nicholas Stansbury, Thorn- 
dick Chase, Robert Steuart, William Mondel 
Joseph Allender, Thomas Cole, Beal Randall. 


Maryland Insurance Company, No. 15, South 
St. Capital ^^00,000 in 500 shares, of glOOO each. 
Election every first Monday in March ; meeting 
of directors every day at 1 o'clock, P. M. 
John Hollins, President. 

Directors : James A. Buchanan, John Strick- 
er, John Donnell, Henry Payson, B» ujamin Wil- 
liams, Samuel Williams, James Purviance, Le- 
muel Taylor, Michael M*Blair, James Willlaxas^ 
Thomas C. Jenkins, 

( 37 ) 

Baltimore Insufance Company. Office, 
south-east comer of South and Water streets. Capi- 
tal divided into 1000 shares of 300 dollars each — 
thirteen directors chosen annually on the 1st Moa- 
day in February. 

David Winchester, President. 

Win. G. Cochran, Secretary. 

Directors : William Wilson, William Matthews> 
William Lorman, David AViuchester, Thomas 
Tenant, James Sterett, Solomon Betts, William 
Patterson, Isaac M*Kim, George Hoffman, Robert 
Fergus son, Alexander Browff. 

Union Insurance Company, No. 30, Soutlfii 
Gay-st. Samuel Sterett, President, Henry Courte- 
nay. Secretary. 

Directors : Robert Barry, Charles AVirgman, 
F. W. Brune, Washington Hall, Thorndick, 
Chase, AVilliam Cole, Jonathan Hudson, Lewis 
Paseault, Amos A - Williams, G overt Haskins, 
Charles Worthington. 

N. B. One third of the dividend added to 
the capital stock. Hour of business, 1 o'clock, 
P. M. 

Chesapeake Insurance Company, No. 90, 
Baltimore-st. Capital ^600,000, divided in 600 
shares of ^1000 each, conducted by a president 
and twelve directors, chosen annually on the first 
Monday in February. The board meet every day 
at 1 o'clock, P. M. 

James Calhoun, President, 

(> 25 ) 

BirectoFs : Barnes Wilson, Solomon Etting, 
John Oliver, A. J. Schwai^tze, Christopher Des- 
lion, George Stiles, Robert Patterson, Robert 
Miller, Levy HoUingsworth, John Comegys, 
Nathaniel F. Williams, George I. Brown. 

Baltimore Fire Insurance Company, Now 
12, Soiith-st. Capital 8500,000, election for direc^ 
• rs on the 1st of March, every year. 

Charles Gheqiiiere, President. 

Theophilus F. Dougherty, Secretary. 

Directors : Svilliam Lorman, Robert C. Long^ 
Henry Schroeder, David Williamson, Moses Shep- 
pard, Benjamin Ricaud, James Armstrong, Phi- 
lip E. Thomas, Cornelius Comegys, Peter Hoff- 
man, jr. Christian, Mayer, Isaac Tyson. 

Marine Insurance Company, South-east 
corner of Gay and Second-sts. Capital ^172,400, 
divided into 4^00 shares of ^431 each 5 a president 
and twelve directors cli^sftn annually the first 
Monday in April ; board meet every day at one 
o'clock, P. M. 

Robert Gilmore, President. 

David Steuart, Secretary. 

Directors : John Swan, Mark Pringle, Chris- 
topher Johnson, John Sherlock, George Grundy, 
Robert Oliver, Hugh Thompson, Stewart Brown, 
Samuel HoUingsworth, Daniel Howland, James 
Hindman, William Cooke, jr. 

" Baltimore Ec^uitable Society, for the- 
insurance of houses from loss by fire," No. g, 
Baltimore-st. Joseph Townsend^ Treasurer. 

( i» ) 

twelve directors chosen annually oh the first 
Monday in April. Stated meetings on the first 
Monday in each month. 

Directors : William Wilson, James Mosher, 
Adam Fonerden, John Hillea, George Decker, 
David Shields, (deceased,) Elias Kllicott, Nathan 
Tyson, William Trimble, John Ogston, William 
Hawkins, John Coriitliwait. 


Baltimore and Fkederick-town Turxpikk 
Road Company, No. 4-6, Soutli-st. 
William Jessop, President, 

William Cook, Treasurer. 
Managers : Luke Tiernan, Joiia Grahan^, 
James Labes, William Lorman, Henry Payson, 
John Ellicott, John E. Howard. 

Fall's Turnpike Road Company, at the a- 
bove place, 46, South-st. Capital divided into 
shares of glOO each. Board sits every second 

Thomas Johnson, President. 

James Neilson, Secretary. 

Managers: James Hindman, Isaac Tyson, Rich- 
aird Caton, Robert G. Harper, Benjamin Ellicott^ 
William Gwynn, (of John.) 

Baltimore and Rkisters-town Turnpike 
Road Conj?any^ Oifice North-Liberty, near Taw- 

( » ) 

Hiafij-Kt. Capital 58580,000, 20,000 shares at f 2t 
each, annual election 2d Monday in October, half 
yearly dividends, 1st Monday in May and NoYem* 

Jam€»s Carroll, President. 

William Matthews, Treasurer. 

John F. Harris, Secretary. 

Managers : Justus Hoppe, William Cilmor, 
Joseph Sterett, Richard Benson, Peter Hoffman, 
jr. Thomas Wilson, Samuel Owings, John Oliver. 

Baltimore and York-town Turnpike Road 
Company, No. 6, North-Cal vert- street. Capital 
)§270,000, distance SO miles, 211 1-2 perches. 

President, C. Ridgcly, of Hampton. 
D. A. Smith, Treasurer. 

Thomas W". Griffilh, Secretary. 

Managers : Joseph Townsend, James Wilson, 
Frederick W. Brune, Hugh Thompson, Charles 
Carroll, jr. John Sherlock, William M'Mecken, 
Alexander Nisbet. 

N. B. The election for president and mana- 
gers of the above companies, takes place as fol- 
lows, viz. For Baltimore and Frederick-town 
road, first Monday in October. 

For do. and Reisters-town, 2d Monday in do. 

For do. and York, 3d Monday in do. 

For Fall's Turnpike road, 1st Tuesday in do. 

Baltimore Water Company, Office in front 
Voom of the Maryland Insurance Company, No. 
16, South-at. Capital stock ^250;000 divided in 

I ^1 ) 

5000 shares of S50 each. Election hekl annually 
on tlie ftrst Monday in May. The board meets 
the first Tuesday in every month. 

John Davis, President. 

John Baynard, Secretary. 

Directors : John HoUins, James A. lUichanan, 
John Donueil, Leuuiel Taylor, Solomon Etting, 
and James Mosher. 

ATtiB^iiY SociETir. Capital ^50,000 in 5000 
shares. Day of election, 1st Monday in February. 

Isaac Burneston, President. 

Directors : William M*Donald, A. R. Lever- 
ing, Luke riernan, Joha Hillen, George Decker, 
Joseph Townsend, Thomas Sheppard. 

Union Manufacturing Company oi? Mary- 
land, No. liO, Baltimore-st. Robert M'Kim, 

Directors : William Patterson, John M^Kin^, 
James Moslier, Benjamin Ellicott, John Trim- 
ble, William Stcuart, Elias Ellicott, Benjamin 
Williams, John Gill, James Bodley, John Hillen. 

Maryland Association. Sec Directory for 
1810, page 65, of the Register. 

Baltimore MANurACTURiNG (Jompany.-^ 
Works erected at Povyhatan on Gwynn's Falls. 
(Six miles from town.) Capital Sl50,000, in 10 

Proprietors : Henry Payson and William Lor- 



( 32 ) 

man, one share ; William Wilson and Sons, one 
do. John M*Kim, jr. one do. William Wilson, jr. 
and Samuel Harden, one do. Nathan Levering, 
one do. Mayer and Brantz, one do. Peter Lever- 
ing, one do. Macdonald and Ridgely, one do. 
Enoeh and Jesse Levering, one do. J. and A. 
Sclnvartze, one do. 


No. 187, Baltimore-st. next door to the Indian 
Queen Tavern. 

Southern mail stage departs from this office 
every day at 6 o'clock, A. M. Arrives at 2, P. M. 

The mail stage for Frederick-town, Hagers- 
town, and Chambersburg to Pittsburg, leaves the 
^ame place three times a week, viz. every Sun- 
day, Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. M. 
Arrives every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, 
at 5 o'clock, P. M. 

The mail stage by the way of Frederick to 
Winchester and Staunton Virginia, starts from 
the same place every Sunday and Wednesday at 
5 o'clock, A. M. Arrives every Monday and 
Thursday at 5 o'clock, P. M. 

The mail stage Good Intent, by the way of 
York and Lancaster to Philadelphia, start from the 
same place at 4 o'clock, A. M. every Monday, 
Wednesday, and Friday. Arrives every Tuesday^ 
Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 o'clock, P. M. 

( 33 ) 

Fop the better accommodation of traTellePs, it 
is supposed this will be a daily stage ; this line 
has decided advantages as it passes over a fine 
turnpike road, the whole way to Philadelphia, 
and through a delightful country. 

The Philadelphia stage by the way of York and 
Lancaster, leaves Gadsby's every day at 4 o'clock, 
A. M. Pilot stage for Philadelphia, leaves Gads- 
by's every day at 3 o'clock, A. M. Frederick- 
town stage every Sunday, Wednesday, and Fri- 
day, at 5 o'clock, A. M. George-town and 
Washington mail stage, leaves the above place at 
6 o'clock, A. M. Vigilance Coach at 8 o'clock, 
A. M. The Annapolis mail stage leaves the 
same place at 8 o'clock, A. M. every Monday, 
AVednesday, and Friday, and arrives at 2 o'clock, 
P. M. 

United States' mail stage leaves the Fountain 
Inn, Light-st. every day for Philadelphia at 3 
o'clock, P. M. The new line Expedition leaves 
the Fountain Inn for Philadelphia every morning 
at 3 o'clock, A. M. The Annapolis stage leaves 
the Fountain Inn, every Sunday, Tuesday, and 
Thursday at 8 o'clock, A. M. The Alexandria 
stage leaves the Fountain Inn every day at 6 
o'clock, A. M. 

The Philadelphia Pilot starts from Mr. Gads- 
by's Indian Queen Inn, every morning at 3 o'clock, 
and arrives at 6 o'clock in the evening, (summer,) 
in winter, starts every morning at 5 o'clock, and 
arrives the next day at 10, A. M. 

{ 34 ) 


For 1812. 


Closes e\evy day (Sundays excepted) at 2 
o'clock, P. M. and on Sunday such letters as are 
dropped into the box before 1 o'clock, P. M. will 
he forwarded — Arrives every day at 5 o'clock, 
A. M. 


Closes as far as Petersburg and Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, every day at 5 o'clock, A. M. — ^Arrives 
every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for JK'orth Carolina^ South Carolina, 
and Georgia, close every Monday, Wednesday, 
and Saturday, at b o'clock, A. M. — Arrive every 
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 2 o'clock, 
P. M. 

Mails for Tennessee, Mississippi Territory , 
find J\*ew Orleans, close every Monday and Fri- 
day at 5 o'clock, A. M. — ^Arrive every Sunday 
and Thursday at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

New Orleans Mail, by the direct and most 
expeditious route. 

Letter Mails for Athens in Georgia, Fort Ste- 
phens, Fort Stodart, and JVete Orleans, close at 
this, office every Saturday at 5 o'clock, A. M. — 
Arrive every Sunday at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for Warivick, Sassafras, Georgetown 
-y^ 'Roads, and Bridgetown, (in Maryland), close 
every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 2 

( 35 ) ^ 

O'clock, P. M— Arrive every Tuesday, ThurS"- 
day, and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, A. M. 

Belle Air Mail, closes every Tuesday, at 2 

o'clock, P. M Arrives every Wednesday at S^ 

o'clock, A. M. 

Mails for Brick Meeting-house, and Uising 
Sun, close every Friday at. ^ o^ clock, P. M. — 
Arrive every Tliursday at 5 o'clock, A. M. 

Rock Hall Mail Mails for Rock Hall, Ches^ 

ter Town, Church Hill, and Centreville, close 
every Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M. and Saturday at 

half past 5 o'clock, P. M Arrive on Tuesday 

and Saturday. 

Annapolis Mail, closes every Monday and 
Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M. — x\.rriyes every Tues- 
day and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for QjieenAnnand Upper MavVo or ough-^ 
close every Monday and Friday at 7 o'clock, 
A. M. — Arrive every Tuesday and Saturday at 
5 o'clock, P. M. 

St. Leonardos Mail, — Mail's for Tracey's 
Landing, Friendship, Pig Point, Lower Marlbo- 
rough, Huutingtou, and St. Leonard's, (in Mary- 
land), close every Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M.-r- 
Arrive every Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. 

Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia^ 
Via Annapolis, — Mails for St. Michael's, Easton, 
Hillsborough, Denton, Greensborough, Cam- 
bridge, and New Market, N. W. Fork-bridge> 
Poplar Town, Vienna, Salisbury', Wicomico, 
T«*ap, Princess Ann, and Snow Hill, (in Mary- 
l(iad) J and Horn Town, Drummond Town, Aeea^ 


( u y 

m^tk Court Mous€» and Northampton Couj^t; 
House, (in Vii'ginia), elose every Thursday, at 
fealf pa&t 5 o'clock, P» M.-^ Arrive every Saturr 
4ay at 5 o'eloek, P. M. 

^'^ottingham Mail. — ^Mails for Nottingham^ 
Aquasco, Benedict, and Charlotte Hall, close 
every Wednesday at half past 5 o'clock, P. M,.^ 
Arrive every Tuesday at 5 o'clock, A» M, 

Port Tobacco •/l^aiL^--MaUs for Piscataway, 
Port Tobacco, Allen's Fresh, Newport, Chaptico, 
^iconard Town, St, Clement's Bay, Great Mill,, 
^tf jliiegoe's Bidge, Hill Top, and Nanjemoy, 
close every Thursday at half past 5. o'clockjf 
!P. M.--.^ln»ive every Thursday at 3 o'clock, 

Frederick Town MmL — Mails for Ellicott's 
Lower Mills, Sylvester's Tavern, New Market^ 
Frederick Town, Middletown, Boonsboroiigh, 
Clarksburg, Sliarpsburg, and Hagcr's Town, (ia 
Mar;^land), close every Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, at half past 5 o'clock, P. M. — ^Arrive 
every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 7 
o'clock, P. M. 

liibertv, Maryiand, closes with the Frederick 
Town Mail on Thursday only, Woodsborough. 
closes with ditto on Thursday and Saturday, New 
Town Trap, closes with ditto on Saturday onlyj^ 
Martin sburg, Virginia, closes with ditto, on Tuea-- 
4ay and Saturday. 

Cumherland JlSfail.— Mails for William's Port> 
Hancock, Old Town, Cumberland, Cresapsburg, 
Western Port, a^d Qrem QW^h i» M»ryUu(]t 

( 37 ) 

and Berkely SpringSy in Virginia^ close every 
Tuesday at half past 6 o'clock^ P. M. — Arrive 
©very Saturday at 7 o^clock, P. M. 

Kentucky Mail, — Mails for Mercersburgh, 
GreeE €a»tle, Cbambersburg^ and all offices 
westward of Chambersburg, in Pennsylvania; 
"West Liberty, Wheeling^ Baook Court House, 
and Short Creek, in Virginia; for the states of 
Ohio and Kentucky^ Michigan Territory, Indiana 
Tcnitory and Upper Louisanna, dose everjr 
Thursday and Saturday at haliC past 5 o'cloek, 
P. M. — Arrive every Tuesday and Saturday at 
7 o'clock, P. M. 

C1uLmhi>r»htirg MaU^ C direct J. — Closes every 
Tuesday and Saturday at s orVloek, P. M. ^Ar- 
rives every Monday and Thursday at 6 o'clock, 
P. M. 

Carlisle Mail — Mails for Reister's Town and 
Manchester, in Maryland, Hanover, Abbott's 
Town, Berlin, York Springs, and Carlisle, io 
Pennsylvania, close every Saturday at 5 o'clock, 
F. M. — Arrive every Friday at 7 o'clock, P. M. 

Fork CPii'J — Mails for York, Harrisburg, 
Lancaster, and Columbia, close every Tuesd&y, 
Thursday, and Saturday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. — 
Arrive flie same days at 8 o'clock, P. M. 

Mails for Montgomery Court House, Darnes* 
Tavern, and Middle Brook Mills, in Maryland, 
close three times a week, with the Frederick 
Town Mail. 

Mails for Brookville and Triadelpliia (MK) 
close every Thursday, with the Frederick Towa 

( 38 ) 

Hueen^s Town Mail. — ^Mails for Ccntreville 
and Queen's Town, close every Saturday at 8 
o'clock, A. M — Arrive every Wednesday at 6 
o'clock, P. M. 


Q^ On Sundaifs there are no Mails closed 
for the intermediate offices between Baltimore and 
Philadelphia. No letters can be sent in the Mail 
of the day, unless they are delivered at the Post 
Office be Tore the time above prescribed. News- 
papers for the Eastern Mail must be delivered at 
the Post Office before 1 o'clock, P. M. and for 
all other Mails, 30 minutes before the time above 
prescribed for closing them. 

*^* The writers of Letters should be very 
particular in their directions, distinguishing the 
states, and where it would otherwise be doubtful, 
the county, in which the place is situated to which 
their letters are addressed. When the place to 
which a letter is addressed is not a Post Towii> 
the nearest Post Town should be mentioned. 


The French-town Packet starts every morn- 
ing from Wm. McDonald's and Son's, lower end 
of Bowley's wharf. 

Norfolk Packets sails generally from the above 
place twice a wee^. (p* For Capt. B. Fergii- 

( S9 ) 

son's *< New Line of Norfolk Packets ;" see lettec 
F, pa^e 29, line 3. 

Cambridge Packet starts evei^ Tuesday and 
Friday evening. 

Centpeville Packet starts Wednesday and S^ 



Managers, — Reverend Dr. Bend, President y 
William Owjnn, esq. Secretary and Treasurer. 
Bev. Mr. Fenwick; Rev. Mr. Kurtz; Dr. Craw- 
ford ; Mr. S. Sterett ; Mr. Aadrew EUieott ; 
Mr. Wm, Morris ; Mr. Isaac Tyson ; Mr. Rich- 
ardson Stuart; Mr. Owen Dorsey, and Mr. Geo, 

Attending Phymcians, 

First District Dr. Elisha De Butts, No. 62^ 

N. Liberty- street. 
Second District, — Dr. John Arnest, No. 18, N. 
Frederick- street. 



Meets triannually, two successive meetings in 
Baltimore, and the thirtl in Easton, on the ser- 
cond Monday in May and November. 

f *0 > 

"Regular J^ights of Meeting of the SiibordinaU 
Lodges, &c, in the City of Baltimore : 

"VTashiDgton Lodge, No. 3, the first Tuesday in 

[every month. 
Concordial ditto. No. 13, first and third Fri- 

[day in every month. 
Spiritual ditto, No. 23, first and third Wed- 

[nesday in every month. 
Amicable ditto. No. 25, second and fourth 

[Monday in every month. 
St. John's ditto. No. 34^, first and third Thurs- 

[day in every month. 

La Yerite Sancti Johannes ditio. No. 4<1, second 

[and fourth Saturday in every month. 

Spiritual Mark ditto. No. t, fourth Wednesday 

[in every month. 
Concordial H. R. A. Chapter, second Wednesday 

[in every month. 
Maryland encampment of Knights Templars, 
second Tuesday in every second month 


John Strieker, brigadier general ; James Cal- 
houn, jr. brigade major and inspector. 

5th Regiment, 
Joseph Sterett, lieut. eol. com.— Richard K. 
Heath;, major. 

r 41 ) 

Oaptains: Shrim, Barry, Comegys, S. Sterett, 
Jacobs, Conn, Warlield ; and Vance, of the Rifle. 

6th Begimetit. 

William M'Donald, lieut. col. com. — Thomas 
Tenant and Wm. Pechin, majors ; Charles M. 
Poor, adjutant; John Snyder, pay-master; Job 
Smith, quarter-master; Jose\)h AUender, sur- 
geon; James B. Stansbury, surgeon's-mate. 

Captains: Wm. B. Dyer, Thomas Sheppard, 
George Woelper, James Cordery, John B. Tay- 
lor, Gregory Foy, John K. Rowe, Jared Wilson^ 
James Piper, Peter Gait. 

27th Ucgiment, 

Kennedy Long, lieut. col. com. — Wm. Wood- 
land and George Keyscr, majors. 

Captains : Thomas Moore, Jacob Grafflin^ 
Charles Stansbury, Nicholas Jones. 

o9th Regiment. 

Jacob Small, lieut. col. com. — Benj. Fowler 
and Leonard Frailey, majors; Wm. H. Hanson, 
adjutant; Thomas Mummey, quarter- master ; 
Owen Dorsey, pay-master; John^Howard, sur- 
geon ; Dickson B. Watts, sergeant-major. 

Captains: Alex. Thompson, Wm. H. Winder, 
William R. Smith, James Haslet, Philip B. 
Sadtler, (riiie) ; Tobias Watkins, Jacob Steiger, 
Samuel Cole> lieutenant comuiandant, and two 

( ** ) 

61st Megiment. 

Peter Little, lieut. col. com.— William Steua*! 
and Francis HoUings worth, majors. 

Captains : John S. Young, H. Amey, M. War- 
ner, L. Reed, John H. Rogers, and Peters. 

N. B. TLe indulgence of thei public is solicited 
for any error they may detect as to names of offi- 
cers, no official t^turns having been made to the 
brigade inspector. C(^omp,J 

For the information of Voters in the city of BaU 
timore, the Compiler has ohtaincd a copy of the 
** Ordinance^' which provides, '* for the more 
equal division of the city of JBaltimore into 
Wards J' Approved, March 29th, 1802, 

^^An Ordinance for the more equal Division of 
the City of Baltimore into W^ards." 

^* Be it enacted and ordained hy the Mayor and 
city Council of Baltimore, That the city of Bal- 
timore he divided into the following eight wards, 
to wit : The jBrst ward to comprise all that part 
of the city westward of Forest-st. and Sharpe-st. 
to the limits of the city. 

Second Ward : — " The second ward to com- 
prise all that part of the city from the limits 
aforesaid, eastward to Charles-st. till it intersects 
Pratt-st. thence down Pratt-st. to the Basin, 
thence with the meanders of tiie Basin, south- 
wardly and westwardly with the limits of the 
tity to Sharpe-st* 

( 4^5 > 

Third Ward : — *^ The third ward to comprise 
all that part of the city from the liuiits last afore- 
said, as follows, to wit. To couiineiice at the in- 
tersection of Charles-st. and Pratt-st. and thence 
down Pratt-st. to the Basin ; thence with the 
meanders of the Basin to Calv?rt-st. thence with 
Calvert-st. to Lovely Lane ; thence with Lovely 
Lane to South-st. thence with South-st. to Balti- 
more-st, thence across Baltimore-st. to North 
Lane ; thence with North Lane to the limits 
of the city, to Charles-st. 

Fourth Ward : — " The fourth ward to com- 
prise all that part of the city from tiie limits last 
aforesaid ; heginning at Calvert-st. dock ; theeno 
with the meanders of the Basin to Smith's Dock ; 
thence across Pratt-st. to Spear's Alley ; thence 
with Spear's Alley to AVater-st. thence along^ 
Water-st. westward to Exchange Alley ; thence 
with Exchange Alley to Second-st. thence across 
Second-st. to Tripolet's Alley ; thence \>ith Tri- 
polet's Alley to Baltimore-st. thence with Baltic 
more-st. to Gay-st. thence with Gay-st. to Jones' 
Falls ; and thence with Jones' Falls, and the li« 
mits of the city to North Lane. 

Fifth Ward : — ** The fifth ward to comprise all 
that part of the city from the limits last afore- 
said ; beginning at Smith's Dock, and running 
thence with the meanders of the Basin to M*E1- 
derry's Dock ; thence with M*Elderry's Dock, 
and the centre Market space to Baltimore-st. 
thence crossing Baltimore-st. to Harrison-st* 


( 44. ^ 

ilienee with Hamson-st. to Gay-st. where it in^ 
lersects Jones' Falls. 

Sixth Ward: — " The sixth ward to comprise all 
that part of the city from the limits last afore- 
said, beginning at M*Elderry's Dock, and running 
thence with the meanders of the Basin, to Jones' 
Falls ^ thence with Jones' Falls to Philpot's 
Bridge ; thence crossing Jones' Falls and run- 
ning along Baltimore-st. extended, and York-st. 
to Harford- St. thence crossing Harford and con- 
tinuing along Dulany-st. eastward to the limits 
of the city ; and thence with the limits of the 
city to Jones' Falls 5 thence with the said Falls 
to Gav-st. 

Seventh Ward : — '' The seventh ward to com- 
prise all that part of the city from the limits a- 
foresaid ; beginning at Philpot's Bridge, and run- 
ning thence witli the Falls to the Basin ; thence 
with the meanders of the Basin to Allisanna-st, 
thence with Allisanna-st. to the limits of the city; 
and thence with the limits of the city to Dulany-st. 

Eighth Ward: — ** Tlie eighth ward to com- 
prise all the rest of the city, to the south of Al- 
lisanna-st. to the limits thereof." 

< 45 ) 

Calendar for 1812. 




s ^ s 

^ -* "^ 

• <* I 


7 WIT *RV 

. 1 2 

3 4 

^Amjjxn^y . . » . 

■ ' * ' 5 



8 9 

10 11 




15 16 

17 18 




22 23 

21< 25 




29 30 



. . . 1 

K C.V kk\J AX\i y • • • 




5 6 

7 8 




12 13 

14 15 




19 20 

21 22 




26 27 

28 29 

MARCH. ..... 




4 5 

6 7 

4bA a* a* \^ AA 4 • • t • « 




11 12 

13 14 




18 19 

20 21 

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 


30 31 

APRIL, ...... 

* . . . 

. 1 2 

8 9 

3 4 




10 11 




15 16 

17 18 




22 23 

24 25 




29 30 

MAY, ....... 

. 1 2 




6 7 

8 9 




13 14 

15 16 




20 21 

22 23 




27 28 

29 30 



, 1 


3 4 

5 6 

. ^. 



10 11 

12 13 




17 18 

19 20 




24 25 

26 27 

^8 29 30 

4fi 1i 

Calendar for 1812. f Continued, J 






^ S ^ S IS g= 

?i. p- s ^ p :s 

.... 1 2 3 4 

^ KJ M,*X y • • • • * • • 

' " ' 5 

6 7 8 9 10 11 


13 14 15 16 17 18 


20 21 22 23 24 25 



27 28 29 30 31 

^XJXX \J O k y • * * • • 

' ' ' ' 2 

3 4 5 6 7 8 


10 11 12 13 14 15 


17 18 19 20 21 22 


24 25 26 27 28 29 

30 31 




7 8 9 10 11 12 


14 15 16 17 18 19 


21 22 23 24 25 26 

28 29 30 


1 2 3 

^ 7 

' ' 4 

5 6 7 8 9 10 


12 13 14 15 16 17 


19 20 21 22 23 24 


26 27 28 29 30 31 

NOVEMBER, . . . 

.... 1 

2 3 4 5 6 7 


9 10 11 12 13 14 


16 17 18 19 20 21 


23 24 25 26 27 28 



DECEMBER, . . . 



7 8 9 10 11 12 


14 15 16 17 18 19 


21 22 23 24 25 26 


28 29 30 31 



GOVERNMENT of the U. States.... Page. 

Executive, - - - - - - 1 

Senate, ------ ib. 

House of Representatives, - - - 3 

Departments, ----- B 

Judiciary, ------ ib. 

Courts, ------ 6 

Diplomatic Department, - - - 7 

Consul's fees, ----- 9 

Ministers, Consuls, &c. of Foreign! _ -« 

Powers resident in the U. States, j 

Navy of the U. States, - - - 12 

Naval Force of do. - - - - li 

Ditto, do. do. in Commission, - 15 

Navy Agents, - - - - - ib. 

Government of Maryland, - - - 16 

Census of the U. States, - - - 17 

Census of Principal Cities in do. - - 18 

Summary and Comparative View, &c. &o. 19 

Corporation of the City of Baltimore, - ib. 

Licensed Auctioneers, Notaries Pub- "1 22 

lie, and Custom-house Officers, J 

Banks, ------ 23 

Insurance Companies, - - - - 26 

Turnpike Road Companies, - - - 29 

Baltimore Water Company, - - - 30 

Domestic Societies, - - * - 31 


U. States MaU Stage, - - - 32 

Estahlisbment of the Mails, • - - 34 

Packets, ------ 38 

Baltimore General Dispensary, - - 39 

Masonic Lodges, - - - - ib. 

Third Brigade, - - - - - 40 

Division of the City into Wards, - - 42 

Calendar for 1812, 4^ 


050011 anD ©tationarg S)tore, 

^0, 6, tjyovth Howard, near Market-street, 



Has constantly for sale, as above, 


Professional, Classical, School, and Miscellaneous 


And n ooncfntil supply of 

Family, School, and Pocket Bibles. 

To which he invites the attention of those dis- 
pesed to purchase, either for Seminaries, 
Schools, or Puhlic or Social Libraries, as they 
may depend on having the best editions, and 
in good fresh binding. 

He has also on hand a good assortment 


Very suitable for compting houses or 
individual use, 

(Q* Blank Books furnished to any pattern on 
the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable 


January 1, 1812.